How do I check my BellSouth Net’s Email

BellSouth Email comes under the propertiership of AT&T. This indicates that the users who have the domain address with them can access their account through AT&T portal. You can log in to your Bellsouth email account through AT&T home page. When you create an email account, you also create an email address of User ID, which becomes your voice. Every time you send an email, the recipients see your email address and the User ID in their Inbox. You can create as many user IDs as you want on the email portal. Segregating them as personal and professional could also be a better idea. You may have also noticed that the ID you choose or create shall not be taken by anyone else. It should be unique and only belong to you. Let’s take a scenario when you have created a Bellsouth Email Account and now wish to check your Inbox for mails. Being a first-time email user can require some help. This blog helps the users who have created an email account for the first time in their life and wish to check their mails. If you require technical assistance of any kind during or after the process, then you can always consult the email experts at Bellsouth customer support number.

Step by step procedure to check the Bellsouth Net’s Email

  • Log in to the system with the help of your user admin control rights
  • Launch your preferred web browser ( Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer)
  • In the search bar, type ‘AT&T login or Bellsouth Email login.’
  • Click on the link and in the tab that opens, enter your Bellsouth Email address of ID and then the password that you have created.
  • Click on ‘Sign In’
  • The Bellsouth email homepage or dashboard will open
  • On the left-hand side, you can see a list of contents which include (Inbox, Sent Mail, Trash Folder), etc.
  • In the center, you can see some mails that you would have received. In this portal, you will be able to check your and see the new mails that you receive. The emails that are not read by you will be marked in bold or italics
  • You can also click your Inbox or refresh the page to see whether you have received new emails.
  • Just click on the Mail that you have received, and you can easily view the content.

The process is quite easy and won’t take much time. Make sure that during the entire process, the device doesn’t lose internet connectivity. If you come across any issue and get stuck somewhere and not able to resolve the same on your own, then kindly have a word with the professional experts at BellSouth technical support number.