How to contact Verizon Customer Support

Verizon Customer Service is one of the most reliable and trustworthy customer helpline numbers that stay accessible 24*7. The support team comprised of those professionals who are having their hands sets on Verizon email and even know various steps by using which they can efficiently resolve the issue. Verizon email is one of the most used email services and is used for both personal and professional work. One can send or receive files, folders, images, and other necessary documents by using these emails. But if you think that this email is far from facing any issues, then you are entirely wrong. As by just getting in touch with the customer support experts, you will be provided with all kind of help.

You should never hesitate to contact Verizon Customer Support as these people are there for you only. One can reach out to them by either dialing the toll-free number or by using the chat system to speak with Verizon support. The average wait time for the call is usually 1 -2 minutes, and you don’t need to worry as you will be getting the prompt response from the experts. Some of the brilliant features that you will come across while dialing the support number of Verizon are:

  • 24/7 support available- The Verizon customer care number stays active 24 hours round the clock, and you can avail their help at any hour. You need to dial the toll-free number and then you can speak with the customer executive and can tell the problem faced by you.
  • Customer Satisfaction– The experts of support service believe that customer satisfaction is one thing that should be there at all cost. And these people make it very sure that your email issue is eradicated from the roots itself.
  • Toll-free number and web-based email service– to connect with the Verizon email support you will require to dial their toll-free number or even you can email them the issue that is faced by you while using this email.
  • Certified and experienced professionals – The support specialists are very experienced and skilled that they can resolve the email query quickly. Even they are well versed with all the steps by using which they can make solve the issue at hand in minimum time.

By reading this blog, you can get full knowledge about the advantage which you can avail by reaching out to Verizon technical Service number and can take their guidance to fix the email issue.

Verizon Email Settings Windows 10

Verizon Support Number

Verizon email is a prominent email service which has spread its services all across the globe. The users are able to avail mind-blowing features with the help of this service. In the current age, email services have become a necessity. Even a person comes across the need for an email account. Recently users have been raising issues which they face with Verizon Email after they upgrade their system to Windows 10 operating system. Once the users update their operating system, they would come across the need to reconfigure Verizon email settings to be able to use its services efficiently. The process of reconfiguration of the email is a simple process and can be done by anyone on their own. There are a few steps which the users must understand to be able to complete the process without any flaw. The users can also seek assistance from trained professionals by contacting Verizon customer support number. Some basic steps have been mentioned in this blog, which would help the user solve the issue which they are facing.

Setting up of Verizon Email on Windows 10

The steps which the users would have to follow in order to set up Verizon email on Windows 10 is as given below. When the users accurately follow the given steps, they would be able to use Verizon email services on Windows 10:

  • From the Home Screen, the users must navigate to the Settings icon, which would be located at the lower left of the screen.
  • Then they have to move from ‘Accounts’ to the ‘Emails and Apps accounts’ option.
  • If the Windows settings option is not visible, then tap on click the ‘Settings Home’ icon to access the settings home page.
  • From the Email, calendar and contacts section click on the option of Add account.
  • Further tap on Advanced setup and choose the Internet Email option.
  • You would then have to enter the appropriate information, such as :
    • Account Name
    • Your Name
    • Incoming Email Server
    • Account Type (POP3 or IMAP4)
    • Email Address
    • Username
    • Password
    • Outgoing (SMTP) email server

The user would also have to configure the following as appropriate and then tap on ‘Sign in’ or ‘Done’:

  • Outgoing Server Requires Authentication
  • Use the unchanged username and password for sending email
  • Require SSL for incoming mail
  • Require SSL for Outgoing Mail.

If there is any issue that you come across, then you would have to connect with Verizon tech support number promptly. The users can connect with this service at any given time using a toll-free number. The professional executives at this service would ensure that the users get all the required assistance upon connecting with them.

