Dell printer error code 024-910

Are you confronting an error code while trying to print with Dell printer? Is the error code showing 024-910? Moreover, you don’t know how to fix it? Then instead of getting perplexed, it’s time to get assistance from Dell customer care number, where the technical experts will guide you with a proper solution. It is not new that the users of this company printers tackle with various error codes like Error 016-302, 007-371, 010-377 and many other but fixing any of them is quite easy than you think.

Not only the error codes but the users of Dell printers often come across other issues too like paper jam, printer not printing, spooler or cartridge related issues and others. But the best part is you can troubleshoot the issue with the help of some easy to perform steps.

Fixing Dell printer error code 024-910

The occurrence of this error code halts the processing of the printers and users find it unable to print what they need. This error is particularly related to load tray or paper size mismatch. So you will need to do the following:

Determine the full error message: look for the particular error message and format that arise and then do the fixture

Print a settings report: press menu button, report/list should be highlighted then press checkmark button and print the settings report, if it prints as expected enable substitute tray option

Check the paper present sensor: analyze if it moves without any interruption, find any sensor damage and fix it.

Enable the substitute tray option: this will cause the job to be printed on the available paper closest in size to that requested.

Check the size and type settings: try to change the settings of the given points or set to default so as to eliminate the error code appearance.

  • Printer’s paper
  • Print driver
  • Application

After doing the needful solutions, remove all the connections and turn the printer off for a while then turn it on. If you see the error code still appear then try to reach out to Dell printer technical support number that can be connected at any time of the day.

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