How to import contacts in AOL mail

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AOL Email is one of those emails which is most demand by the people of the world. The features which increased its craze among the people of the world include large inbox size, greater attachment size, protection from the viruses and other malware. Even after having so many features this email service is not far away from the glitches which people have to face every single time they access their emails. These errors can be either technical or manual. But one thing is for sure that people don’t forget to call AOL Email customer care number every time they witness any issue.

One such issue which can become a headache for the users is importing of contacts in AOL email. Here importing means moving data from any other device or program to these emails. And if the topic is importing of contacts then it means that you are moving contacts saved into your device to your AOL email. Importing of contacts into AOL email require little concentration from the users end so that they can execute the below-mentioned steps in correct sequence they are given:

  • You need to login to your AOL account by entering the accurate username and password. Don’t forget to check the Caps key while entering the login credential.
  • Once you are successful logged into your account, you will see your inbox
  • Now you need to look for Contacts on the page that is opened. You can find it on the left-hand side of the panel
  • Above the contacts list, there is Tools option available you need to click on it
  • And then you must click on the Import
  • Here you will be asked to locate the CSV file on your system which you want to import. Just browse the file and once you have selected the file of your choice just click on ‘Import’ button
  • This process will take few seconds to complete and once it is completed you will be able to see the contacts you imported on your AOL emails Contact list.
  • Now if you want you can edit your Contacts by adding pictures, info and job description.

If while importing the contacts if you led yourself into any trouble then you don’t need to panic as by just dialing AOL Email Customer Service Number your problem will be fixed. This number is known for remain active at all 24 hours so that people can avail the help from experts at any time of day despite having time and location constraints.

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