How to reinstall AOL desktop gold

AOL Desktop Gold is an all in one desktop that provides mail, browsing, search, content etc. It has premium security features to help prevent your AOL account from malware and also from being hacked. One of its newest features is automatic updates that can help you save precious time by detecting old versions and replacing them and updating it to the newest version as soon as they are available. It provides a two-step verification process to help secure your account from being compromised. Newly added encryptions make the documents and information you have stored inaccessible and unreachable to a threatening external source.

Sometimes the problem of downloading and reinstalling AOL desktop gold software becomes quite hectic. So if you are looking for an easy step by step instructions on how to reinstall AOL Desktop Gold then follow the giving steps.

Steps to reinstall AOL Gold:

STEP 1: Download AOL Desktop Gold from their official website.
STEP 2: Go to your desktop toolbar and open the file explorer icon.
STEP 3: Go to the ‘downloads folder’ and search for the file you have just downloaded.
STEP 4: Once you have located the file, double click on the Install AOL Gold icon that will appear on the screen.
STEP 5: Click run and then install
STEP 6: Follow the onscreen instructions to do a clean installation.

Note: It is crucial that you follow the instructions in the exact same manner as the smallest mistake or error will make you repeat the process all over again.

It is important that the necessary requirements for the installation of this software are met. Make sure that you have downloaded the newest version or updated. Glitches or errors will pop up if you fail to meet the necessary requirements. Also, ensure you read each and every line of instruction properly and with in-depth precision so that you don’t fail to miss out on anything useful as well as important. If all these essential steps or procedures have been performed efficiently without any mistake, then your software will run smoothly and without any errors.

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