QuickBooks Admin Password Reset

Passwords have been known to keep your account safe and secure from hackers. Creating a really strong and unique password character becomes really important. People often tend to use the password, which they can easily remember. It becomes really important that you change or reset your password after some time so that your account is safe. You should surely provide in with that password, which you do not tend to forget. You must be very well aware, that to log in into the QuickBooks software account, and you also need a password. And since this software manages and holds all your financial and account related information, you must be very careful. You can only access your files, once you have provided with the password, making it nonresponsive and invisible for those who do not have the admin rights.  QuickBooks helps to create an Admin account, and after creating the account, you can have access to all your files and you will also be given the option to create your own passwords and usernames. It has been observed that resetting the passwords in your QuickBooks account, will help to create it safe and secure. If you wish to reset your QuickBooks Admin password, then you can move ahead and read the steps mentioned in this blog. You can also get directly in touch with the QuickBooks Customer care number executives to understand the process.

Resetting password using challenge question:

  • Login to the QuickBooks desktop screen by providing with your username
  • Click on the Forget password section.
  • An option of answering the security question will pop up
  • Answer that question, and make sure you remember it.
  • Opt for a new password
  • Reset it

Resetting password using reset code:

  • Open the QuickBooks login window and select the option of Forget password.
  • Then choose the option of Forgot answer
  • You will receive a reset code on your email
  • Fill in the information correctly
  • After completing the steps, you will be able to reset the password again.

You can also change the password if you have two-step verification system and have provided with a phone number that has been registered to the account. While following this process, the new password will come to your personal mobile number. But make sure that nobody else sees that, as this password is the key to access of all your personal and important files. If the above-mentioned steps by any chance have not proved beneficial for you, then it is highly recommended that you get in touch with the QuickBooks customer support number and talk to experts right away.

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How to fix QuickBooks error 31059

QuickBooks is a very reliable accounting software which is utilized by the small business sector of the society. This software program is known to make the lives of accountants and business owners much simpler by doing all accounting and payroll tasks for them. It is effective in its calculations and provides good results. You might think that it is impossible for such a software to have any setbacks or suffer from technicalities. But you are wrong, although this software appears to be a very robust and defect free program it does have its own set of flaws and defects. One major error that it suffers from is the error 31059 which affects the payroll feature. This error occurs when the company file gets corrupted, when the EIN status is inactive or when there is a complication or error during QuickBooks install. This blog contains a comprehensive explanation of the steps that you can take to dissolve the problem. So if you are interested in knowing the steps, you can take this blog as a reference. Or you can also contact QuickBooks customer care number.

There are two things you can do to solve this error, you can either choose to combat it using the system restore method or by adding EIN to the company file. If one does not work, you can use the other.

quickbooks error 31059

Solution 1: conducting a system restore in windows.

  • On the search box in the start menu, type in ‘system restore’.
  • When you see the option, click on it and enter using the admin password.
  • The steps will be displayed on the windows screen so follow them accordingly.
  • When all the steps are done, your system will be restored to its previous setting.

Solution 2: add the EIN to your company file.

  • First and foremost thing to do is log in to QuickBooks.
  • After you enter into QuickBooks, click on the payroll menu and search for ‘use my existing payroll service’ option.
  • When you click on it you will be presented with a new windows screen named ‘account maintenance’ on this window, click on the ‘add file’ button.
  • You will see an option that reads ‘add EIN number’ and a radio button beside it.
  • If the radio button appears disabled, you have accurately subscribed to or activated the EIN number.
  • Finally, click next to review all the information and return to QuickBooks.

By adopting these steps you will be able to solve the error. However, if you run into any additional technical errors or complications, you can consult with the representatives at QuickBooks customer support number.

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How to Fix QuickBooks Payroll Error 30159

If you want to manage the customer data, accounts, payments, loses or any other thing related to accounting or financing, then QuickBooks payroll is your optimum solution. It is a tool that would very easily help you to manage data of your business. It helps you to maintain any company’s data in a simplified manner. Sometimes different types of errors might occur while using this feature. The most common amongst them is QuickBooks Payroll Error 30159. In this blog, we would throw light on how to fix this error while looking at some plausible causes and providing with simplified solutions. If the difficulty still persists, then you are free to contact the QuickBooks customer care number at any time.

