How to manage SBCGlobal email account on the desktop

It is a good idea using SBCGlobal email on desktop. You will get proper access and easy support while using your email account on the desktop. SBCGlobal email is fully equipped to be accessed on PC. You only need to learn a few things to manage the email account well. For further information, you can also contact at sbcglobal customer service and get valuable support.

Check the system’s requirement:

You should check the system’s requirement first before accessing the email to your PC. Try to make it update and install all the available OS updates. Then you should also try to update your browser and download the latest version. You should also check the supported browser and OS from the SBCGlobal or ATT official website.

Access email:

Now you can start using SBCGlobal email in your PC and for doing so follow these steps:

  • Go to the internet browser and open
  • Now enter your login credentials with correct username and password.
  • Go to the ‘envelope icon,’ and you can start sending email to any email address.
  • Sign out from your account:
  • Go to the top right of the screen, find the ‘gear icon’ there and click on that.
  • Now you need to click the ‘sign out’ button and log out from your email account.

Manage your username and address:

While using SBCGlobal email, it allows you to change your email addresses at any time. You can even delete the account by going to the ‘preferences’ option and then ‘editing or changing account’ option.

  • Add a new email address to the existing email account:
  • Log in to your email account and go to the profile section.
  • Click on the option ‘add a new account.’
  • Provide all the required information and complete the process.

Delete the account:

  • In the settings section, you will find the ‘account’ option.
  • Select the specific account and delete it.

Learn email controls:

SBCGlobal email provides you the facility to control or block email address to stop receiving unwanted messages. Now follow these steps to use email controls:

  • Log in to your email account and go to ‘admin permissions.’
  • Get into ‘my account’ option and then settings.
  • There you need to click on ‘username’ which you want to control.
  • Then click on + icon and do the same for another username and click on ‘save’ to save changes.

Get customer support:

If you need further assistance, then you can call at SBCGlobal support phone number and get instant help for detailed knowledge and information. You can also take assistance to resolve your issues.


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