How to set up an existing AOL Account on a new computer

Often people face trouble to set up their existing AOL account. In this critical situation, you should try to get the info about the AOL email set up. You need to follow the instructions which are explained over here. And the one thing which you will like that is the easy process, well go through the given procedure step by step for AOL email account set up on your new computer. Besides all, you can call on AOL email customer care number which is 24×7 accessible. On this number, you can directly connect to the skilled techies and let them help you to resolve the trouble you are facing.

Way to set up an existing AOL Mail account on a new computer:

Step 1. You will have to start your computer for set up the AOL mail account. Then log in as administrator.
Step 2. Now you will have to insert the AOL software CD into your computer.
Step 3. Just after inserting the AOL software CD the process of set up will start automatically.
Step 4. If you find that the setup process doesn’t start automatically. Click on start and the then on my computer.
Step 5. Double click on the CD driver to run it and start the setup process by click on “exe” file.
Step 6. Follow all the instructions that appear on computer screen.
Step 7. Now wait until the AOL software gets complete and when it will be done, remove the CD.
Step 8. At the last length, enter the existing AOL email account address & password. Click to sign in button.

When you have done and successfully set up the existing AOL email account on the new computer. Make sure you are capable to receive email on your AOL mail which you have logged in into your new computer. There is little bit chance that you will face trouble, so dial AOL email customer support number. After dialing this number you can reach to trained technicians and let them fix your email flaws as soon as possible. These skilled techies are all-time active means 365x24x7, therefore, you can get in touch with them anytime when you need them.

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