First of all, you need to know what QuickBooks Payroll Error 30159 is. It is mainly caused due to improper set up of the system files in your Window operating system. Firstly you would need to check the possible causes that might be causing this error, and once you have identified that, you could easily work on the solutions

Let’s look at the possible causes first-

  • The windows system might be damaged
  • The installation process may not be complete
  • Some virus attack
  • Some corrupt entries into the system
  • A damaged file system which may further lead to misleading or incorrect information.

Once you have identified the cause of the problem thoroughly and identified the symptoms which might include your computer system crashing frequently, the system running slowly, etc. Now try working on the solutions that are provided in this blog. This blog helps to provide the solution in a simplified manner so that you face no or very less difficulty.

QuickBooks Helpline Number

The possible solutions that you can try working with are:

  1. Turn your computer on or try to restart your computer
  2. Log into your administrative credentials from your system
  3. Click on the start Icon, and then follow the steps
  4. First move to Accessories and then System Tools
  5. Now choose the System Restore
  6. You have to choose the option of Restore my Computer to a previous time
  7. Now you would be provided with a new list and you have to select the Re-Install point as your requirement demands.
  8. When the window that you have opened, asks for confirmation, click the icon, ‘Next’
  9. Once you have completed the steps, restart your system and then your QuickBooks Payroll for a smooth functioning

Even if after successfully following the above-mentioned steps, you still face a difficulty then free feel to contact the QuickBooks Customer Support Number. Get in touch as soon as you can without wasting any time, and all your queries would be solved within no time.

How to set up sales tax in QuickBooks

The ‘Sales tax’ feature in QuickBooks manages all your sales tax tasks. It was designed for the purpose of collecting, reporting and paying your sales tax. It also does the job of creating or accessing sales report, add sales tax rate, record tax payments to tax agencies etc. It is a very essential feature in QuickBooks as it does not require any manual work which makes the job of the accountant or business owner much easier. Being in the business world, the collection of taxes for goods and services becomes certain and to ensure accurate calculation and report of such taxes, the ‘sales tax’ feature in QuickBooks comes in handy. And to carry this out, you are required to set up Sales tax before carrying out any tasks. If you want to know how you can set up sales tax in QuickBooks, then keep reading this blog or you can take help from the team at QuickBooks customer care number.

Before you can carry out any sales tax work, you need to make sure that you have checked the tax rates and requirement with your tax agency. Now, to proceed with the setup process, simply follow the steps mentioned below:

  • On your QuickBooks screen, go to ‘edit’ then select ‘preferences’ from this option.
  • When you see the preference page, click on ‘sales tax’ and go to the ‘company preference’ tab.
  • And now, to turn on sales tax, select ‘yes’ and set up the sales tax item or the sales tax group for each country or region where you collect sales tax.
  • And to do that, you must click on ‘add sales tax item’. And to add a sales tax item, click on ‘sales tax item’ and fill out the fields provided with the required information and to save this, click on ‘ok’.
  • If you are looking to edit an existing sales tax item, go to the ‘list’ menu and select ‘item list’ from there.
  • Find the item you need to update or make changes to and edit it by clicking the right button and selecting ‘edit item’.
  • Make the necessary updates or changes and click ‘ok’.

These are the steps you need to perform to set up sales tax in QuickBooks. For any additional service or help, you can contact QuickBooks technical support number which is available to the customers throughout the day.

How to delete an open invoice in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is a very reliable tool or a software in the business section of the society. It is a software that was designed to take care of or handle all accounting matters of business for upcoming businesses and medium-sized one. It has many inbuilt tools that can carry out the different tasks associated with accounting. Users can add the due dates and payment information for all recurring bills and create a variety of financial reports, create invoices, track sales etc. with QuickBooks you will get a variety of tools and shortcuts that are essential to make accounting work much more feasible and faster. It is also very consumer-oriented which means that it is not hard to maneuver this software and even non-accountant can easily figure out the workings of the program. If you aren’t satisfied with the information given and if you want more, you can contact QuickBooks customer care number to get the information you desire.

Creating invoices in businesses is a very important and vital source to keep track of sales and products. And QuickBooks has a feature that allows you to create invoices. But sometimes it has been observed that customers face problems or difficulty in figuring out how to delete an invoice from QuickBooks. And the process to do it, is very simple. You just have to follow the steps given below:

  • Open your QuickBooks homepage and select ‘create invoice’ option.
  • Search and locate the invoice number you want to delete. And once you have located the number, click on the menu button and search for the option that says ‘void invoice or delete invoice’.
  • Click ‘delete’ and confirm it. Now hit the ‘save’ button and close the window.
  • If you want to review the changes you have made, you can do so by going to ‘reports’ located on the menu bar and clicking the ‘accountants and taxes’ option. And under this, you will see an option called ‘voided/deleted transactions’ summary. Click it to go through or review your recent changes.

