How to Fix Dell Error Code 2000-0125

Dell computers may give you some issues with BIOS settings and event log errors. The issues are denoted as error code 2000-0125 in technical language and may produce a series of errors to your computer. In such a situation, you should focus on getting eh instant help to make you fixed and ensure the better performance of your Dell computer. If you need further expert support, then you can contact at dell customer support number and get the valuable assistance and perfect solution.

Easy techniques to fix Dell ePSA error 2000-0251

You should not worry as there are proper solutions that can easily solve your issue in Dell computer. You can follow the exact steps mentioned below and fix the issue easily:

Step 1: clear the event log

You should review the event log in BIOS and try to find the issues that need to be addressed. If you have fixed issues successfully, then you can run a scan to verify the removed errors and identify additional errors.

Step 2: Update the latest BIOS version

You need to be sure that you are using updated BIOS to your system. You get a recommendation from Dell computers usually in your scheduled cycle, and you can make it updated after checking those recommendations. So you can make your system always compatible with other software and keep the drivers updated as well. Updating BIOS also keep the security and safety of the system impeccable.

Step 3: Check the PSA diagnostics

Pre-boot system assessment diagnostic or PSA keeps dell computer tested always for various issues that you may face with your computer. Now you can follow these steps mentioned below to repeat the diagnostic to help yourself finding error:

  • First of all, turn off your computer and make it connected to a docking device. Then you can connect the computer to an electronics outlet.
  • Switch on your computer and press F12 as it starts opening. The diagnostic process will start, and you can run the pre-boot system assessment.
  • If you get the beep sound and your computer stops, then it must have a component failure. At this point, halting the diagnostic process, you can reboot the operating system. Proceed with pressing ‘N’ and then ‘Y’ to reset the failed component.
  • Next, you can note down the error that you have found there and try to get the resolution.

You can call at Dell technical support number for the issues that you noted down and ask for the permanent solution with some easy steps. This will take a few minutes, and you will be able to resume the services of Dell computer.

Dell Printer Error Code 0X12370490

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The Dell Printer error code 0X12370490 is widely known as the ‘Null print error with Windows Update,’ and this error usually occurs when the system is detecting an ‘Unknown Device’ under Dell printer. When this issue arises, then the user must resolve this error at the earliest get back to the functioning. When the users come across this issue, then the message would be displayed as “Hewlett-Packard – Enterprise WSD Multi-Function Dell Printer, Multi-Function Dell Printer, other hardware – Null Print – Envy 7640 series.” You would then get a message which would state that the device has failed to install. To know more about the issue that is facing, the users have the option of connecting with Dell customer care number.

Ways to solve Dell Printer Error Code 0X12370490

The ways in which the users can effectively solve the Dell Printer Error Code 0X12370490 is as mentioned below. The users would have to follow steps accurately, and they can get back to using the printer. The steps to be followed are:

  • On your computer system, click on the “Windows Key” or the users can also press on the start button.
  • Further, the users have to search for “Device Manager,” then the device manager window would open, and then you would simply have to click on the Printer section.
  • Now you would have to remove all the unknown Dell Printer. This should be done to fix the enterprise WSD Multi-Function Dell Printer malfunction as it is essential that the users remove the error code.
  • In the device manager, click on the unknown device icon to choose the option of Uninstall. By selecting this option, the users can altogether remove updates.
  • Once you have completely removed the issue would be resolved completely.

If you carefully follow the steps mentioned above, Dell Printer error code 0X12370490 will be fixed very soon. If you have any trouble implementing the solutions or if you find that the error persists even after following all the above solutions, you can get in touch with Dell customer support number and ask for additional assistance. Professional experts are available 24 hours a day at your service, and you are free to call them anytime you want. They serve you with the best possible solution which you could implement and resolve the error in no time. You will be given a detailed and step by step solution to your problem.

HDMI port issue in Dell laptop

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There has been a lot of technological advancement that has taken place over the years. Every technical device has brought new and added features which have made the life of its customers more interesting and user-friendly. Laptop are devices which need no introduction, and more than half the population possess laptop devices of their own. These days almost every laptop device comes with an HDMI port. HDMI ports are often located at the sides of the laptops. HDMI port is a large hollow opening using which the users can connect with any projector, audio, and visual device using cables. Using the HDMI port, the users can easily connect all their features to whichever device they are connecting with. Mostly this aspect is used when the users want to display their screen content on a larger screen, and this is helpful when the users are giving out presentations while watching movies, etc.

