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Are you not able to login into your AOL Gold even after entering the correct username and password? If your reply to this question is yes, then you are confronting the most common issue of AOL Gold login errors. If you have tried many unsuccessful attempts of logging into your account then this blog is certainly for you because here you will get the best solutions for resolving this issue. People install AOL Desktop Gold in their system so that they can enjoy using this amazing software for browsing, entertainment or for emailing. But if this login error or any other error crossed their way then they become really frustrated so it is advisable to get help from professionals in resolving these glitches.

AOL Gold Login Errors

Causes of AOL Gold Login Error

There are some common problems which may cause login issue in AOL Gold and these problems are:

  • Login issues are arising after Windows update
  • Password related problem might be causing log in error in AOL Desktop Gold
  • Sometimes the error of screen redirect may be the culprit
  • Sign-in page of AOL Desktop Gold is not opening
  • Improper configuration might cause AOL Gold on Outlook to confront login error.

How to resolve the AOL Desktop Gold Login Error?

In order to resolve the sign in error of AOL Desktop, Gold users need to refer this blog where you can find a proper and reliable solution.

  1. Sign- in error that arises after Windows Update

One should follow the below-mentioned solution to get rid of the problem:

  • Open Control Panel of your system and then choose the option of Uninstall a Program that is present in the Program section
  • Here you will get the list of all application, choose AOL Desktop Gold from that list and just click on the button of Uninstall
  • Once the installation is done you need to install the program again. But this time make sure you are installing the latest version of AOL Desktop Gold in your system
  1. Unable to log in due to the password issue

Even after entering the correct password you are not able to sig-into then you need to execute these steps to get rid of the problem:

  • Delete all the cache data of your system and then logging to AOL Gold
  • If the problem persists then run the system troubleshooter to check whether the internet is running fine or not
  • Sometimes corrupted AOL Desktop Gold software might be the reason behind it so you are asked to reinstall this desktop software
  1. After clicking on the button of sign-in, it is redirecting to the login screen of AOL Gold

If you often witness this problem that is after pressing the sign-in button the login screen appears in front of you. Then you need to execute the given steps:

  • First delete all the unnecessary files and folder that is cache, cookies, and history
  • Make sure that email is in sync with AOL desktop software
  • Run the system troubleshooter to fix the issue
  1. Sign-in page of AOL Desktop Gold is not opening

If the login page of AOL Desktop Gold is not working or is not appearing then you need to do the following steps:

  • Open the Task Manager of your Windows system to end all the process which is currently not being used.
  • If RAM in your system has less space than it can also prevent AOL Gold to open. So you can make some space and then try to log in.
  1. Login error of AOL Desktop Gold in Microsoft Outlook

If your desktop software is not synced properly with Microsoft Outlook then this error can arise. In order to fix it use the following troubleshooting process:

  • Open Microsoft Outlook then go to File and open it
  • Navigate to Account Setting > Add account > Manual setup> IMAP or Pop
  • Now you need to fill the following info

Account type – IMAP

Mail Server – Incoming-


  • Use the same setting in the outgoing server and after opening Advanced option fill these

Server- Incoming (IMAP) – 993 or 143

Outgoing (SMTP) – 587

Encrypted Connection- Incoming – SSL

Outgoing – TLS

  • Click OK and then restart your outlook to see whether AOL desktop Gold login error is fixed.

Even after applying this fixture your error still persist then you need to make sure that you use official site to download AOL desktop Gold software. And while installation you have checked system requirement and then have completed all process of installation. And in the end, you should restart your system to finish the process.

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