How to fix slow performance of Dell computer

It is a common ordeal for computers to become slow over time. And though most of the time is due to the fact that the computer is old, a lot of the time it happens because of technical errors. It does not matter whether the computer is old or new, if there are factors causing the slow performance issue then it will happen no matter what. And just like that, Dell computers face the same error. This happens when there is an overload of installed programs or downloading junk files and data and malware accidentally etc. All these will eventually slow down your Dell performance and you will have to act immediately to prevent further damage. So if you are eager to know how you can fix this error, then keep reading this tutorial. But if you want to consult with certified representatives instead, you can call Dell customer care number.

To troubleshoot a slow performing Dell computer there are some few methods you can try. And listed below are two very effective methods that have been known to provide results instantly in many cases.

Method 1: you need to limit the startup programs or items.

By limiting the startup programs you are releasing a lot of space usage thereby increasing the speed of the computer.

  • Firstly, close all open or running windows.
  • Now launch the task manager and in the window, click on the ‘startup’ button.
  • When you see the list, select the unnecessary programs and right click to disable them.
  • Keep doing that step on all the programs until you have only a few important ones left.
  • After you are done with disabling the programs, you need to restart the computer before using it.

Method 2: update the BIOS and device driver on the Dell computer.

This error could be caused by the outdated version of the driver or the Basic Input/Output Settings.

  • On your windows screen, click on the start menu and go to ‘device manager’.
  • Under the device manager, expand the categories and search for the name of your hard drive.
  • Now select ‘update driver’ and click on the ‘search automatically for updated driver software’ option.
  • When you are shown with the latest version click on it to start installing the update on your computer.
  • When the install is complete, restart your computer and test the performance of the computer.

If you find any step hard to perform or if you are not sure what to do, you can contact Dell technical support number.

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