How do I log in to my Verizon account online

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In the past, people used horses or hawkers to send their letter that might take days or even weeks to reach the letter to the recipients. But what you witness today, only a click and message is sent to other parts of the earth in just a blink of an eye. Verizon email provides such speed and security to the users.  Email communication has become an essential part of our life and is being for various purposes such as sending resumes for a job, official communication with colleagues, or social media connectivity. Suppose if emails were not there and you have to send your job resume through a horse rider. Till the horse rider reach the specific office catching his breath someone else would have been started getting the salary for that post. So no one can ignore the importance of email but to use email services you should have an account on Verizon and then you have to log in to your account. ‘Don’t worry; the process is simple and easily applicable. You also have a choice to call at Verizon customer care number and get the most significant support. You can also get these simple mentioned below:

Steps to log in to your account:

  • Go to your internet browser and search for Verizon login page.
  • You will get Verizon wireless website, and there you need to navigate sign in > my account.
  • You will find the option top right of the page and click to open the ‘sign in’ box.
  • Now you can enter your 10-digit registered number or user ID in one box.
  • And then enter the password n other box and click on sign in.
  • Make sure you have entered correct credentials and check them twice to avoid any error.
  • Now are logged in and can use Verizon email communication service.

How to register to Verizon:

  • If you have an account on Verizon, you need to sign up first, and then you can avail the email services.
  • To create an account go to the register now option next to sign in.
  • Enter a 10-digit mobile number and pass the ”I am not ‘robot’ test.
  • Click on ”continue” to proceed further.
  • You will be asked to enter the billing ZIP code and continue.
  • Now you click to receive a free test for a registered PIN that you need to enter to verify your account.
  • Then create a user ID and password.
  • Also, you can select security questions, answers, and email address as well.
  • Accept the terms and condition and click to complete the registration.

In case you have an issue, or you want to have some information about login or creating an account, you can get connected with Verizon technical support number and avail the easy solution and guidance.

How to Set Up a FIOS Network with a Verizon DIY Self Install Kit

If you wish to setup FIOS Network with Verizon, then you can easily get this process done by undertaking some simple steps. FIOS is combined access to the internet, telephone, and television service. This service operates using a fiber-optic communication network which has over millions of users. FIOS is the acronym for Fiber Optic Service. The users can learn more about this service by connecting with Verizon customer support number. The users would get a complete understanding of the facilities that they would receive while using this service. The users also have the option of setting up FIOS using DIY self-install kit. By going through this blog, the users would understand how to use this self-install kit efficiently.

The process of setting up FIOS Network using DIY self-install kit

The steps that the users would have to follow in order to setup FIOS is as given below:

The users would have to find the ideal place where they can place their Verizon Router

  • The users should locate where Verizon installed the ONT (Optical Network Terminal).
  • This would generally be located outside the houses or inside the closet in most apartments.
  • Further, find a coax wall outlet closest to the ONT.

Setup your router

  • With the help of the coax cable, you would have to connect the router to the coax wall outlet that you had located in the first step. If you are installing a television in the same location, use the provided coax splitter to connect both the devices.
  • Now connect the power cable provided, into the router.

Analyze the connectivity of the router

  • Most often Verizon sends routers which are already configured to connect to their services.
  • The users would have to look at the indicator lights and ensure that the power light is solid green.
  • Then make sure that the Coax WAN light turns solid green.
  • If the lights do not stay a solid green, move the router to a different coax wall outlet.

Connect a Set Top Box

  • The users should locate a coax wall outlet near the area where you have your TV.
  • Now using the provided coax cable, connect one end of the coax wall outlet and the other end into the back of the set-top box.
  • Further, plug the set-top box into a power outlet using the provided power cable.
  • Now connect the set top box to the TV using a composite video cable or HDMI cable.
  • Set the TV’s display input settings accordingly.
  • Once the activation is complete, the Verizon TV guide would be visible on your television.

If the users come across any issue while undertaking the steps given above, then they can promptly connect with Verizon tech support number and seek professional guidance. This service is readily available throughout the day and is free of cost.

