How to Resolve QuickBooks Error H505

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QuickBooks may produce issues by reducing the user experience and create troubles for users. It has been producing troubling state for the user in several situations. QuickBooks error H505 is such an issue that can lead you into a tricky situation. So you need to follow this blog, or you can contact at QuickBooks customer support number for further assistance.

Some proven solutions to fix Error H505:

There are multiple ways to fix the issue depending upon the reasons responsible for the error. Now here you can find these proven solutions that are helping users worldwide. So now you get these solutions:

  1. Check for multiple hosts:

Error H505 is highly possible to occur when multiple users are having access to QuickBooks. So you need to sure that only host is working for the software. To do so, you can follow these steps:

  • In your QuickBooks accounts, you need to go to File and then utilities.
  • Search for ‘Host multi-user access’ option and if you are getting a list of hosts, then be sure that your system is not using as the only host.
  • Now you need to go to ‘Stop hosting multi-user access’ option and end the computer’s access.
  • You can go to each computer and repeat the same process to end the connection, and that will remain only one host.


  1. Review firewall settings:

You may get some issues due to firewall settings, so you need to check the settings using these steps:

  • Go to the control panel in your computer and open firewall settings.
  • Now you need to choose the option ‘Allow a program through the firewall.’
  • Next, you can click on add program followed by ‘Add QuickBooks .
  • Then you can restart your computer to save the changes.


  1. Firewall configuration:

To remove the obstruction from the Firewall, you need to configure it well with the help if these steps:

  • Go to the control panel and then click on the windows firewall.
  • Get into the advanced settings and click on inbound rules spotted on the left side of the panel.
  • Right-click on that option and choose a new rule.
  • You can select the port and then TCP to add a first and second set of a radio button.
  • So you can add some ports mentioned there.
  • Then click on next followed by ‘allow the connection’ radio button.
  • Then click on next and select the network type to switch between connections.
  • Now click on finish and close the window.


  • Fix the server error:
  • Go to the QuickBooks and land into the database server manager.
  • Next, you need to go to the scan folder tab.
  • Select the add folder and then company file folder.
  • Choose the company name and click on OK.
  • Then you have to locate QuickBooks data management server and scan it.
  • Now close the window and finish.

If all these methods are failed to fix the issue, then you should call at QuickBooks tech support number and get the most prominent support with a clear approach of problem-solving.

Quick and Easy Steps for Voiding Checks in QuickBooks

The bottom line is quite simple; checks need to be checked. While writing a check, it is natural that you make a mistake with some of the information. However, since even a small error in the name or the amount mentioned on the check can cause serious problems when it comes to completing your accounting tasks, you should try and rectify any error in your checks as soon as possible. This article will give you a general overview of how you can void checks while using QuickBooks. Apart from the steps mentioned below, are a faced with a particular issue related to voiding checks, you can also call the QuickBooks customer care number and speak to a professional expert to clarify any doubts you may have about voiding checks in QuickBooks.

Steps to void a check within QuickBooks

  • Step 1: Open QuickBooks on your PC and navigate to the banking section
  • Step 2: Access ‘User Register’ and open the record of the composed check
  • Step 3: Choose the check you need to void, click ‘Edit’ and tap ‘Void Check.’
  • Step 4: Press ‘Yes’ if you need to void the check in the present, and then press ‘Record’ in order to process the void check.

Steps to void a Payroll check

  • Step 1: Go to ‘Employees’ section in QuickBooks or click ‘Payroll Centre’
  • Step 2: Select ‘Related Payroll Activities’ if you use a finance administration.
  • Step 3: Open ‘Show Paychecks From and Through’ section to find the check.
  • Step 4: Enter the date associated with the check and click ‘Void’ when you locate the payroll check.

Steps to void a paper check within QuickBooks

  • Step 1: Open the banking section in QuickBooks and click ‘Write Checks.’
  • Step 2: Go to the expenses area and find the record of the check you need.
  • Step 3: Enter the check number as mentioned on the paper check.
  • Step 4: Enter “0.00” into the “$” field, select ‘Edit’ and click ‘Void Check.’

If you want to void any check in the present time you need to click ‘Yes.’ After you make the necessary changes in QuickBooks, you can click ‘Record’ to finalize the void check. QuickBooks keeps a record of the void check in the application’s registry. If you have any trouble completing the steps mentioned above, you can call the QuickBooks technical support number and ask for additional technical assistance. The helpline number is available 24 hours a day so that you can always connect with a trained software expert to find the best solution for any error you may encounter while using QuickBooks acccounting software.

