How to Set Up SBCGlobal Email Account

SBCGlobal email service is serving its users to get the email communication quickly and easily with high-security measures. It offers a lot of various features to protect the best interest in terms of email management and communication. If you are aware of the cool features of the email, then you should go for the setup SBCGlobal email account to ease the email services. it has a lot to offer to various groups and make it quite easy for them to have a quality and secured messaging w,with distant contacts. In this blog, you will get a proper idea to setup SBCGlobal email in Microsoft Outlook. You need to perform some exercise to make changes in connection settings and incoming and outgoing mail servers. Outlook would be the best platform to access SBCGlobal email account and provide you flawless services. in case you face any tough situation then you should look for the expert support and contact at SBCglobal tech support number at any time from anywhere when you need.

Simple steps to setup SBCGlobal email account on Outlook: 

Now you have a better idea of the quality features of SBCGlobal email services. here you may give a look at some important and easy steps to set up the email on Outlook. Now follow these steps to proceed with these steps:

Step 1. Go to the Microsoft Outlook and navigate the file tab, then you need to click on “add account” option to start the process of adding an account.

Step 2. Then you have to choose manual setup or additional setup option server types to change the settings of servers and then click next. Further, select POP or IMAP on the same page and proceed to click on next.

Step 3. Now you have to provide your account credentials such as email address and name in the given fields. Next, you get the drop-down menu for account type and select POP3.

Step 4. Enter ‘’ into the incoming mail server while you need to type ‘’ in the outgoing mail server field.

Step 5. Enter your email address again in the username field and also mention your password there.

Step 6. Click on ‘more settings’ and checkmark ‘my outgoing server requires authentication’ in the outgoing server option.

Step 7. Go to the advanced tab and tick mark on ‘this server requires an encrypted connection’ that is also known as SSL then type 995 in the Incoming server field.

Step 8. Enter 465 in the outgoing mail server and select SSL there.

Step 9. At last click on OK and then finish to complete the process.

These steps are quite easy to follow, but in any case, if you need further support then contact at SBCGlobal customer service number to get the immediate support.

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