How to migrate Verizon email to AOL

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Verizon is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the United States, and a range of internet and mobile services to millions of users. In 2017 Verizon announced that it was retiring its email services in favor of focusing on other services so as to better serve their customers. Following the announcement regarding the discontinuation of its email service, Verizon encouraged all its email subscriber to migrate their accounts to AOL or some other email service provider. This article will give you a brief overview of the steps you need to follow to migrate from Verizon email to AOL. Once you migrate your account, you will be able to sign in to your ‘’ email address using the AOL login page. If you have any trouble sighing into your email account, you can call the verizon customer care number and ask for additional assistance. However, you must make sure you follow the proper steps and register your account with AOL otherwise you may lose any data stored on Verizon once the deadline passes.

Step to migrate Verizon email to AOL

Following the decision to retire their email service, Verizon began notifying their email users that they will need to migrate their email accounts to an alternate email service provider, such as Yahoo or AOL. If you received an email notification from Verizon you can refer to the steps below to migrate your account to AOL:

  • Step 1: Access your Verizon email account using
  • Step 2: Open your inbox and look for an email notification from Verizon.
  • Step 3: Click on the message and go through the migration options listed.
  • Step 4: Option 1 reads ‘Keep your current email address’ and retain the data.
  • Step 5: Another option available reads ‘Try a new email service provider.’
  • Step 6: To migrate to AOL and keep your Verizon email, select ‘Option 1.’
  • Step 7: After you select ‘Option 1’ you can begin the AOL Mail registration process.

After you register your email account with AOL, you will be able to log in using your email address. Registering your email account with AOL will give you access to your Verizon contacts, along with your calendar and email folders. Once you migrate from Verizon email to AOL, all your data that is saved on Verizon servers will be transferred to AOL. If you have any trouble migrating your email account or if you notice some data missing after you migrate from Verizon to AOL you can call the verizon technical support number and ask for additional technical assistance. Professional email customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day and will be able to solve any error you may encounter on your Verizon or AOL email account.

How to Troubleshoot Verizon Email Error Code 0X800ccc92?

Verizon is ranked among the top email service providers in the world, and this is because of the advanced services that they provide the users. There are times when the users of Verizon email face issues while using their service. Most of the issues which the users face can be solved using some really simple troubleshooting methods. One common issue which the users face is the error code 0X800ccc92. When the users come across this issue, they face issues like blue screen errors, freezing of the system, installation error, and several others.

This error on Verizon email causes the program to lock up and might also cause the sluggish performance of your system. This error usually takes place due to various reasons such as downloading error issues, because of transferring corrupted files. The users can file respite against this issue by connecting with Verizon customer support number. The users also have the option of going through this entire blog, by which they would be able to attain a better understanding of this issue.

Solutions to troubleshoot Verizon Email error code 0X800ccc92

The most efficient ways in which the users can solve the error code 0X800ccc92 is as stated below:

Step 1: Uninstall the app installed.

  • The users would have to click on ‘Start’ and then choose the control panel.
  • Under the control panel, you would have to select the ‘Uninstall a program’ option.
  • Then you would have to the right click on the program you wish to uninstall.
  • Finally, you would have to press the ‘Uninstall’ option.

Step 2: Install Windows Updates

  • The user would have to click on the ‘Start’ icon.
  • Then after that, the user would have to press Windows+R to access the run search box.
  • Then the user would have to search ‘Windows Update.’
  • Further Click on ‘Check for updates’ option.
  • Finally, you would complete the procedure of update.

Step 3: Run System File Scanner Tool

  • The users would have to follow the same steps and access the start menu.
  • Then they would have to open the ‘Run’ dialogue box by pressing the shortcut key Windows + R.
  • Now under the search dialogue box, enter the command ‘CMD.’
  • Further, you would have to right-click ‘CMD’ and then choose to run as administrator.
  • Inside the command prompt, you would have to copy and paste the following command: SFC/scan now.
  • Then click on the Enter key and continue with the process.
  • The user would then have to restart the system to apply all the changes that they have made.

If the users are unable to solve the issue using the steps given above, then the last option which the users would have is to connect with Verizon contact number. This way, the user would directly connect with trained executives who would provide them with the most suitable ways to solve the issue.

