How to install HP Laser 1020 driver on Mac

It is known to everyone who uses a computer that without a driver a printer will not be able to execute the action that the computer relays. The purpose of the drivers is to allow the application to do the printing work smoothly without any complications. And so the constant update and installation of drivers are important for the smooth working of a printer. HP Laser 1020 is an old driver and it is not supported by many Operating Systems these days. But if done correctly and properly it can be installed in any type of OS. There have been many questions and concerns regarding the installation of HP Laser 1020 driver on Mac. If you would like to get more details, contact HP Printer Customer Care Number.

If you are one of those people looking for ways to install this driver on to your Mac then this blog will prove helpful as it contains the detailed steps on how to achieve it. To install the driver, you can follow the steps below:

1. To download the HP driver bundle from the official site.
2. Turn on your HP LaserJet 1020 printer and connect it to your Mac using a USB cable.
3. To add a new printer click on the ‘plus’ sign.
4. When the list appears, select HP LaserJet 1022 (not 1020)
5. After the installation process is complete run a test print.

The above steps also work for HP LaserJet 1020 plus model in Mac. So if you have this version then simply repeat the steps above to install it to your Mac computer.

If you have followed the steps exactly as it has been mentioned, then you would have succeeded installing HP laser1020 driver to your Mac. But if you still can’t install it to your Mac computer then it is recommended that you get in touch with some technical experts from HP. To get a hold of them you can call them at HP Printer customer support number. The lines are free of cost and it is available throughout the day and night. So you can connect to the techies anytime when you will need the assistance of customer care team.

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