How to fix Dell error code 0142 data entry?

Dell computers and laptops are very much appreciated by the present age society as they give optimum performance and they come in stylish designs. They have unique characteristics which have proven to be the driving force behind its success. These characteristics include long battery life, a variety of touchscreen options, they have faster processing time compared to the rest and better graphics, has good compatibility with almost every game, software or program etc. Customers don’t leave disappointed after purchasing Dell laptops. But since it is not immune to technical glitches, they sometimes can give a hard time to the users by creating errors and problems. A lot of this has to do with hardware components. If you would like to gain proper information or idea about Dell computers, you can call Dell customer care number.

A major problem with Dell computers is the occurrence of error code 0142. This problem has to do with the hard disk, it means that the pc or laptop has experienced a hard disk failure. This problem could be because of failure in the CPU, crashed Operating system etc. This problem, however, can be solved or fixed by utilizing many methods. But the most simple and effective way is by running a S.M.A.R.T test of the computer. And you can run this test by following the steps below:

  • You must first restart your PC or laptop and enter the BIOS setup utility.
  • For those of you using Windows Vista and higher immediately press the F 12 key and for those using Windows XP and earlier repeatedly press the F1 key.
  • Located and select the affected hard drive and click on ‘enter’. After this, select ‘smart support’ and press ‘enter’ again.
  • Select the option ‘SMART extended self-test’ and after the test is complete exit the window by pressing ‘Esc’.

These instructions will guide you to successfully get rid of the problem but just make sure that you are careful while following the steps as the simplest mistake will make you redo the procedure over again. However, if you want to obtain a professional’s help, you can call Dell customer support number.

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