How Can I Switch My SBCGlobal Mail to Att.Net

SBCGlobal is a highly professional email service which is being used by millions of users across the globe. There are not many who know the fact that SBCGlobal email accounts are actually managed by Yahoo Mail service. Hence if you are among those whose email account ends with or, then even your email accounts are managed by Yahoo. If you are looking forward to switching your SBCGlobal email to, then you can simply follow the steps that have been provided to you in this blog. The users also have the option of connecting with sbcglobal support number. They can avail more detailed information from the professionals here.

The process that you must follow to switch from SBCGlobal Email to
· Firstly, you would have to launch your web browser and then navigate to

· Then you would have to enter your SBCGlobal email address, which would have the suffix of You would then have to add this in your Yahoo ID field.

· Further, enter the password for your SBCGlobal email account in the field provided for a password. Once you have entered the password, click on the option of ‘Sign in’.

· You would then have to click on the link which you would get on the right side of the page in the name ‘Mail Options’.

· Now you would have to highlight the tab of ‘Management’ which would be given on the left side of your page.

· Now access the button which is named ‘POP access and forwarding’.

· You would then be provided the option of checking the corresponding ‘Forwarding’ option, so now check the box which is followed by entering your ‘’ email address in the text field that has been given to you nearby.

· Finally, you would have to click on the ‘Ok’ button to save the settings.

By following the said steps, you would be able to effectively able to switch from SBCGlobal email to You would have to give great attention to each and every step that has been stated and ensure that you do not create any error. If you face any issue in the whole process, you can also connect with the sbcglobal customer service number. They would provide you with professional assistance on solving your issue. The executives at this service are highly trained and experienced, they have vast knowledge on how to handle any issue that arises. They would initially read the situation that you are in and then provide you with the most apt and accurate solution.

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