How to fix AOL Desktop Gold error code 104

Many people across the globe love and enjoy AOL Desktop Gold and everything it has to offer. It is a system unlike any other and it has been attracting more and more customers throughout the years. It has a very reputed frame in the software world and its advantages and benefits are being raged and talked about by its faithful users all over the world. Starting with its friendly user interface which enables even a non-tech-savvy person to navigate seamlessly, to it premium security features that ensures protection and proper functionality of the software as well as the computer. The positive aspect of this software is very overwhelming and hence escalates its popularity in the market. But it is not to be forgotten that it isn’t all perfect and problem free. As it also has its fair share of abnormalities and suffers from any types of issues.

One of the most prominent and common issues of AOL Desktop Gold is the occurrence of error code104. This error indicates that there has been a disturbance or error in the download AOL Desktop Gold. To fix this error you have to delete cache, cookies, footprints and clear all residual junk files.

  • On the tool icon on your internet explorer select ‘internet options’.
  • Click ‘general’ and press on the ‘delete’ button in the ‘browsing history’.
  • Click on the checkboxes next to cookies, history, temporary files and hit the ‘delete’ button and press ‘ok’.
  • On the search box in the start menu type in ‘command’ and hold the Ctrl+shift keys together and press enter.
  • Click ‘yes’ and on the black screen box that appears, type in ‘cleanmgr’ and press enter.
  • When the Disk Cleanup dialog box appears, click on the categories you want to clean and press ‘ok’. This will clean all the temporary junk files in your system.

This method will solve the issue that occurs while trying to install AOL Gold software. Make sure that your system is compatible with the software or else you will have trouble downloading and installing it on your computer.

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