transfer my sbcglobal email to gmail

How to transfer my SBCGlobal Email to Gmail

SBCGlobal is providing a legacy email service for an extended period. It gives its customers a wide range of facilities and allows them to enjoy one of the best email services. That keeps on updating features to provide the recent scan and fix for the error. Now SBCGlobal has introduced a new feature that makes it convenient to use SBCGlobal email. Now they allow their users to transfer their SBCGlobal account to Gmail. You landed in the right place as this blog reads detailed steps involved in the process of How to transfer my SBCGlobal Email to Gmail”.

Characteristics of SBCGlobal to Gmail Tool

  1. This is a quick and convenient method to transfer emails from SBCglobal to the G Suite account
  2. The interface is user friendly that anyone can navigate the interface for secure migration
  3. The software keeps all the email properties through the complete process. The properties are like bb, cc, to, from
  4. This is a product that doesn’t require the installation of an external application to transfer SBCGlobal mail to Gmail Account
  5. One of the best feature that it is compatible with all the version of the Operating system
  6. The protection of morality of data and ranking of the folder is maintained throughout the process
  7. The result of the application depends but the storage of data does not affect the utility.

The process to convert SBCGlobal email to G-suite Account

Step 1: Go to your Gmail account and sign in with your respected username and password.

Step 2: Now click on the Cogwheel icon and select the preferences under the menu option

Step 3:Now select on Account option followed by choosing the Import option followed by adding the link to your email account

Step 4:Now, enter absolute email settings from the address and then tap on the  Next Button. Now select from my other account (POP3) options for importing email and hit the Next button.

Step 5:Next, enter the username in the provided field to enter your full email address again. And in the password sector, write the  correct password of your SBCGlobal Email Login account

Step 6:No, select 995 from the drop-down list, which is mentioned at the end

Step 7:Select the secure connection(SSL) checkbox which pops up on the interface to check the Always option

Step 8:Following the above step, press on Add Account option

Step 9:In the final step, click on the No Choice option from the visible screen and click on the Start Button to end the transferring process.

This is the easiest way to transfer SBCGlobal email to a Gmail account. We assure you that the steps mentioned above will help you and give satisfactory results. As these are rapid, smooth, and quick steps that users can apply on their own, yet you face any trouble while completing the steps, You can reach us out by calling at SBCGlobal helpline number for more details.

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