How to delete an open invoice in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is a very reliable tool or a software in the business section of the society. It is a software that was designed to take care of or handle all accounting matters of business for upcoming businesses and medium-sized one. It has many inbuilt tools that can carry out the different tasks associated with accounting. Users can add the due dates and payment information for all recurring bills and create a variety of financial reports, create invoices, track sales etc. with QuickBooks you will get a variety of tools and shortcuts that are essential to make accounting work much more feasible and faster. It is also very consumer-oriented which means that it is not hard to maneuver this software and even non-accountant can easily figure out the workings of the program. If you aren’t satisfied with the information given and if you want more, you can contact QuickBooks customer care number to get the information you desire.

Creating invoices in businesses is a very important and vital source to keep track of sales and products. And QuickBooks has a feature that allows you to create invoices. But sometimes it has been observed that customers face problems or difficulty in figuring out how to delete an invoice from QuickBooks. And the process to do it, is very simple. You just have to follow the steps given below:

  • Open your QuickBooks homepage and select ‘create invoice’ option.
  • Search and locate the invoice number you want to delete. And once you have located the number, click on the menu button and search for the option that says ‘void invoice or delete invoice’.
  • Click ‘delete’ and confirm it. Now hit the ‘save’ button and close the window.
  • If you want to review the changes you have made, you can do so by going to ‘reports’ located on the menu bar and clicking the ‘accountants and taxes’ option. And under this, you will see an option called ‘voided/deleted transactions’ summary. Click it to go through or review your recent changes.

These are the steps you must initiate to delete an invoice in QuickBooks. If you come across any trouble or if you are confused and you want additional help then you can contact QuickBooks technical support number to avail the aid of a professional employee who can assist and provide you the required solution to your problem. This support line can be accessed at any time of the day and it is a toll-free number.

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