How to set up the Roku to watch TV channels

There are many streaming players available in the market but if you will compare Roku with other then you will find that this is the best one. Well, as you know the Roku is made up of advanced technology, therefore, some users of Roku face trouble to set up it or activate the Roku account. To help such users there is 24×7 customer care service by can be accessed by dialing Roku support number. If you have the tension that you will charge for the call then you will feel good because this is a toll-free number.

Steps to set up Roku stream stick to TV:-

Now you can see how you can set up the Roku to watch your favorite TV channels. If you want to follow the instruction then go through the steps one by one.

Step 1. Plug the Roku stream stick to the TV. Make sure it is properly plugged.
Step 2. Then you will have to turn on the Roku device. Plug the power cable into the power outlet.
Step 3. Then you will have to activate the Roku account. Follow the instructions you will get to activate Roku account.
Step 4. Now select the language of the account and then save it.
Step 5. Make sure the settings of the Roku account matches to your need, if not then change it.
Step 6. Now you can get a subscription to your favorite channels which you want to watch. You should keep in mind that you don’t have to pay any monthly charges for Roku subscription.

If you couldn’t set up this device with your TV or have an error while creating an account. You can get help via dexterous techies who are 24×7 present on the call. Just ring the Roku customer care number and connect to the trained technicians. These experts will resolve your problem as soon as possible by which you can enjoy your favorite TV channel at Roku. You can watch YouTube, Netflix, listen to audios and much more which you want for your entertainment.

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