Unable to login AOL Email in the browser

AOL Email Support

AOL email is one of the top email service providers in the US and around the world. Millions of customers use the services to communicate with family, business associates and friends spread across the globe. AOL has also introduced a new browser to make it easier for users to access their email. When you download and install AOL Desktop Gold you scout the world of AOL from one platform. But even if you use AOL Desktop Gold you may still encounter login errors that can prevent you from sending or receiving email leaving you with only one option, to call the AOL email customer care number and consult an expert to fix the problem. You can also go through this post that discusses simple suggestions you can try when you are unable to login to your AOL email using your browser.

Solutions to solve AOL Login Problems

Since the information shared via email is private AOL has several security features in place to protect user data and keep AOL email accounts secure. That is why AOL users have to enter their user name and password when they want to access their email. However, the sign-in process does not always go as planned and users may find themselves unable to login to their email using the browser. If you encounter this kind of error you can use the solutions mentioned below try and fix the AOL login issue

  • Solution 1: Enable Java Applet Scripting: Java Applets are essential to add interactive components to a webpage such as scrolling texts and buttons. If your JavaScript is disabled many websites, including AOL, will not run as they are supposed to. The way to enable Javascript differs based on your browser, so make sure you are using the correct steps.
  • Solution 2: Sign in to your AOL account again: The may sound simple but it will not hurt to try since it only takes a few seconds to implement. When you encounter login error on your AOL account, the first thing you can try is to log out, refresh the browser and try again.
  • Solution 3: Delete Unwanted Files: If you have too many temporary files stored on your system it will take up memory space and slow down your system. You can use a cleaning software to delete all unnecessary and unwanted files from your computer so that you will be able to login to AOL easily.
  • Solution 4: Check the Web settings on your browser: When users install different browsers on their system it can sometimes disrupt the web settings and cause login errors. You can either restore the general web settings on your browser just use an alternate browser to open AOL email.

If the solutions given in this article do not fix the issue and if you are still unable to login to your AOL email you should call the AOL mail tech support number and ask for additional help to implement more advanced troubleshooting steps.