Troubleshoot QuickBooks Issue in Printing PDF Files

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QuickBooks is one of the most efficient accounting software in the world but there are times when this software faces certain malfunctions. These are not issues which would be of major concern and can be solved on your own. One of the issues that QuickBooks users face is while trying to print their PDF files. The reason for this problem coming up can vary widely but it is essential to find out the exact reason so that you would be able to efficiently troubleshoot this issue. There are times when QuickBooks users require professional assistance to resolve their issues. These users can easily connect with QuickBooks customer care number. They provide troubled users with support from seasoned professionals, who would efficiently guide them towards the solution.

Reasons causing printing PDF file error:-

  • Because the PDF file converter is offline
  • Irresponsive QuickBooks software
  • Because the file is not saved as PDF
  • Printer not connected with your system

These are some of the reasons which cause this error. The first thing that you should try and do is to find the cause of this issue and solve it. Some of the efficient ways to solve this issue of QuickBooks not printing PDF file has been stated below:

Troubleshooting steps:-

Solution 1:

To solve the issue of PDF file printing problem, you will need to download ‘QuickBooks Print and Repair Tool.’

  • Download the QuickBooks Print & Repair Tool
  • Double click on the downloaded file and run it
  • Let the tool scan for the issue on your system
  • If there is some issue, opt for the troubleshooting steps suggested by the tool
  • If your printing error is still not solved, the issue might be with the printer

Solution 2:

If the QuickBooks software seems to encounter a lockup, then you would have to check in the reconciliation window.

  • Press on the windows menu and search for reconcile window
  • After opening the window, close all the other windows and start reconciliation.

After inculcating the given troubleshooting methods, if you are still caught up with the error of not being able to print PDF file on QuickBooks. It would be ideal that you promptly get yourself connected with the QuickBooks customer support number. By using the facility provided by this toll-free number, you would be able to avail expert advice from professionals who are proficient in their service. They would make sure that your trouble is solved in no time. This customer service is available on a 24×7 hour basis which makes it convenient for users to avail this service whenever they want.

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