How to configure a account using IMAP

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IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) is a standard protocol that allows the users to restore email messages from a mail server over an IP connection. IMAP is crucial and allows you to set up your email account on various computers and have access to remote servers. You can log in to any of your email accounts through webmail, and if IMAP settings are configured, you can have easy access to your emails. The messages that you receive in your inbox are stored in the server. You can view the older messages that were stored in the server via the configuration of IMAP settings. POP also acts as an access protocol where you can sync your account to different portals and access the mails from there.  It is always better to configure your email account using IMAP. This blog will share the details about how to configure account using IMAP. It is usually done when you move from to AOL. You can read the blog until the end and understand the intricate details. For any further clarifications, you can dial Verizon customer care number to have a word with the techies.

The process to configure using the IMAP settings

You are required to configure the port and the server number manually. It is counseled that before you start the configuration, ensure to take a backup of your emails to avoid potential loss.

Details for Incoming Mail server settings (IMAP)

  • Your account type- IMAP
  • The username- Type your email address
  • The security information- Your email password
  • Server name-
  • Server Port-993
  • Authentication required- Yes
  • Enable SSL/TLS-Yes

Details for Outgoing Mail server settings (SMTP)

  • Your account type- SMTP
  • The username- Type your email address
  • The security information- Your email password
  • Server name-
  • Server Port-465
  • Authentication required- Yes
  • Enable SSL/TLS-Yes

The basic steps and settings for configuring must be applied properly to avoid any unnecessary complications. It’s better to configure the settings manually to make less or no errors. Sometimes the users can face issues during this process; it is advised that you take the expert opinion by dialing the Verizon technical support number. The technical masters will take control of the situation and would ensure to provide you with the best solution available.

How to Fix Verizon Error Code 9001

Verizon has become a reliable and trusted name in the communication world and provide a completely satisfying service to the users at a greater extent. It helps you to enjoy the uninterrupted and service for a longer time. However, everyone knows that that technical tools are impossible to become unaffected by the error or issues, and Verizon is also one of the most prominent that is unable to avoid 100% issues. Verizon error code 9001 is such an issue that may appear during the voice mail service use and occurring the issue is resultant of failure of voicemail application. This issue can be solved easily, and this blog will help you to get rid of the issue. You can also contact at Verizon customer care number to get the easy solution.

Reasons behind Verizon error code 9001:

There may be several elements that can cause this error and ruin your Verizon experience. To get an easy solution, you need to focus on the root cause of the issue. So here you can find some possible reasons behind the issue:

  • Removed or deleted files while upgrading the system
  • Booting procedure that can delete the wireless communication and become the reason behind the missing notification button
  • Switching the phone data and airplane mode simultaneously can also cause the issue
  • Errors in network settings may create issue in Verizon
  • Providing a wrong account name or password may lead you into this trouble

Easy steps to fix the Verizon error 9001:

Now you are aware of the reasons and root causes that may be responsible for the issue. It will help you to fix the issue easily that will be done nicely with these proven steps:

For Android users:

The problem can be varied according to the operating system of the phone, so if you are an Android user, follow these solutions:

  1. As it was mentioned earlier that the failure of voice mail could create the issue. So you need to fix this. This situation may occur when you accidentally press the airplane mode button. Now you need to slid oven the screen and find the airplane mode option. Once you get it, you have to turn it off.
  2. In another attempt, you can go to the voicemail and try to sign in afresh — this time you need to make sure that you enter a correct username and password. If everything is okay, then you can access Verizon smoothly.

For iPhone users:

IPhone users access iOS to operate their phone and need different solutions to fix the issue. So if you are an iPhone user, then follow these solutions:

  1. You need to go to the settings of your phone and tap on general settings. Now go to the about page and navigate the Carrier options. Then by installing it to remove any pending information, you will solve your issue.
  2. In another solution, you need to go to the settings of the iPhone and then Cellular option. Here you need to find the Cellular data option. Now tap on it to turn the data on, and then restart your device. You can easily solve your issue.

Now you can also contact at Verizon customer support number to get the easy solution with the perfect professional approach and expert technicians.


