How to Fix FN Key Not Working Issue for Your Dell

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The first row of keys at the very top of your keyboard, right next to the ‘Esc’ key, are called function keys. You will notice that they are in sequence and range from F1 all the way to F12. Functions keys are so named because they each have a specific default function that they can perform. The function keys can be used individually are in combination with other keys on the keyboard. These keys are quite useful because they act as keyboard shortcuts that allow you to perform a host of actions at the click of a button. You can contact Dell customer care number for more information on how to use the function keys on your system.

Because once you understand how the function keys function then you will see how easy it will make your work. Or perhaps if the function keys stopped working you see how difficult it is to work without them. But relax, this article will guide you on what you can do if the function keys on your Dell laptop stop working for whatever reason.

FN Key Not Working issue for Your Dell

Steps to fix FN key not working issue

The functions keys have certain default actions that are pre-installed in the system. It is only when users update the system then they begin to encounter issues with the function keys. For example, if you upgrade your system to the Windows 10 version then it is possible that certain system settings may have been changed and that could have caused the FN key not working issue. You can try the solution methods mentioned below and attempt to troubleshoot the problem:

Method 1: You can start with the simplest solution to test the function keys on your Dell laptop. Simply hold the Function key (FN) and Esc key together. After some time you should see a prompt. If the prompt does not appear and if the action does not work you can move on to the next method given below.

Method 2: Your computer has certain keyboard drivers preinstalled that are basically files or programs assists your operating system so that it can process input data sent by the keyboard and return commands accordingly. If there is a problem with the keyboard drivers then the function keys may not work as they should. You should try reinstalling the keyboard drivers using the given steps:

  • Open the Device Manager, go to keyboard options and uninstall the device
  • Restart your system and the driver will be automatically installed.

Method 3: Altering the Function key behaviour may also resolve the FN key related issue. Follow these steps:

  • Open the Control Panel.
  • Go the Windows Mobility centre and click on Function key behaviour
  • Open the drop-down menu to customize the function keys and make the changes.

If the methods mentioned above do not get the function keys to work then you can call the Dell tech support number and ask to speak to a technician. Certified experts are available 24 hours a day and will be able to sort out any Dell keyboard related issue.