How do I restore ATT email I accidentally deleted

Have you accidentally deleted some important messages from your ATT email account? Do you want to restore those deleted messages? If you don’t know the process to restore the deleted emails on ATT, then read this whole blog and learn the best way to restore deleted messages. You can get rid of this problem very easily if you know the suitable steps to perform.

In case, you are unable to recover the deleted email on your own. Then you can take help from the professionally certified techies through AT&T customer care number.

Steps to recover the deleted emails on ATT email account

In order to get back the emails you have deleted accidentally from ATT email account, then perform these troubleshooting steps as it is.

Step 1. In order to restore deleted email, the 1st steps for you should be, login into the ATT email account using the username and the password.

Step 2. Then you need to go to the folder named ‘Trash’.

Step 3. Look for the deleted messages under this folder, if the email is in this folder then click on it and choose to restore back to the Inbox folder.

Step 4. You should always remember one thing, a deleted message from the Inbox folder can be retrieved only within 15 days. Because the message gets deleted automatically from the Trash Folder after 15 days.

Step 5. If you are unable to find the deleted messages in the Trash Folder. Then send a request message to ATT email customer service for the recovery of deleted messages.

Hope, the given information given in this blog comes in handy for you. But their little bit chances that you won’t be able to get your messages back through these steps because the messages will get deleted after 15 days from the Folder also. So, you can try to call customer care who are 24X7 reachable through AT&T customer support number. Ask the expert techies to help you in recovering these steps. These expert are professionally trained and experienced, who will surely provide you with the solution to the problem. The number to get to these techies is toll-free, so don’t hesitate to dial this number when you face any problem with ATT email.

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