How to recover hacked ATT email account

Hacking has become a common and threatening practice across the world. Over the passage of time, cyber-crimes have been increased leading to data leak and ransom demands. Hacking of ATT Email account is quite a serious issue. The users often complain about unusual activities through their accounts resulting in unknowingly account being hacked. If you have also experienced the same then it is the time to connect with AT&T customer care number that can be reached at any time of the day and from any part of the globe.

How to identify Hacking activities on your account

  • Your new emails have been read
  • You are unable to open your account even after troubleshooting
  • Password and username show unmatched
  • Your emails have been deleted from the account
  • Alternative email and phone number has been changed

If your account has been hacked, fix it by following these steps

  • First assure that you are able to login to your account, if yes then try setting a new password
  • Go to the page of ‘Reset Password’
  • Select the reason of password reset
  • Fill the CAPTCHA or the character then tick the box saying ‘I am not a robot’
  • Or you can try resetting your password through alternative email id or an active phone number
  • Enter the received code on a box that appears on the reset password screen
  • Now create a new password. Don’t forget to make it strong by using a good combination of numbers, symbols, and alphabets.

Things to remember

  • Never share your credentials with unknown people
  • Avoid using your email from public Wi-Fi
  • Change your password frequently
  • Avoid bookmarking or saving your passwords in public computers
  • Try opening your email from different browsers if possible

If you think these steps did not work to save your account from hacking, then instantly reach out to AT&T technical support number, where the trained technicians will guide you in solving the issue in the least minimum time. They will also provide you some safety tips to secure your account adequately in near future. The team of experts is dedicated to their work and they give utmost importance to their valuable customers.

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