QuickBooks Unable to Connect to Remote Server

A QuickBooks user can access their data and company files that have been saved in the software at any system by logging in through their administrative ID. The software connects to the remote server, which means that the server provides access to the data stored in your computer on any other computer through the network. It means that if you wish to edit your data files or view the transactions and your laptop is not available with you, you can always see them on any other available system. But what if you find that you try opening the software through remote server access and it fails to connect. In that case, you can execute the manual troubleshooting methods to rectify the error, or if you need the guidance of a technical expert, you can reach out to QuickBooks Customer Care number at any time.

There are varied reasons behind the server issue. A few basic ones which can be a recurring reason for this dilemma are:

  • The server was disconnected or is facing some configuration issues
  • Third party Firewall is installed in the network
  • The QuickBooks database server manager is having problems to run the server due to some poor connection

What are the steps to fix the issue of QuickBooks not able to connect to the remote server?

A user can solve this particular issue in different ways which are discussed below:

Method 1- Update QuickBooks to its recent version

  • Firstly, Open QuickBooks software from your system and download the latest version.
  • Choose the desired product and the company file that you wish to update and then click on the link to download the updated data.

Method 2- Verify the Settings in the Webmail Preferences

  • Once you have downloaded the latest updates for the software, click on the QuickBooks Edit menu and then navigate to the option of Preferences
  • Now you need to click on ‘Forms’ and after that select your default mail account
  • Click on the outgoing (SMTP) server details and edit them
  • You can manually configure the server and the port settings.

Method 3-Reset the Internet Explorer Settings to Default

  • Close the QuickBooks software and double click on Internet Explorer(web browser) icon.
  • After that navigate to the Settings option and then click on Tools Menu
  • Right, Click on the ‘Internet’ and after that, click on the advanced tab.
  • Now enable the advanced settings and click on Okay once done
  • Close the web browser

Method 4- Create a network data file

  • This is the last step. To create a network data file, click on the Windows icon on the display screen and then type ‘QB Database, Server Manager.’
  • After that, select the option of Database Server Manager.
  • If you are not able to find it, you can uninstall QuickBooks accounting software and reinstall it.
  • Once the installation is complete, click on QuickBooks Database server manager window, locate the path of the company file
  • Create a new folder on the desktop. Copy and paste all the files in this new folder and scan them
  • After completing the scanning process, verify the .nd data that were created

If the users confront any issues while executing the given steps, they can always contact the technical experts by dialing QuickBooks Customer support number. The adepts are available at your service through the communicative channels of live chat support, emails, and calls.

How to Resolve QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Error PS058?

There are various features which the users get while using QuickBooks software. These are features which would bring in ease to the routine accounting and billing tasks. There are certain situations which the users come across malfunctions while using this software. These are an issue which would completely disrupt the functioning of the users, and it may even lead to larger problems. One major problem which the users come across on QuickBooks software is the Payroll Error PS058. The users can attain a better understanding of the issue by reading this entire blog. The users also have the option of connecting with QuickBooks customer care number.

Reasons for facing QuickBooks Payroll Error PS 058

This is an error which comes when you are downloading an update which is related to payroll. The issue can be related to an issue with the hardware or even software. The process of installation includes various stages, and there is a huge risk of encountering this issue. Some most common reasons for this issue include:

  • When an error takes place while copying the company files into the hard drive.
  • When corruption happens during decryption of the files.
  • When an error takes place while using QBD to install the files.

How to solve the issue of QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Error PS058?

The ways in which the users can solve the issue of QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Error PS058 is as given below:

Method 1:

Download Payroll Update

  • You would have to successfully download the latest version of Payroll and ensure that you are always using the latest version of the update.
  • Then you would have to open the QuickBooks application.
  • The users would then have to click on Help and further opt on update QuickBooks.
  • You would then be able to see ‘Options’ in the title bar, click on it.
  • Then click on ‘No’ to shared download, and then save and close the window.
  • The update should now be downloaded.

Method 2:

Update QuickBooks

  • The users must now close the QuickBooks application and then run it as an administrator.
  • The users would then have to follow the same instructions as given in the above method, but on the Options list you would have to click on Select All and then Save and Close.
  • Once you have successfully downloaded QuickBooks, reboot your system.

