What to do when AOL Email account is blocked

Imagine if you are trying to access into your AOL email account and you get a message, that your AOL email account is blocked. And you don’t know what to do in this kind of situation, then you should call on the AOL email customer care number. You will get assistant of experts and specialized techies on this number. These techies are 24X7 available for you. These techies will give you the best solution regarding your problem and it will be a long-lasting solution to your problem.

The reason behind the account block?

These days the suspicious activities over the internet have been increased. Hackers and other spammers send the data which is not sophisticated over the internet and try to disturb the security. These incidents have increased in the recent time period. So, when AOL email provider senses any suspicious activities with an AOL email account, they block it. Let’s take a look at some cases by which an account can be blocked:

  • Billing issue
  • If the terms and conditions are broken
  • Username cancellation
  • Activities in your account which are suspicious

What to do in the situation, when AOL email account is blocked?

If you are an AOL email user and your account is blocked then there are some simple ways how you can get rid of this problem:

  • Try to reset your AOL email account password.
  • Change your AOL account password.
  • You can reset your account password in two ways, one is by a registered Alternate email account and another is registered a phone
  • You will get a password reset link on the Alternate email, click on that link and create a strong password and then try to access into your AOL account.
  • Else, you will get a verification code on the registered phone number. Enter that code in the required field and create a strong password. Then try to log in

These methods should solve this issue of yours but still, after getting access into your account, you should recheck your account’s credentials. Enable the two-step verification on your AOL account or call on the AOL email customer support number.

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