How to fix AOL email account login problem

In this day and age, there are many email service providers in the world and the top two contenders being Yahoo and Gmail. These two email service providers have been overshadowing the rest of the smaller and less popular service provides for decades hence people don’t know much about the rest apart from these two. But among all the lesser known ones, there is one that has been gaining the attention and interest of a lot of people from across the globe. And that particular service provider is AOL. Ever since its foundation has been laid, it has been coming up steadily and these days there are many people who use AOL as their email service provider. This email has many interesting features like keyboard shortcuts so that users would save time, organizing mail into folders for better access, the ability to switch between regular and basic AOL mail etc. For a better understanding of AOL email, you can contact AOL email customer support number. This support number is reachable at any time of the day and it is toll-free.

Although there are many great features associated with AOL email, it also suffers from certain setbacks. One among these is the email login problem that customers face on a daily basis. This problem is caused by many factors and the measures taken to resolve this are the same. So if you want to know how to solve this issue then follow the instructions below:

  • Go to your computer’s home screen and open or launch chrome.
  • After this, open the settings menu on the top right of the screen.
  • Scroll down and click on ‘advanced’ which will open the advanced settings of the browser.
  • For those of you using Chrome book, Linux or Mac, click on ‘reset setting ‘and under this option select ‘restore settings to their original default’ and click ‘reset setting’.
  • For those using Windows, click on ‘reset and cleanup’ and under this, select ‘reset setting’.

These steps will reset your chrome settings to default and you will be able to eradicate the login errors of AOL email. But if the problem still persists then you can contact AOL email technical support number for an instant solution to your problems.

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