Why Is AT&T Email Not Working On My Devices

AT&T is among the most popular email service providers the world over, and their popularity is only growing. Along with their email services, AT&T also provides its customers with great content in the way of news and entertainment. However, occasionally, the email service may report errors like AT&T email not working. It sometimes happens that the email service does not respond to certain devices or browsers. There may be several reasons behind these errors. A change in the browser settings, internet issues, sign in errors etc. But don’t worry if you just hang around for a while, you will learn how you can troubleshoot AT&T email issues on your own. Even after reading, if you are still facing any issue you can contact ATT customer care number to get more information about your specific issue.

att Email Not Working On My Devices

Steps to solve AT&T Email not working on my Device

Here are some steps you can follow when AT&T email does not work on your devices:

  • Sign out and try again: The first thing you can do is sign out of your email and then try signing in again.
  • Double check the Spam folder: When you have problems receiving emails just check if the incoming emails are going to the spam folder. If that is the case change the settings accordingly.
  • Sign in with a different browser: While AT&T is compatible with most internet browsers it is possible that certain active settings prevent you from logging in. Try to use a different browser if you face an issue. E.g., if you face a problem with Chrome then try signing in with Firefox.
  • Enable JavaScript: Make sure the JavaScript is enabled and up to date. The JavaScript can be found in your browser settings.
  • Clear the cache: Sometimes if the cache is not cleared or if there are too many cookies browser may not work as efficiently. Whenever possible clear the cache and delete the cookies.
  • Disable the firewall/add-ons: It is possible that your firewall or any add-ons you may have will cause an issue with AT&T email service. You can try disabling them, just for a while, at least until you are using your email.
  • Update Adobe Flash Player: Whenever using your email account you need to make sure that Adobe Flash Player is turned on. Also see that you are using the latest version, if not update it as soon as possible.

However, if you still have a problem signing in and require additional assistance you can contact ATT technical support number and speak to a trained technician who will be able to resolve your query from the core itself.

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