These are the steps you must initiate to delete an invoice in QuickBooks. If you come across any trouble or if you are confused and you want additional help then you can contact QuickBooks technical support number to avail the aid of a professional employee who can assist and provide you the required solution to your problem. This support line can be accessed at any time of the day and it is a toll-free number.

How to reverse a credit in QuickBooks

QuickBooks is one of a kind software that helps you in doing accounts related entries with just a click. This software allows you in easy maintenance and organization of vendor, customer details, payrolls, inventory and much more. But in a certain situation, you don’t want a credit entry, you can anytime reverse it. If you don’t know how to do so, then try taking help from QuickBooks customer care number, where the trained technicians will help you to sort out the issue in no time.

QuickBooks uses credit memos when a customer gets a refund for a product or service and receives store credits. These credits appear in the account receivable register within the customer center. These memos increase the available credit o the customer’s account. You can reverse them anytime you want. It will reduce the available credit but still appear in the transaction history for further reference purposes.

You can try the undermentioned troubleshooting steps to solve the issue on your own. It will make you learn about the settings related to the software so that in future you can try such solutions on your own.

Reversing the credit in QuickBooks

  • First, open your QuickBooks software
  • Locate the appropriate credit memo
  • Now, press Ctrl+H to display the history of your activities
  • Double click the invoice
  • Click Apply credits
  • On the previously applied credits window, clear the selection of credit
  • On the new apply credits window, click done
  • On the invoice, click Save and Close

It is an advantage to edit or reverse any of your prior entries from the application’s main interface. It allows you to rectify any possible mistake done in previous time. This software makes the task of accounting much manageable for any of the busy accountant or entrepreneur. It allows multi-user mode for user convenience.

While doing the troubleshooting steps to reverse the credit in the software, if you confront any troubles, then it is advised to take instant help from the QuickBooks customer support number that stays available for the resolution of customer queries round the clock.

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How To Fix QuickBooks Error code 5502

Like other software’s, QuickBooks being the most used accounting software is not far away from technical hitches and performance hiccups which is enough to make its user terrified at times. You should know that the support team is available at all hours and can be reached at QuickBooks customer care number for guidance and problem fixation despite location constraints.

What is QuickBooks Error Code 5502?

Error codes are error numbers with the short description of the error that corresponds to the status of the system or device or software. QuickBooks error code 5502 is identified under ‘Sync could not be completed’. This code is followed by the message ‘QuickBooks data has been uploaded but the connection to server failed’. This error can occur because of many reasons:

  • Document of companies have changed and now they are not able to examine which company has recorded it
  • Due to obstruction created because of a third-party program
  • Some virus and malware also affect the software

How To Fix QuickBooks Error code 5502?

In case you are facing this error code then you are advised to follow the feasible solution which is provided by certified professionals of QuickBooks. Check out the following solution as mentioned here:

Step 1: Rename the QB .nd file 

  • Locate the .nd file in the company data file
  • You need to rename this .nd file
  • Enter the desired name and write extension .old after the name
  • Scan your file by using QuickBooks Database Server Manager
  • If you are able to see your file name then the issue is resolved but if not then try another method

Step 2: Copy the Company in a new folder 

  • Open a new folder and paste all the company data file in it
  • Change the extension from qbm to QBB
  • And restore the backups
  • If the file is still not opening, again change the extension
  • If the problem is still there then make sure to update your Sync Manager

After performing these troubleshooting steps the problem still persists and you are having a hard time working with Sync Manager then customer care is there to fix all your concerns. You can avail this service by getting in touch with QuickBooks technical support number available 24×7 irrespective of time and location.

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How to download and install QuickBooks on Mac

QuickBooks is an accounting software that is used by small to medium-sized businesses for their accounting work. It is a very innovative and simple to use software, which enables accountants and businessmen to finish their tasks much faster and more precisely. Through QuickBooks, you can create and send professional GST invoices. Track sales, invoices, supplier bills, and payments etc. It offers on-premise accounting application and cloud-based versions that accept business payments. This software makes the life of businessmen and employees very comfortable as it does all work that is supposed to be done manually. It is a very useful tool and almost all business owners and business workers have adopted QuickBooks as a part of their industry. If you would like to know more, contact QuickBooks customer care number.

