How to connect iPhone to an Amazon Echo Device

The trend of purchasing Apple products has launched a new wave in the market. Now, almost 60% of the population has Apple products as their belonging and they are proud of that. The most widely used product that one can see in the hands of people is an iPhone. On the other side, Amazon is one company which is known for launching quality products and thus providing you with the benefits of new and advanced features. One of the products that caused a lot of excitement in the market is the Amazon Echo device. The Amazon Echo is a Bluetooth speaker that can help you to listen to music, news, talk to Alexa and give commands. If you have both the products at your place and have still not connected your iPhone to Amazon echo, then what are you waiting for. Read this blog to know about the procedure and enjoy the lifetime experience. In case you find some trouble in the setup process, then you shall get in touch with the professionals at Echo Alexa Customer care number right away.

 Connect iPhone to Amazon Echo Device

Steps to connect iPhone to the Amazon Echo device:

Alternative 1

  • Open the Appstore in your iPhone and search for Alexa App
  • Install the Alexa App in your device.
  • Once the installation process is complete, turn on the button of your Amazon echo device.
  • Now go to the Alexa app and search for the available Echo devices nearby.
  • As soon as you see your Echo device, select that to start the pairing process.
  • When the pairing process will be complete, the light of the device will change from orange to blue.

Alternative 2

  • Search the Bluetooth device in your iPhone and turn it on.
  • Now take your iPhone near the Amazon Alexa Echo device, so that the Bluetooth connectivity comes within the range.
  • Now give a command to Alexa, saying ‘Alexa pair’. It will now accept the command, start the searching and connecting process and will acknowledge you once the pairing is complete.
  • Once the pairing is complete, you can just tell Alexa to pair your iPhone the next time after you have turned on the Bluetooth, and it will connect automatically.
  • Now you can listen to your favorite music with a new experience.

Even though the steps are really simple, but sometimes the pairing can cause errors. When you are facing this type of trouble and you are not able to resolve it by your own end, then you should immediately get in touch with Amazon Echo Alexa Customer support number and understand about the pairing process.

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