There are times when the users come across issues with the HDMI port. There are errors which come up, causing the images and videos to be displayed distorted. The users can easily recognize this issue when the desktop contents are not displayed on the screen to which the device is connected. The problem can also be of audio, not working while giving a presentation or while watching a movie. There also issues like the device constantly being disconnected, images displayed are blurred, and even the images being shaky. These said issues take place when the data of the device is not being correctly transferred. There are several reasons which could cause such a malfunction. When the users come across such an issue while using Dell Laptop, there is nothing to be worried about. The users can easily connect with Dell customer care number and seek professional assistance on how to handle such a situation.

Steps to follow in order to solve the HDMI issue

The users can easily solve the problem of HDMI malfunction by following the below-given steps:

  • The users would have to disconnect the cable which connects the laptop with the device, and then they would also have to turn off the device.
  • You would then have to unplug the power cord and take out the battery from the laptop.
  • Then the users would have to let the device reset for 5-10 minutes.
  • Now insert the battery back and then switch on both the devices.
  • Plug the HDMI cable and check whether the issue has been solved or not.

If you face any malfunction while undertaking the steps mentioned, then you would have to contact Dell technical support number. This service is accessible at any hour of the day and is completely free of charge. The professionals would ensure that the issue has been completely resolved.

How Do I Connect My Dell Printer To A Wireless Network

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As we all know, wireless technology has been playing an important role in today’s world. Whenever we feel like connecting to Internet, we always prefer wifi. It is the prime reason that Dell has started offering wireless printers for the users. A wireless printer enables the users to do print jobs and send them to the co-workers without leaving their workspace. Well if you talk about how to connect your dell printer to a wireless network, you will have to follow few easy steps, and you will get your solution. You can use any of the provided methods to connect to a wireless network. You can also get in touch with Dell customer care number where the technicians will help you solve the problem

Methods you need to follow to connect your printer to a wireless network:

  • Method 1: You can use printer panel to connect Dell printer to a wireless network: Printer panel is available in every Dell printers, which helps you to change and modify network and printer settings. You can easily connect to a wireless network by following the given steps:
  • You need to turn your printer on
  • Go to system button and admin menu. Then you have to go to the network option
  • You will see a wireless setup option; you need to click on that, you will be given a list of wireless networks out of which you have to select your network.
  • After the selection, you will have to enter the password for the desired network and you are done with the process
  • Method 2: Connect dell printer via WPS button: WPS is the supreme method to connect dell printer to a wireless network. But WPS feature is not available in every wireless router. You need to ensure whether your device have this feature or not. If yes , then you can follow the given instructions:
  • You need to hold the WPS button on your printer until it shows ‘WPS method is running’ message on yout printer and then do the same with the router
  • They both will start synchronizing, and it might take 2 minutes for them to connect
  • Method 3: Use dell easy installer or Wireless Setup Wizard

Dell easy installer helps you easily connect to the wireless network automatically

  • Dell easy installer contains CD and dell printers; you need to connect dell printer to your device and insert the CD. Go to the file name setup.exe
  • After you get done with the setup, You will see a dialog box which contains some instructions for the installation; you need to follow them, and your installation process will be done
  • Now, disconnect the printer from the computer, and you will be able to connect to wireless network automatically

These methods could help you connect to the wireless networks. But if you still have any query , you can contact Dell customer support number to get assisted by the professional experts.

How to fix Dell Printer offline Windows 10

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It can be quite frustrating to spend hours creating or editing a document only to get stuck when you want to print it because your Dell Printer is offline. The primary cause behind the offline error is the fact that your printer firmware is outdated or there are issues with the network connection. This article will give you an overview of some simple solutions you can use to resolve the printer offline error. However, if you find that the offline error occurs often, you should call the Dell customer care number and consult a printer expert to implement a more advanced solution to fix the error as soon as possible.

Solution 1: Check your Dell Printer Connection

You can go through the steps below to check the connection between your Dell printer and the computer or laptop you are using:

  • Step 1: Restart your Dell printer and check the printer USB connection.
  • Step 2: Try using a different device to check if the USB port is working.
  • Step 3: If you have a wireless Dell printer, review the network settings.
  • Step 4: Ensure that none of the printer cables are loose or damaged.
  • Step 5: Make sure the lit-up wireless icon indicates the printer is connected.

