How to install HP Printer in Windows 10

The installation process of HP windows in the Windows 10 operating system can be achieved quite easily if the proper procedure has been kept in mind. It hardly takes around 10-15 minutes to complete the entire step and after that, your printer will be ready to use. Almost all the version of Windows have built-in printer drivers which will help in taking the installation procedure forward. When you install the HP printer, the next step which is required and mandate is to install the printer driver, if they are not installed. Once you connect the printer to the computing device, you will receive a pop up to install the printer driver to complete the process. The installation process for the HP printer would vary as per the type of the printer. If you have a wireless printer, you would install it using the Wi-Fi connection and for the wired printer, you need a USB cable. You can read this blog and have a look at the solution. Getting in touch with the HP printer customer care number can also be considered as an option to receive technical advice if you require.

Here you will understand the installation procedure with the help of a built-in printer driver:

  • Go to Control Panel (which can be found by pressing the Windows key on the keyboard). Type windows in the search option and then install the new Windows update software and set the windows to download driver software.
  • After you have completed with the process, you need to connect the printer to the device with the help of USB cable or wireless network.
  • For connection with a USB device, connect your printer to the computer with the help of the cable. Go to devices and printer>Add printer>Search for your printer and save the changes.
  • For wireless printer setup, connect the printer and the computing device to the same Wi-Fi network, and then start with the installation process.
  • After that, you need to install the printer driver with the help of Printer wizard. Depending on the type of the printer and the connection that you are using, you will be required to install the printer in Windows 10. You can go to Device and printer> Add a device> Add a local printer or Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer and then follow the prompts.

This is the set procedure to install HP printer on Windows 10. It is quite definite that you will not receive any difficulties in implementing the steps, but if by any case you face them, then you can contact the HP printer customer support number and take their assisted guidance. The number remains toll-free and is available 24*7.

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