How to Reset Verizon Email Account Password

Verizon Support Number

Verizon email is one of the most popular email services in the United States. Although Verizon Communications retired, their email service users can still access their accounts using an alternate email service, such as Yahoo or AOL mail. The process to sign-in remains the same, i.e., users need to type their full email address, including “,” along with the correct password to access their accounts. Your username and password are important features that are essential to keep your Verizon account secure. Cyber security experts recommend changing or email password at least once every six months so as to improve security. This article will give you an overview on how to reset your Verizon email password so that you can protect your data. If you need help with any other security issue related to your email account, you call the Verizon customer care number and ask for additional technical assistance to fix the problem.

Steps to reset Verizon email password (Password Known)

If you remember your current Verizon email password the process to reset it is relatively straightforward. As long as you know your current login credentials you can follow the instructions below to change your Verizon email password:

  • Step 1: Open your browser and sign in to your Verizon account
  • Step 2: Navigate to the account settings from the main menu
  • Step 3: Open the security settings and select ‘Change Password.’
  • Step 3: Enter your current password in the field provided
  • Step 4: Click on the next filed and type a new password for your Verizon account

Once you receive confirmation that your password is changed, you can close the browser and sign in to your email account using your new Verizon email password.

Steps to reset Verizon email password (Forgot Password)

If you need to reset your password because you do not remember your current email password the steps will be different since you will need to verify your identity before you can change the password. You can refer to the steps given below to reset your Verizon email password using the ‘Forgot Password’ option:

  • Step 1: Go to the Verizon email webpage and click ‘Forgot Password.’
  • Step 2: Enter your username and select the recovery method (mail/phone)
  • Step 3: Enter the mobile number linked to your Verizon email account
  • Step 4: Click ‘Yes’ to allow Verizon to send you a verification code
  • Step 5: Type the security verification code in the field provided
  • Sent 4: Click ‘Submit’ and wait for Verizon to confirm the code
  • Step 5: Complete the instructions on the screen to create a new password for your Verizon email account

Apart from your mobile number, you can also use an alternate email address to verify your identity and then reset your Verizon password. If you have any trouble resetting the password you can call the Verizon technical support number and consult a certified expert to troubleshoot the problem. Verizon exerts are available 24 hours a day to help you solve any error you may encounter while using Verizon email.

How do I set up Verizon email on my iPhone

Verizon email services are superbly advanced and innovative to protect your best interests in email communication and manage your requirements in a unique and quality manner. It has a lot to offer the variety of users understanding their needs. Now if you want to get the Verizon email service, you easily create an account. It can be accessed on all the devices easily such as on your computer, mobile phone or tablet. If you want to setup Verizon email on your iPhone, you can do so by following some simple steps. It can be easily accessed on the iPhone with some easy settings function that you have to change in your phone setting to make it compatible with the Verizon emails. If you want to get the expert solution you can call at Verizon customer care number and get the most prominent solutions within minutes.

Easy steps to setup Verizon email on iPhone:

iPhones are quite sophisticated devices that serve its users in an advanced manner that give them easy access to all its features to provide discontinuous services. Now if you want to setup Verizon email account on your iPhone you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Go the home screen of your iPhone and tap on the “Settings” icon
  • Once you get into the settings, scroll down and select “Mail, Contacts, and Calendars.”
  • Then select “Add account” option and tap on “Other.”
  • Going into the “Add mail account” you need to fill this information
  • You name
  • Your Verizon email address
  • Your password
  • And description as “Verizon.”
  • Now go to the POP3 incoming mail server and fill this information as provided
  • Hostname:
  • Username: email
  • Password: your Verizon email password
  • Then fill this information going to the outgoing mail server option
  • Hostname:
  • Username: email
  • Password: your Verizon password
  • Now click on the “Save” button
  • Select your email address
  • Going down you get the outgoing mail server option where you need to select SMTP
  • Under the “Main server” option find a match this information as provided
  • SSL: ssl
  • Server port: 465
  • Then back to the previous screen and select the “Advanced” option
  • Find these settings as mentioned:
  • SSL: SSL
  • Server port:
  • Now you are done, go to the home screen and restart your iPhone device.

Once you perform these settings changes, you can easily access your Verizon email account on iPhone. However, there could be some other reasons that prevent you from doing so depending upon specific circumstances. If you are still getting those issues, you can contact at Verizon technical support and remove your issue with some simple steps.