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By Mobile App what do you understand? A software that is designed for use in the mobile device like smartphones and tablets are called as a Mobile application. These apps have covered the technological market in such a way that every company is making their own mobile app. The reason for the increase in the development of mobile apps is due to the fact that almost 95% world population is the master of one or more smartphones. The multinational Company AOL Inc. also was known as American Online also launched its AOL Mobile App after seeing the growing demand for mobile application. Through this app, people can manage their webmail, instant messenger and can browse the internet easily. So why are wasting time on thinking? Just download and install AOL Mobile App in your device and enjoy the ride of this application.

Download AOL Mobile App


Some of the great features of AOL Mobile App that are enjoyed by the users are listed below:

AOL News

  • You can read and watch all the latest news on the politics, sports, entertainment, finance, business, lifestyle, weather, and world news.
  • With instant breaking news push notification, you can never miss a story
  • These are pulled up from the reliable sites like HuffPost, AOL Finance, and AOL Sports etc.
Social and Weather

  • Checking the weather report in accordance with your location.
  • Sharing anything on Facebook, Twitter is easy with this
  • Get the notification of hourly, daily forecast in just one click
AOL Email

  • Managing the AOL Mails became easy as you can access it from anywhere.
  • A feature of swipe action save a lot of time as deleting, moving, marking and flagging email become easy.
  • Accessing phone and AOL contacts can be easily done from one single location.

  • You can easily watch the video as per your interest
  • Option saving the video is also available so that you can watch later.

Get AOL Mobile App on Android

One can download AOL Mobile App on Android device which runs on Android 4.4 or more. The setup steps are given below:

  • Open the Google Play Store on your Android device
  • And then enter AOL App in the given search field
  • The search result will show many different options but you need to click on AOL-News, Mail & Video option
  • And then you need to click on Install
  • Once the installation will over, one or more prompt will appear seeking the permission for using your contacts, camera, and others. You can accept it or reject it that’s up to you.
  • Remember you can always change the permission by going into the Settings.

Get AOL Mobile App on iPhone

The iOS device that’s run on iOS 9.3 or higher is the device which is compatible with the AOL Mobile App. To install AOL Mobile App one should have an active internet connection and the steps that are involved are:

  • You need to first open the App store of your iOS device
  • After clicking on the Search icon, enter AOL in the search field and then hit search
  • From the search result, locate AOL: News, Email, Weather, Video and then click on ‘Get’
  • If prompted, then you need to enter the Apple Id.
  • Once done with the installation process then Open it


AOL Mobile App is one of the excellent mobile application but sometimes it also get some errors and those are the times which irritates the users. If you also receive such errors then you don’t need to worry you can resolve it on your own by just uninstalling and then reinstalling it again. Some of the common problems that are witnessed by the users are:
The slow running of the app can be because of the outdated device software. That is if the Android and iOS software of your device are outdated then you can get this type of error as AOL Mobile app works best on the latest version of iOS or Android OS. So make sure you have installed the recent version update of your device software.
There are times when you need to force stop your application and then restart it again for the smooth running of Mobile App. The guidelines which must be followed are: For Android version 4.4 and later
  • Open the Settings of your device > Apps
  • Then click on AOL and tap on Force Stop option
  • Again click on Force Stop if prompted again for the confirmation.
  • After a few minutes again open the AOL Mobile App.
For iOS version 9.3 or later
  • Just double press on the Home button
  • And then swipe up on the image of AOL Mobile App
  • Wait for few seconds and then relaunch the app.
The process of deleting and installing AOL mobile App in the Android and iOS device differ. So one must carefully implement it. Android device
  • Open the Settings of the device
  • And then go to Apps > AOL
  • After that, you need to click on Uninstall and press OK to confirm it
  • Once uninstallation is done just go back to Play store and again download AOL Mobile app from there.
IOS device
  • Tap and hold the AOL mobile App icon which you want to uninstall and wait till the time all app icons begin to shake
  • And then click on the cross symbol that is in corner of AOL app
  • After that select to delete it and then lock your screen
  • Now you need to go to Apple store from there you need to install AOL Mobile App again.
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