How do I log in to my Verizon account online

Verizon Phone Number

In the past, people used horses or hawkers to send their letter that might take days or even weeks to reach the letter to the recipients. But what you witness today, only a click and message is sent to other parts of the earth in just a blink of an eye. Verizon email provides such speed and security to the users.  Email communication has become an essential part of our life and is being for various purposes such as sending resumes for a job, official communication with colleagues, or social media connectivity. Suppose if emails were not there and you have to send your job resume through a horse rider. Till the horse rider reach the specific office catching his breath someone else would have been started getting the salary for that post. So no one can ignore the importance of email but to use email services you should have an account on Verizon and then you have to log in to your account. ‘Don’t worry; the process is simple and easily applicable. You also have a choice to call at Verizon customer care number and get the most significant support. You can also get these simple mentioned below:

Steps to log in to your account:

  • Go to your internet browser and search for Verizon login page.
  • You will get Verizon wireless website, and there you need to navigate sign in > my account.
  • You will find the option top right of the page and click to open the ‘sign in’ box.
  • Now you can enter your 10-digit registered number or user ID in one box.
  • And then enter the password n other box and click on sign in.
  • Make sure you have entered correct credentials and check them twice to avoid any error.
  • Now are logged in and can use Verizon email communication service.

How to register to Verizon:

  • If you have an account on Verizon, you need to sign up first, and then you can avail the email services.
  • To create an account go to the register now option next to sign in.
  • Enter a 10-digit mobile number and pass the ”I am not ‘robot’ test.
  • Click on ”continue” to proceed further.
  • You will be asked to enter the billing ZIP code and continue.
  • Now you click to receive a free test for a registered PIN that you need to enter to verify your account.
  • Then create a user ID and password.
  • Also, you can select security questions, answers, and email address as well.
  • Accept the terms and condition and click to complete the registration.

In case you have an issue, or you want to have some information about login or creating an account, you can get connected with Verizon technical support number and avail the easy solution and guidance.