How to recover AOL email password

With the advancement of technology, security of online services and webmail services has become a challenge for the developer. A strong password is that security which we provide to all our account be it social or personal. But with so many account anyone can easily become confused. It is not easy to remember the password that is the time when support team came into action whose services can be availed by reaching them at AOL email customer care number online all time during the day and night. The team of experts is prompt in giving the instant resolution despite location constraints.

What is the use of setting the password? The sole purpose of a password is to restrict anyone from entering your account where your credential and personal documents are saved. You should never share your password with anyone and never use the same password for the different account.

How to recover AOL email password

Forgetting the password is a common incident with everyone. As it happens very often that with so many active accounts it becomes hard to remember all the passwords. If you have forgotten the AOL email password then you can recover it by going through these guidelines:

  • Open the official AOL login page
  • Enter the username in the given field
  • Then click on ‘I forgot my password’
  • You need to select the verification option by which you wish to continue i.e.
  1. Recovery email address
  2. Recovery phone number
  3. Answering security question which was answered by you at the time of sign up
  • A verification code will be sent in your requested option
  • After entering the code you will land into the page for creating a new password
  • Once the password is created you will receive the confirmation

The user may sometime find it difficult to follow the point as it is mentioned that is the time when they require the guidance of a certified professionals who have complete knowledge about AOL email. You can connect with AOL email customer support number for the same who are available all day long i.e. 24×7. They will provide an immediate and quick solution for every technical issue.