Solution 3:

Check error in  the Company file

  • Access the QuickBooks application and then press the F2 button.
  • Then product information would pop up, after which you would have to press F3.
  • Then in the option of Tech Help, click on Open File.
  • You would then have to double click on LOG.
  • Further, scroll down the page until you find the error writer in any of the lines.

If the users are unable to solve the issue of error PS058, then the best option which the users would have is to connect with QuickBooks technical support number. This service is accessible free of cost and is available on a 24-hour basis.

QuickBooks Chat Support

QuickBooks, accounting software has a lot to offer to people. It is designed for those who are a part of business organizations and companies or own their startups. The software caters towards providing accounting help and is geared towards small and medium-sized enterprises. It makes the accounting tasks easier by computing all the calculations based on the data provided by you. One of the best thing that proves to be beneficial is the availability of QuickBooks chat support where you can get all your queries answered.

The contact details can be slightly different depending on the type of QuickBooks product you need guidance with. The masters at QuickBooks customer care number deals with giving you a variety of information based on all QuickBooks products which include QuickBooks (Enterprise, POS, Online, Desktop, Payroll, etc.) Need help with creating invoices? Wish to understand how to generate bills and manage cash flows or calculate taxes? Want to understand how to calculate profit and loss based on the revenues or much more? Just dial the support number and get your issues resolved.

One can either dial the toll-free number, avail the chat option, email the queries. Many questions can make you ponder upon if you are new to this software. The QuickBooks support service is capable of providing you with the best possible solutions. The experts in this field have been given extensive training and are on the verge of updating themselves with new information. The users can have an ample number of doubts. Some of them include, how to connect QuickBooks to the bank, the procedure to update the data files, how to update the software, transferring the company files from one version to another, dealing with different error codes. Get the answers to all of these and many more

You can expect a plethora of information available at this platform. Some of the services provided by the QuickBooks Customer support number is listed below.

  • Need a solution on an urgent basis? The call waiting time is negligible, and you can expect a timely response.
  • Working on odd hours and got stuck. Dial the 24*7 toll-free number as the support remains operational all the time.
  • Stay relaxed as you are provided with answers that have been worked upon with previously and will prove to be effective.
  • The techies on the other side of the call are patient and polite to listen to you.
  • You will get step by step solutions, and the technicians will remain with you on the call throughout till the time your query doesn’t get resolved.

How to Fix Quickbooks Error 6144

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QuickBooks error code 6144 occurs when the users are opening QuickBooks file on the application, and they do not open. These files are the corrupt or damaged QuickBooks files, and the use prevents you from opening it. Simultaneously you can’t perform any other task neither on the primary system and nor by logging on to other systems. It is best that you get rid of this error as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will be resented from carrying out the daily tasks. The manual method of fixing this error has been provided below in detail and need of technical aid, you can ring up QuickBooks customer care number to discuss the issue with the certified techies.

Before you start with the procedure, keep in mind the following guidelines

  • Please note that all the steps that are given below, leaving aside the last step must be performed on the main system/computer.
  • The QuickBooks application must be closed on all the systems
  • The antivirus software should be disabled for a temporary purpose
  • Knowledge about the MS office version you currently working on
  • Since Qbserviceuser is dependent on the version, so for Microsoft Office 2013, you should for Qbserviceuser23, for 2015, Qbserviceuser 25.

The process to solve QuickBooks error 6144

  • Click on the Start icon of the system and type ‘Services’ in the search bar.
  • Now click on the Service tab and search for ‘QBCFMonitoringservice.
  • Ensure that the ‘service status is started’ and the ‘startup type is Automatic.’ If not, then do these mandatory changes.

Now you are required to change the option if Change Account type.

  • For that go to Start>Control Panel>User Account
  • Once done, choose from the option of Add/Remove user account and click on the QBDServices(no.) depending on the Microsoft version that is currently installed
  • Click on ‘Administrator’ and then select ‘Change Account Type.’
  • Now open Drive C folder in the system and create a folder by the name of QB. The given folders must be created; Administrator, Add User, Add System, Everyone, QB Data Service user(no.)
  • Provide Read/Write access to all the folders
  • Now copy and paste the company file, which is not opening in the newly created QuickBooks folder. You can always view the data from this default location.

Now create inbound and outbound Firewall Rules.