Solution 2: Update the Dell Printer Firmware

The Dell Printer offline error may have been caused by the outdated printer firmware. You can follow the instructions below to update the printer firmware on your Windows device:

  • Step 1: Visit the ‘Drivers and Download’ page and download the firmware.
  • Step 2: Extract all the Dell firmware files if it is delivered as a ‘.zip.’ file.
  • Step 3: Run the Firmware Update Utility and select the firmware to update.
  • Step 4: Use the drop-down menu to locate your specific printer model.
  • Step 5: Click the ‘Update’ option and wait for some time while the firmware is updating.

You must make sure you do not turn off the printer until the update is complete and the Dell Printer screen displays ‘Ready.’

Solution 3: Restart the Print Spooler Service

It is quite possible that the Dell Printer offline error on your Windows 10 device was caused because of a problem with the Print Spooler. You can follow the steps below to restart the Print Spooler and fix the offline error on your Dell Printer:

  • Step 1: Open Start menu and type“services.msc” in the search field.
  • Step 2: Look for the Print Spooleritem and check the service status.
  • Step 3: Right-click the Print Spooler option and click ‘Restart.’
  • Step 4: Close the services window and restart your computer.

If you find that the Dell Printer offline error persists even after implementing the solutions mentioned in this article you can call the Dell technical support number and speak to a trained printer expert to learn how to implement advanced troubleshooting solutions to resolve the error.

Configuring Dell Wireless and Wired Printer

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Dell is one of the most efficient printer manufacturers present in the market. They have been providing the users with best in class print results for several years now. These days printers are available in various variety. There are printers which are wired as well as wireless. Dell has brought in a lot of changes to the concept of printing. It is now quite simple to process the printing options without needing to be physically present in front of the printer. Dell has always ensured that they bring out the best products for the users. The process of configuring both wired and the wireless printers are really simple and can be done without the need for much technical assistance. The users can understand the whole process of configuring the printers by going through this blog. They can also connect with Dell customer support number, where they would get all the required assistance in setting up the printer.

Process of configuring Wired Printer

The users can easily configure Dell wired printers by following the below-given steps:

  • The users need to connect the printer with the main supply and then turn it on.
  • The users would also have to make sure that the device in which the setup has to be done is also functioning.
  • Now the users would have to use a USB cable and then secure a connection between the printer and the device.
  • Further, access the start menu on your system and then navigate to ‘Devices and Printers.’
  • The user would now have to ‘Add a printer.’ Users can easily search for the name of the printer that and then follow the instruction that is being provided on screen for configuring the printer.

Process of configuring Wireless Printer

The users can easily configure Dell wireless printers by following the below-given steps:

  • Just like in the wired printer configuration, the users would have to connect the printer device to a power source and then turn it on.
  • The users should also make sure that the computer system has been turned on where you wish to configure the printer.
  • The users must now install the CD which they would have received along with the printer to initiate the process of installing the printer driver.
  • The users can also download the setup of the printer driver from Dell’s official website.
  • When the setup begins, you can click on start setup. You would also have to provide certain details that are being asked for.
  • You might also receive the message to choose the connection method, where you would have to opt for ‘WLAN connection.’
  • Further, from the list of printers that you would receive, you would have to select your printer and then configure it.
  • Once you have completed the configuration, you would receive a message saying ‘Connection Complete.’

If you face any difficulty in following the above-given steps accurately, you would have the option of connecting with Dell customer support number. They would the provide with all the required guidance to configure your Dell Printer.


Dell Laptop ePSA Error Code to Help Resolve Your Issue after running the ePSA

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Before you begin applying the technical steps involved to resolve the ePSA error code in Dell laptops it would help if you had some information to understand what exactly ePSA error code is? Dell users will be aware that Dell has a range of self-diagnostic tools that are built into their products. These are known as Dell Enhanced Pre-Boot System Assessment (ePSA) diagnostics. Technical jargon aside the ePSA codes is just information, mainly in the form of numeric that helps guide the user on how to identify and resolve computer errors. Every technical error has a unique error code associated with it. You can contact Dell customer care number to know more about all the different ePSA error codes and what they mean.

