How to restore disappeared AOL Desktop Gold Icon

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AOL desktop gold has gained immense popularity among its users and many people are considered it as one of their favorite software’s. The software provides with an easy to use application platform and a user-friendly interface too. You can use this desktop software to browse the net, listen to music, and watch videos and access emails on a single platform. When the software was updated into its recent version from AOL to AOL Desktop Gold, one of the best things that have happened was the AOL company had created AOL Desktop gold icon by which you could access this software by just clicking the icon on the desktop. It had made the usage of this software so easy.

But consider a situation that you are not able to find the AOL Desktop Gold icon. How would you feel then? Won’t you be anxious and will search for the options top restore it? The chances are that you might have accidentally deleted the icon or hidden it or may have moved into any other folder. There could also be some software issue that has caused this error. If you wish to restore the disappeared AOL Desktop Gold icon, then you must read the steps mentioned in the blog. First of all just try searching it in the folders if you have created any on the desktop.

Steps to restore the missing icon

Step 1: Unveil it

  • Take your mouse cursor at the bottom of the desktop and open the system tray present there
  • Click on the arrow to reveal the hidden icons in the taskbar.
  • Search the name of your desktop.
  • Now select the option of creating a desktop shortcut.

Step 2: Drag the icon and drop

  • Enter the name of the AOL Desktop Gold in the search bar.
  • Then click on the Go menu>Select Application Option>search for the icon
  • Once the icon gets located, use the mouse pointer and drag it on the desktop and create its shortcut.

Step 3: Keeping the icon in the dock

  • Open the AOL Gold desktop software.
  • Select the icon available in the dock.
  • Once the pop-up menu notification appears, choose the option of ‘keep in Dock’

Once you would have secured the missing icon, you can use it again and utilize it for your benefits. You can also ensure that the version of the AOL Desktop Gold that you are using is the latest one to Install AOL Desktop Gold software. The above-provided guidelines will surely help you to restore disappeared AOL Desktop Gold Icon.

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