How to add a pause and a resume function to my Alexa skill

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Echo Alexa is a Bluetooth speaker which has been developed by one of the most famous and well-known brand Amazon. It is really compact and easy to carry. You can take this amazing device anywhere where you want and it won’t take any space. The device works completely on voice indication and system and for that, you need to install the Alexa app in your smartphone and link it to the Echo Alexa to enjoy the features. By providing with different commands to the Alexa app which has been linked to the Amazon echo you can play audios and listen to music anytime when you want. It just needs to be sufficiently charged.

The Amazon Echo can be used by even little kids, as they just need to use their voice and give the command to Alexa to play the songs. Alexa can do a lot of things if provided with the proper and exact command. Do you wish to know about the weather forecast of a particular place? Or keep an eye on what is happening in your house when you are not around? Then you can trust Alexa with it. Just provide with the instructions, using your voice. Music represents our culture and almost everyone in this world likes to listen to music. The genres and the taste can vary from individual and individual. It becomes one of the most suitable ways to enjoy the gathering. Just give commands to Alexa and change the audios as and when you want. You can control the playback music by using the Audio player interface. If you wish to understand how to add a pause and resume function to Alexa skill, then you can proceed ahead and read the blog. It is really easy to do so and can be done in a few minutes. then you can always opt for the option of contacting the Echo Alexa Customer care number and look for their guidance.


  • Use the system interface that indicate the skill that you wish to implement and configure it.
  • Now move to the option indicating Custom and then interface which are provided under the developer console.
  • Now by enabling the Audio Playeroption, click on Save Interfaces.
  • Now the following intents which are provided below need to be implemented to pause or resume any audio. When you will add the Audio player interface to the Alexa skill, the required intents which are necessary for this function will be added automatically to your model. The required intents are

AMAZON.PauseIntent and AMAZON.ResumeIntent

By performing the above-mentioned steps, you will be able to comprehend and understand the procedure on how to add a pause and a resume function to the Alexa skill. You can also talk to the professionals in this matter if you face with any difficulty. Then contact Echo Alexa technical support number anytime you want.


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