  • For that, navigate to Firewall>Windows Firewall.
  • Click on Advanced settings and select Inbound rules. Click on New Rule, then on Port, choose the TCP and add the port number based on the QB version.
  • Once done, choose ‘Allow the connection’ and click on ‘Next.’
  • Go through the same option to enable Outbound Firewall Rules
  • After that, restore the files on the primary system.

Now to fix the option of other systems, you must know the IP address of your main computer. If you are not able to perform the task on other systems, then you can always take the technical assistance by dialing QuickBooks customer support number.

How to sync Transaction Between Point of Sale and QuickBooks Desktop

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QuickBooks is commonly regarded as one of the most efficient accounting software all around the globe. This software is packed with several attractive features along with some advanced tools. This accounting software is highly suitable for small and medium-sized business. Even though they have been highly functional, there are certain issues which the users face while using this software. One issue which the users face is when they try to sync transaction between Point of Sale and QuickBooks Desktop. By going through this blog, the users can understand more about this issue. The users also have the option of connecting with QuickBooks customer care number, where they would get professional assistance against any issue.

Ways to sync transaction between POS and QuickBooks Desktop

There are certain steps which the users can undertake when they wish to sync POS and QuickBooks Desktop. The steps that you would have to follow are as given below:

Step 1: Delete the entries in QuickBooks Desktop

If you are using the recovery feature or flagging option, then you would need to duplicate the transaction. Once you have copied the transaction you are then required to delete those entries from QuickBooks.

Solution 2: Sync Company and Point of Sale files in your device

You can easily solve this issue if you back up your POS from a registered device. Then users can then restore it to your back office station and then it would do the end of day process in the QuickBooks Desktop.

Some additional points that the users must keep in mind are as given below:

  • The users must ensure that their point of sale data is safely backed up in your hard drive.
  • The users must restore their backup in the registry copy of POS. Now this registry copy would have all the flagged data, and any data beyond this would not be marked as flagged.
  • Towards the finish of the following business day, back up your point of sale information record on the enroll PC, at that point reestablish it on the back office PC.
  • After finishing the whole day’s transaction, backup data must be restored in the registered device from the back office.
  • This registered console is ready for the other day’s work

The user also has the option of connecting with QuickBooks customer support number, where they would get all the required assistance in solving this issue. This customer service is available throughout the day and is completely free of charge.

How to process bank reconciliation in QuickBooks

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QuickBooks is undoubtedly the most significant and advanced software for business related persons. You can easily perform your accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll processing easily. Using this software, you can easily reconcile your bank accounts, credit cards, and debits cards, and for specific cases, you can reconcile equity and liability as well. QuickBooks makes it easy for you to access these complex processes. You should process the bank reconciliation process every month because keeping the financial transactions maintained is necessary to get the best assessment of the financial scenario of the company. You have to keep the transactions in such a way that it represents the ending balance in the prior month equal to the beginning balance of the next month. The process is quite easy, and you can perform it once you read this blog until the end. You can contact QuickBooks customer care number if you find any doubt still left. Now follow these steps to get the job done.

Step 1. Go to the Reconcile page

To initiate the process, you have to go to the reconcile page. Now you have two options to open that window. You can choose ‘Accounting’ and then ‘Reconcile’ or first select ‘Tools’ and then can go to ‘Reconcile.’ Both ways will not affect further procedure.

Step 2. Select your bank and account

To start the reconcile process, you have to select your bank accounts from the given list. In the first step when you open the reconcile page, you get this list.

Step 3. Provide your statement information

Once you choose your bank accounts, you will be asked to fill out some banking information. You have to mention ‘beginning balance’ ending balance’ pending balance etc.

Step 4. Make a match and clear all transactions

In this window, you will get the transactions, review payments, and deposits details that you need to check carefully and make it prepare all the information until you get zero in the ‘Difference’ box.

Step 5. Use filters to locate the transactions easily

Now there are some filters provided by the QuickBooks to find the transactions easily. Some filters such as cleared status, transaction type, payee, date, etc. are quite helpful to locate the specific. With the help of these filter, you have to make sure that you get zero as the difference of the transactions in the different box. Once you get this, the process of reconciliation will be completed. Otherwise, you have to keep managing after taking short breaks.

