Problem with AOL gold after downloading in windows 10

AOL desktop gold is an Amazing software. It provides the user everything at one place. AOL desktop gold has fabulous features like AOL email service, web browser, video, and audio compatibility and much more due to which AOL desktop gold is known worldwide.

AOL desktop gold is available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux on the official website of AOL. But in sometimes AOL desktop users deal with technical glitches or issues. In those situations, you should contact on AOL customer support number.

Issues with AOL desktop gold

Let’s look at some common problems AOL users face.

  • Unable to login AOL mail.
  • The problem in updating AOL desktop gold software.
  • AOL desktop gold is working slow
  • Unable to install AOL desktop gold.

Technical issues with the AOL desktop are not much of a problem but you should always careful with every single issue. Try to solve issues as soon as possible else you can lose your important data or these issues can harm your computer or OS.

Fixes of issues in AOL desktop gold

When you face issues with AOL desktop gold. Try some common troubleshooting steps because these techniques are very simple and came very handy in most situations.

  • Try by rebooting your PC if it solves your problem.
  • Check your internet connection because a good internet connection is very important for using AOL desktop gold.
  • Check if your computer has some corrupt or damaged files. Clean those files as soon as possible.
  • Remove every unnecessary file or junk from your computer because it can be the reason behind AOL desktop gold slow speed.
  • Run a full system scan on your computer by using any Anti-virus. Then delete every suspicious file from the computer.
  • The main reason behind any issue can be that the AOL desktop gold is improperly installed on your computer. In that situation uninstall AOL desktop gold and reinstall it again.
  • Go to control panel and select programs. After that click on uninstall next to AOL desktop gold.
  • Then download AOL desktop gold from the official website of AOL and reinstall it again.

These were some troubleshooting by which most of the technical glitches can be solved but if you are facing a complicated issue then don’t hesitate to call on AOL customer care number.