How can I change the password of SBC Mail?

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SBC Global is a popular email service used by millions all over the world. The mail services are managed by AT&T. Like all other email service providers, SBC mail has a number of security features to protect user data. Every day millions of people communicate via email often sharing private personal messages or confidential business information. That is why it is very important to take all the necessary steps to keep your data safe. You can always contact SBCGlobal Technical support to check if your account is secure.

One of the most basic safety measures in place for almost every email account is the username and password. Your SBC mail password gives you access to your account whenever you want. There are two possible reasons why you may need to change your email password. One is that you may for forgotten your password and cannot access your account. The other reason could be as a security precaution. Whatever the reason below you will find simple steps you can follow to change the password of SBC mail.

Changing your existing password

As a security precaution, it is advisable that you change your email password at least once every six months. So if you remember your existing password then you can follow the steps given below to change and reset your SBC mail password:

  • Open the SBCGobal email sign in page on your browser.
  • Enter your SBC email id and current password and login to your account.
  • Go to the email settings and select the option to change your password.
  • Re-enter your current email password and click ‘OK’.
  • Type out a new password in the field provided.
  • Re-type the new password and click on ‘Ok’ to save the changes

You have no successfully changed your password and can begin signing in using the new password.

Forgot SBC Mail Password

If you need to change your password because you no longer remember your current SBC mail password then do not worry. Just follow the steps mentioned below and you should be fine:

  • Visit the SBC mail login page and click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link.
  • Enter your SBC email id and your last name.
  • Go through the password recovery options available and choose a convenient one for yourself
  • Answer the required security question to verify your identity
  • Follow the instructions to create a new password for your SBC email ID.
  • Go through the changes you made to verify them and then click save

You must remember that is someone has your password they can easily access your account without any problem. If you feel that your account was hacked or that you have the correct email password but still cannot log in to your email account then there could be a security breach and your data may be at risk. In that case, it is best that you speak to a trained expert on how to address the issue. You can contact SBCGlobal customer service number to receive technical assistance related to any login or password error you may be facing with respect to your SBC account.

Unable to setup SBCGlobal

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SBCGlobal is a webmail service which is basically a subordinate to ATT, and have been widely used by millions of people across the globe for composing and receiving emails. With the launch of the email services by the company, it has flourished itself and made a name in the email industry. One can use this service both for professional as well as personal use. Even though one can talk about its pros in a length, but there are some technical disadvantages which can trouble the users at any time. Login errors, not able to access the account, the account getting hacked are some of the common issues. And on the top, of that, one particular issue that has proved to be cumbersome for users is that they are unable to set up the e-mail server. You need to read this blog to understand the procedure and make sure that the server settings are correct. And after that, if you feel the need of contacting the SBCGlobal customer care number, then you can do so as per your requirement.


How to manually set up the account?

First of all, you need to configure the incoming and outgoing server settings:

Incoming Mail server details (IMAP):

  • Account type: IMAP
  • Server hostname:
  • ServerPort: 993
  • SSL enabled: Yes

Outgoing Mail server details (SMTP):

  • Account Type: SMTP
  • Server hostname:
  • Server Port: 465
  • SSL enabled: Yes

POP settings:

For Incoming POP settings

  • First of all, you need to provide your username and password.
  • Incoming POP server hostname:
  • Port: 995

For outgoing POP settings, it will be the same as the SMTP settings

  • Open the SBCGlobal application on the web browser.
  • Then you need to move to the settings.
  • Click on add account, under the ‘ account category’
  • If the setup is not possible, then you need to set it up manually
  • For that, just uninstall the service once and install it back again.
  • After that, you need to log in with the appropriate credentials.

The account can be set up in operating systems across Android, iPhone, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016. For setting up the email account on these OS, you first need to make sure that the IMAP, SMTP, and POP settings are correct. Then you can follow the basic troubleshooting methods to set up the email on different accounts. After the server settings have been configured, you just need to enable your username and password of SBCGlobal and add it on the application on which you wish to configure the setup. Rest, if you face any troubles and dilemma while fixing this issue, then none other than SBCGlobal technical support number will provide you with the best guidance and solution.