There should be perfect co-ordination between the different parts of the computer if the system is to run smoothly. Whenever the external parts malfunction, the system will display the error through a specific set of numbers, which are the ePSA error codes. Since a Dell laptop may encounter different snags, the way to fix each error code is different. This article will help you understand these codes better and will show you how to resolve those error.

Error with the CPU

The Central Processing Unit, or the CPU, is thought to be the brain of the computer. Just like the human brain, the CPU is an indispensable part of the computer system. On Dell laptops, if there is an issue with the CPU it will be shown in the in the form of error code 2000-0111. If you see this kind of error code you now know that it corresponds to some issue with the motherboard or some other part of the CPU. Here are some steps you can follow to fix the error:

  • Try consulting a technician to fix the motherboard or replace it.
  • Check to see if the System Bios needs to be updated
  • Replace the laptop or computer battery.

Hard Drive – No drive detected

Another common error code is ePSA 2000-0141. If your laptop displays this code then it is an error you should know that there is a problem with the hard drive. The system is unable to detect your hard drive even though it may have been installed. Below are some suggestions on how to overcome the error:

  • Reconnect and reset the hard drive.
  • Update the BIOS and hard drive firmware.
  • Run PSA diagnostics

These are just the common error codes. There are many other ePSA error codes that may require advanced technical troubleshooting. If that is the case, you can always contact Dell technical support number and speak to one of their trained executives.

How to fix Dell Error Code 123

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The error code 1 2 3 is recorded to be one of the most common issues that is encountered by users while using their Dell Laptops. This is an issue where the system is unable to boot, can’t even arrive at BIOS. Then there is a definite need to run diagnose. Dell laptops are one of the most efficient laptops that are available in the market. They have been providing the users with magnificent services for several years now. Even to counter this issue of error code 123 the users can promptly connect with the Dell Customer care number where they would get all the assistance that would be required. The users can also try resolving this issue themselves by using the methods that are given ahead in this blog.

The possible reason for you having to encounter this error could be the power supply issue, Motherboard issue, Hard Disk or even the battery issue. If you facing this issue with your system, then there is nothing that you have to worry about. You can calmly look into the matter and solve it efficiently.

The steps to solve Dell Error Code 123

Solution 1: Review the Power Supply Button

  • You should run a complete review of the power supply of the laptop. Ensure that the power cable is properly connected with the laptop and that there is no issue with the power socket that you connected with.
  • If you find any issue, immediately replace the power cable or power source.

Solution 2: Initiate Dell Diagnostics from the Hard Drive

  • As your system boots, when the Dell logo is displayed on the screen press the F12 key instantly.
  • If you come across the message which says no diagnostic utility partition is available, then at that point you would have to run the Dell Diagnostics from your own ‘Drivers and Utilities’ media.
  • Once you have the list on the screen, you would have to highlight ‘Boot to Utility Partition’ and then click on the ‘Enter’ button.
  • Further, when you receive the Dell Diagnostics ‘Main Menu’ option on your screen, select the tests that you would want to run on your system.

Solution 3: Run the Dell Diagnostics from the Drivers and Utility Disk

  • Add the Driver and the Utility disk, then you would have to restart your system.
  • After you see the Dell logo, click on F12 immediately.
  • After you receive the boot list, you would have to highlight the ‘Onboard or USB CD-ROM Drive’ and then click on the ‘Enter’ key.
  • Now you would have to type 1 to begin the menu and then press ‘Enter’ to proceed.
  • Further, you would have to choose ‘Run the 32 bit Dell Diagnostics’. If you have multiple versions, then choose the version that you perfectly suit your system.
  • Now when the Dell Diagnostics ‘Main Menu’ appears, you would have to choose the test that you wish to run.

Solution 4: Check the RAM

  • The Dell error code 123 occurs because of the RAM settings. Hence it is important that you verify the RAM settings. It could also be because the ram is not seated properly in the slot.
  • You should also inspect the RAM for any bent pin or any object that is blocking the RAM.
  • Ensure that the RAM is compatible with your system.

If even after following the methods given above you are not able to solve the error code 123, then it is advised that you promptly connect with the Dell Customer Support number. They would then give you all the assistance that is required to efficiently overcome the issue.