Get the QuickBooks support for further assistance:

These steps are enough to make you able processing bank reconciliation and help you to manage it easily. In this blog, you get the step-by-step guide to complete the process. In case you are looking for an expert solution you should call at QuickBooks customer support number and get the expert advice and professional support. You will get the most accurate solution with easy steps. You can access the support system 24×7 and get the easy and quick solution.

How to fix QuickBooks error 1603

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Managing finances and accounts is one of the most important elements of running a business. Small business cannot afford to hire big accounting firms to help them keep a track of their finances. That is exactly where QuickBooks comes in. As an accounting software allows medium and small businesses to make payments, track bills and complete a range of payroll functions online. However, sometimes QuickBooks does encounter an error. Because the errors can sometimes affect business users can call QuickBooks customer care number for timely technical assistance.

Even if customer support is available is 24 hours day, it always helps to know as much as possible about the error so that you can maybe resolve it on your own. This article will guide you on how to deal with one of the most common errors, QuickBooks error 1603.

What is QuickBooks error 1603?

The numbers in the error codes give an idea about the nature of the error. For example, QuickBooks error 1603 is related to the installation of QuickBooks. QuickBooks user will easily recognize the error message that reads as follows “Error Status 1603: The update installer has encountered an internal error.” There are different causes for the error including incomplete installation, virus infection, corrupt Windows registry or a power failure. Whatever the reason for the error there are certain troubleshooting steps you can follow to resolve the error.

How to solve QuickBooks error 1603?

The most convenient way to fix QuickBooks error 1603 is to use the ‘clean install’ technique. The steps for this method are given below:

Step 1: Press the Windows and ‘R’ button to open the Run command box.

Step 2: Type ‘control panel’ in the field provided and ‘ok’.

Step 3: Navigate to ‘programs and features’. Search for QuickBooks.

Step 4: Next to the QuickBooks application you will see an option to ‘Uninstall /change’, click on this option.

Step 5: A series of instructions will be displayed on the screen, read them carefully and complete them in the correct sequence.

Step 6: Download and run the clean install tool so that it clears the user files at the time of installation.

Step 7: Select a QuickBooks version that is best suited for your business and click on continue.

Step 8: Wait for the message to confirm that QuickBooks is ready for clean install, then click on ‘ok’.

If you follow the steps given above in the correct sequence then you should be able to resolve error code 1603 without any problem. But if you are still having difficulty installing QuickBooks or if the installation is constantly being interrupted you should contact QuickBooks technical support number for a more detailed solution. A team of certified experts are available 24 hours a day to provide any sort of technical assistance you may need.

How to updates the data files in QuickBooks

QuickBooks is quite helpful software for accounting and bookkeeping needs. It can also process payroll exercise. Generally, it is used by the small and mid-sized companies, but today it is becoming popular among the large company users as well. Now when you install a newer version of QuickBooks, you have to update your company file and that you will do by opening it in in the new version. This will help you to easily update files from an older version to a newer version. You can get the expert support by contacting at QuickBooks customer care number. You can follow this blog for complete information as well.

Important things to be noted before updating data file:

You need to keep these things in your mind before initiating the process of updating your file:

  • Only the admin user is allowed to update the file
  • You should not update over a network
  • You will not be able to open an updated file in the previous version of QuickBooks
  • In this process enterprise, data will work only in enterprise editions of QuickBooks

Easy steps to update data files in QuickBooks:

After getting all the points mentioned above, you can initiate the process of updating files using these easy steps:

  • Open the latest version of QuickBooks that you have installed
  • Go to the file and open or restore company
  • Then select the “Open a company file” option and click “next.”
  • Navigate your data file and click to open it
  • After getting the message “Move the company file” read information given in “Update company file for new version” and then click to update now
  • Next, you can follow the given instructions to create a backup of your company file
  • A message stating “Do you want to continue?” will appear
  • Click yes to the message
  • Now follow this instruction after the company file is updated:
  • You need to save the backup you have created during the process earlier
  • In case you have copied data from another computer, you need to copy it again
  • In case you are using QuickBooks version 2007 or later, the company file can be located to these folders:
  • For Windows 7,8, or Vista:

C:\Users\Public\Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks\Company Files

  • FoWindows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Shared Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks\Company Files

These process may seem complex, but once you start the process applying these methods same as given here, you will be able to finish the process easily without any complexity. However, if you are unable to get the right direction you can choose quickbooks customer service and get the prominent support from QuickBooks experts.