QuickBooks is a software that is available for both Windows and Macintosh but the process of setting it up are very different from each other. The steps applied in Windows will not work for Mac as they have very distinct and different interface. And many QuickBooks users need help in downloading and installing QuickBooks, especially for their Mac computers. So if you want to learn how to download and install QuickBooks on Mac, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Make sure that QuickBooks is compatible in your Mac.
Step 2: Download QuickBooks desktop Mac version or you can use the CD.
Step 3: Close all running applications on your computer.
Step 4: Insert the QuickBooks CD into the CD ROM.
Step 5: When the installation window appears, drag the QuickBooks icon to the application folder.
Step 6: Open the QuickBooks application by double-clicking it.
Step 7: Click ‘I accept ‘on the software license agreement page and then click ‘next’.
Step 8: Choose the type and location where you want to use the software.
Step 9: Click on install to continue and wait for it to complete.
Step 10: After the installation process is finished, activate QuickBooks and restart your computer.

Follow these steps exactly and you should be able to download and install QuickBooks on your Mac computer. QuickBooks customer Support number

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QuickBooks Error 3140

It is a misconception that QuickBooks is a perfect accounting software without any hitches because it also has minor performance and technical glitches. These errors have the tendency to hamper your task if not solved timely. It is recommended to take a suggestion from customer care through QuickBooks customer care number available throughout the day in a year. They possess the ability and knowledge required to eradicate the problem completely.

What is QuickBooks Error 3140?

This is a runtime error which crashes your system and application and makes it slow and then ends it. This error makes Windows behave weirdly and execute the mouse and keyboard command very slowly by taking time.
Reasons why this error occur

Before we begin the process of fixing it we need to understand the real cause of the problem. The possible reason due to which users can confront this error code is:

  • Corrupt downloading of QuickBooks file
  • Or incomplete installation
  • Due to shady Windows registry files
  • Because of malicious viruses and malware
  • Removing the QuickBooks related files by mistake

How to fix Error 3140

You need to check all the possible causes because of which you are experiencing this critical error and then accordingly have to execute the solution steps:

  • You must repair all the faulty registry entry associated with this fault
  • Scan your computer for viruses and malware using updated antivirus
  • Run Disk Cleanup to remove unnecessary temporary files and folders
  • Update all the device driver if they are outdated
  • Set restore point of your system in order to preserve the settings to be able to use it in future at the time of urgency
  • Re-install all the associated program of QuickBooks
  • Make sure your window is updated with the latest version and conduct clean Window installation

While executing these steps if get stuck in middle then there is no need of getting frustrated just maintain the cool and reach out to QuickBooks support number accessible all day and night. The proficient technical specialists are available all-time in order to fix the issue to make their valued customer satisfied and at ease.

How to Fix QuickBooks Error 393 Instantly

When the QuickBooks software failed to update the transaction details of users, an error appears as “Error 393.” This error code may be irritating for you because it causes trouble to check the account and transaction details. Resolution of QuickBooks can be difficult for anyone either you are techno-lover or non-tech savvy because QuickBooks is quite complicated software. That’s why customer care executives are avail via QuickBooks customer care number all the time. You can reach to technicians anytime you want because experts value your time & money, so they are 24×7 avail on the call.

Why Error 393 appear on QuickBooks?

The reason behind appearing error code 393 on QuickBooks may be more than one. Let’s have focused on reasons and their solutions.

  • The online account set up the problem on QuickBooks.
  • The server of QuickBooks is not responding.
  • The QuickBooks company file is damaged.
  • The bank required identity confirmation.

Resolve QuickBooks error 393 code:-

In spite of all, if your QuickBooks is showing the problem and you are not able to check QuickBooks error code 393, then you can try these given steps. Hope you will able to resolve the problem you are facing within a limited time.

Step 1. To fix this problem you can create a new test file.

Step 2. Now deactivate the file and then reactivate it.

Step 3. After that check the inactive accounts in QuickBooks.

Step 4. At the last verify the data integrity.

Step 5. Now refresh the QuickBooks account and check for transaction updates.

Get expert’s help for troubleshooting:

This is not sure that you will fix the error code 393 via above-given steps, although you don’t need to worry about the issues. You can simply call on QuickBooks support number that is always available for users. Through this number, you can anytime contact customer care support team and ask them for help. They are 24/7 ready for assistance and fix the QuickBooks issues. These experts will resolve the QuickBooks problem as soon as possible by which users can continue their work again.

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