Echo Dot not Responding

Echo Dot is a smart speaker device, which works with a virtual assistant, name Amazon Alexa and gives a fabulous service. This device has earned a very good reputation all over the world, especially in the USA. Alexa and Echo Dot together can perform the various daily task as per the user command. You can make your daily schedule, listen to music, set reminders, listen to sports, it works with smart home appliances like TV and much more. To use the skills of Echo Dot, it will be necessary for your install Amazon Alexa App on your mobile phone and connect it to Echo Dot. Well, there are times when Echo Dot user face glitches, when suddenly ‘Echo Dot stops responding’ to users command. This issue can be solved by some simple troubleshooting methods or you can take help from Echo Alexa customer care number.

The solution for ‘Echo Dot is not responding’ issue

This problem can be solved by these simple troubleshooting steps:

Echo Dot troubleshooting number

The plug doesn’t connect properly:

  • Check the plug attached to Echo Dot device, ensure to connect it with the power supply.
  • Insert the USB and make sure to connect it to the Echo power adopter port.
  • Then press the power button to start the Echo Dot device and check if it’s working without any hassle.

The power cord is faulty:

  • When the power cord is damaged or faulty, then it will definitely cause some issue. So make sure to fix that first.
  • Make sure that power cord is not broken, cut or damaged. Because it can harm you also.
  • If there is any problem with the power cord, then it will be best for you to replace the power cord.

Move Echo Dot and put it to a silent place

There might be chances that, your Echo Dot device is placed near some noisy devices and you are unable to hear Echo Dot voice. So, put your Echo Dot device to a silent position.

Well, if you have followed all three methods, then try by restarting the devices. If this also doesn’t work, then you should contact with Echo Dot customer support number and take help. There are professional techies available on this number and they will give you the best solution of your problem.


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