Getting Spam Emails in AOL Email

Spams are unsolicited emails that the users of every emails service receive. Same is the case with AOL Emails users. Spams can be manageable when they are less in quantity but they become irritating when more in number. Spam forces the people to take action leading to traps and frauds. If you are also fed up with spam attacks then it is high time to reach out to AOL Email customer care number where you will be guided by the certified experts to get rid of the spams quickly.

While using AOL email, a large number of users face troubles like a problem in signing or logging, recovering a forgotten password, tackling unknown error messages, email freeze, and others but issue of spams is quite a popular one. AOL Email spam and privacy includes:

  • Blocking and unblocking the email addresses
  • Using spam filters
  • Reporting spam and objectionable emails

So if you are getting spam emails in your email account then you will need to adjust the spam settings. To adjust them you will have to follow the process given.

  • In the upper right, click Options and then settings
  • In the left panel click the spam settings
  • Now select the spam filter and click the drop-down menu and select a level for your spam filter.
  • If you want to block or allow messages from a particular person, you’d use the sender filter section.
  • Once you have done the selection of ‘sender filter’ then enter the username or email address of the person that you would like to filter
  • In the content filter section, you can choose to block messages containing pictures or specific words
  • In the blocked mail section, you can choose to permanently delete the blocked email
  • At the bottom of the page, click save to keep your changes

With such excellent spam protection features, users can choose any option as per their wish. If they come across any problem then try connecting with AOL Email customer support number that stays online 24×7. The team of experienced technicians will provide an adequate solution to the issue taking least possible time of their valuable users.

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