SSL Error While Accessing SBCGlobal Email On Google Chrome

SBCGlobal email service is considered the fastest email communication service provided by AT&T. It offers a reliable and secured service to the users and provides advanced features to enhance the user experience. The innovatively approached security system avoids many of the issues bothering users. However, it is not a foolproof email system and may produce some issues from time to time.

Users mostly access SBCGlobal email services on Google and consequently may get several issues. It has been reported a lot of times when people using the browser to access SBCGlobal email get an SSL certificate issue. This issue is denoted as an SSL error and may cause such greater trouble for users and lead them to a frustrated state. Now if you are experiencing this issue, you may not be able to access your email account properly and unable to process your important works.

Generally, this issue appears when you try to log in through an internet browser. you will see a red sign before the web address denoting that the security level is absent. In such a situation, you would become troublesome thinking that the site a replica that might leak your data if you log in as it is. Now it is needed to remove the confusion because it may compromise the security of your email account. you may have tried various options to fix the issue but unable to get the solution. If you try to login with another email account on the same browser, you will find that it is working fine. So it is clear that the issue is associated with the SBCGlobal email.


Now you need to fix the issue at the earliest to avoid a confusing situation. You can contact SBCGlobal customer service and get easy support and professional guidance. However, this blog will also help you to fix the issue:

Easy steps to fix the issue: 

  • Go to the Google Chrome web browser and click on the ‘Menu’ icon.
  • Then you need to go to the settings option.
  • There you will see find the ‘Show advanced settings’ option.
  • Click on that and then click on content settings, where you will get the privacy section.
  • A dialog box will open in the cookies section.
  • Select the option to allow local data to be set’ to permit both first and third-party cookies.
  • At last click on done to complete the procedure.

Now you can easily activate SSL on Google Chrome and enjoy the SBCGlobal email services with full security. In case if you are getting an issue, you can contact at sbcglobal technical support for professional guidance.

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