How email spoofing can affect AOL Mail

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Every day millions of people around the world use AOL Mail to get in touch with their friends, family and business associates. The email header helps you to recognize who is sending you the email. But sadly the email header and contact can be manipulated to mislead AOL users about the origin of an email. This method is known as email spoofing and it is used by a hacker to steal sensitive data. This post will give you an insight into what exactly is email spooking and how you can prevent it. You can also contact AOL email customer care number to get a more detailed overview on spoofing and how it affects your AOL Mail account.

What is email spoofing?

Email spoofing is the fabrication of the email header to deceive the receiver as to the origin and source of the email. Spoofing is a popular method used quite often in spam and phishing campaigns as AOL users are likely to open emails from contact or sources they are able to recognize. The main intention behind email spooking is to get you to open an email and perhaps reply and enter sensitive data because you think that the email is from a legitimate source or from a known AOL contact.

What are the signs of a spoofed account?

Look for the indicators mentioned below to check if your AOL account is spooked:

  • Your AOL contacts are replying to message that you did not send or are giving you details via email that you did not ask for.
  • You keep getting “mailer-daemon” messages that do not correspond to any emails sent from your AOL account.

If you experience this kind of activity then it possible that your AOL account is spoofed.

Steps to prevent email spoofing on your AOL account

Even though there are no sure ways to stop spoofing you can use the suggestions given below to protect your AOL account as much as possible:

  • Set up a strong spam filter to scan all your incoming messages. You can also use a priority inbox tool to allow the AOL mail server to filter important messages.
  • You can also do a little research to figure out how to read the message headers and track the IP address of the sender. This will allow you to match the IP address of the sent email with previous messages from that AOL contact to make sure everything is in order.
  • As far as possible you should avoid downloading unknown attachments or opening random links sent to you via AOL Mail even if they are from a known contact. Always ask for clarification before opening AOL email attachments.

What is AOL doing to prevent spoofing?

The security of user data is one of the top priorities for AOL. AOL will regularly update its DMARC policy to inform other email services to disregard emails with AOL address that are sent from non-AOL servers. You can call the AOL email customer support number and consult an expert if you have any more questions about email spoofing on AOL.