Reset default admin password for Dell Printer

The username and admin password for your Dell Printer can be found in the online user’s guide that is normally installed when the Dell Printer drivers are installed. The process to open the user’s guide may differ depending on your Dell Printer model. The user name for your printer is ‘Admin’ and never be changed. The factory default password is kept as ‘password’. You can change the factory default password on your Dell Printer using the Dell Printer Configuration Web Tool. However, you must keep in mind that you need to close and then re-open the browser window for the password change to be effective. You can call the Dell Printer customer support if you need any assistance while using the Dell Printer Configuration Web Tool.

While changing the password for your Dell Printer you will need to know the old password. In case you do not know the old password you can refer to the steps mentioned in this article to reset the factory default password and then create a new admin password for your Dell Printer.

Steps to reset the default admin password for Dell Printer

Whenever you want to reset or recover the default admin password for your Dell printer you will need to reset the Non-volatile random-access memory or NVRAM. You can refer to the steps given below to recover the factory default password:

  • Step 1: Turn on your Dell Printer and press the menu button
  • Step 2: Use the down or up arrow buttons to locate the ‘Configure’ option
  • Step 3: Once the ‘Configure’ option is displayed, press ‘Enter’ and proceed
  • Step 4: Once again use the down or up arrow buttons to find ‘Network’
  • Step 5: Press the arrows until ‘Init NVRAM’ is displayed on the panel
  • Step 6: Click ‘Enter’ and when the display indicates “Init NVRAM Are you sure?” click ‘Enter’ once again.

The next message should read “Initializing, Initialized”. When you see the ‘Restart Printer’ message you will need to switch the AC power off for about 5 seconds and then turn it back on again.

Dell Printer users should note that resetting the NVRAM will automatically clear all the customized network settings you have saved on your printer. That is why Dell recommends taking a printout of your current printer and panel settings reports before you attempt to reset the Non-volatile random-access memory.

If you need any clarification regarding any of the steps mentioned in this article you can call the Dell technical support number and speak to a certified Dell expert. No matter what issues you are facing on your Dell Printer experts are available 24 hours a day to give you the best solution to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Fix Dell Print spooler in Windows 10

Dell printers are most trusted and supremely advanced printer devices that are meant to provide a quality printing service for all kinds of complex printing requirements. If you are using any Dell printer device, then you must be aware of the efficient services that it offers. Now you can enjoy an uninterrupted printing service for a longer time without getting any complex issue. But as all the devices are not remained from getting issue Dell printer may also cause you some trouble in some instances. Dell print spooler in Windows 10 is such an issue that needs to address earliest to continue the work process like you were doing before. If you get this issue, you can contact the Dell customer care number and get the easy solution advice and methods easily although this blog will provide you some easy steps to solve this issue easily.

What cause Dell print spooler error?

Dell printers are fine products that avoid many issues to appear and save you time. But there could be some specific reasons that can lead you into trouble. If you get printer spooler error message, then you have to find the exact reason behind the issue. So check these points mentioned below to know the reasons:

  • Drivers malfunction may cause this issue
  • You may not have set the printer as default
  • Multiple printer connections with a single device may also be the reason
  • If you have given multiple commands at a time, then it shows some errors
  • Virus or malware attack may cause the error

Easy fixes of Dell print spooler in Windows 10:

Now you are aware of the probable reason behind the error and to get fixed you need to be sure what causes your printer to misbehave. Here are some proven solutions that you can follow to fix your printer:

Method 1. Configure print spooler

  • Press “Windows+R” button in a keyboard that will open a search box
  • Type “Services.MSC” and search
  • You will find the items list where you need to find the “startup type” option
  • Once you select this option click on “Automatic.”
  • Now press the “Apply” button and then “Ok.”
  • Now you can restart your computer to save the changes

Method 2. Edit the registry on the system

  • In your keyboard press “Winodws+R.”
  • In the opened search box type “Regedit” and press enter
  • You will get a list of items where you need to navigate “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.”
  • Once you get this option open it
  • Select “System” and click on the option “Current control set.”
  • Now go the “Services” option
  • Choose “Spooler” option and then “DependOnservice” value
  • A value data box will open where you have to select “RPCSS with Http.”
  • Remove the Http part and press “OK.”
  • Now you can restart your computer to set the changes

These methods are proven the solution, and once you perform this exercise, you can remove your issue. However, in case of further issues, you can contact at Dell customer support number and get the perfect and easy solutions.