How to fix Dell error code 2000-0122

In the world of computer and their brands there is a lot of debate going on to decide which one reigns supreme than the rest. And although no one can pick a clear winner it is quite obvious that Dell computers are one of the front runners. They have since time immemorial, been upgrading their computers and PCs with the latest innovative technology and the sleekest designs. A lot of people choose Dell computers for their appearance but there are again many devoted customers who are loyal to Dell because of their ingenuity, originality, resourcefulness and finesse. There are many features as well that attributes to its growing success on the international market and these are the reasons why dell computers are sought after by millions of people worldwide. If you want more supplementary information about Dell computers, you can call Dell customer care number. Keep in mind that the lines are open 24×7 and can be accessed with free of cost.

If we put aside all the incredible aspects and features of Dell computers we can shed some light ton the negatives as well. Because not all technological products and devices are flawless. One of the most dominating flaw of Dell computers is the issue of the error code 2000-0122. This is an error that arises due to complications in the RAM. so if you want to figure out how to fix this problem, read and follow the steps given below:

  • The first step is to locate the RAM modules and see if it is properly attached.
  • Remove the RAM carefully one by one. Alternately remove it and test it one by one.
  • If this still does not help, then run a diagnostic task.
  • And if it still does not help then you must remove and reinstall the memory in your Dell computer and do a re-run of the diagnostics again.

These are some of the steps that you can implement for tackling the problem of error code 2000-0122 in your Dell computer. If the problem still persists, then you can contact Dell technical support number to get help from professional and skilled employees.

How to fix Dell computer error code 0141

Dell error 0141 is a hardware error that emerges when you first load your Dell computer. Sometimes even when there is nothing wrong with your hard drive or PC this error still shows. This problem is caused by an inconsistency between the hard drive and the operating system of your computer. This error message is shown to you to warn you about the lack of space in the internal hard drive. The root causes of this error are:

  • Corrupt or damaged windows process.
  • A damaged registry setting in your system.
  • Or a virus or malware infected computer.

If you want to get a professional to explain to you everything regarding your doubts or queries, you can get a hold of them by calling dell customer care number.

In most cases, this error is solved by using the Dell hard drive self-test facility. This tool helps you to test the durability and reliability of the hard drive and will point out the exact cause of this error. To know how to run the dell hard drive self-test, you can follow the steps below:

  • Restart your computer and insert the dell resource CD.
  • When the new window pops up, click ‘next’ to go to the criteria page.
  • Under this page, you will see the ‘system criteria’ column, select ‘all’.
  • And under system click on ‘dell DST diagnostic utility’.
  • Now run the diagnostics and wait if the wizard reports any error.
  • Insert the CD again and wait for it to auto-run. When the installation screen appears, click ‘ok’ and wait for the ‘InstallShield’ window.
  • Click ‘next’ and wait for the files to be copied to the hard drive.
  • When the ‘InstallShield complete’ window appears, click the ‘yes, I want to restart my computer’ button and click ‘finish’.

This will rectify any problem you have in your hard drive and your system will proceed to perform normally. However, if the problem still remains you can dial dell technical support number to get a professional employee to take a look at your problem.

How to fix Dell error code 0142 data entry?

Dell computers and laptops are very much appreciated by the present age society as they give optimum performance and they come in stylish designs. They have unique characteristics which have proven to be the driving force behind its success. These characteristics include long battery life, a variety of touchscreen options, they have faster processing time compared to the rest and better graphics, has good compatibility with almost every game, software or program etc. Customers don’t leave disappointed after purchasing Dell laptops. But since it is not immune to technical glitches, they sometimes can give a hard time to the users by creating errors and problems. A lot of this has to do with hardware components. If you would like to gain proper information or idea about Dell computers, you can call Dell customer care number.

A major problem with Dell computers is the occurrence of error code 0142. This problem has to do with the hard disk, it means that the pc or laptop has experienced a hard disk failure. This problem could be because of failure in the CPU, crashed Operating system etc. This problem, however, can be solved or fixed by utilizing many methods. But the most simple and effective way is by running a S.M.A.R.T test of the computer. And you can run this test by following the steps below:

  • You must first restart your PC or laptop and enter the BIOS setup utility.
  • For those of you using Windows Vista and higher immediately press the F 12 key and for those using Windows XP and earlier repeatedly press the F1 key.
  • Located and select the affected hard drive and click on ‘enter’. After this, select ‘smart support’ and press ‘enter’ again.
  • Select the option ‘SMART extended self-test’ and after the test is complete exit the window by pressing ‘Esc’.

These instructions will guide you to successfully get rid of the problem but just make sure that you are careful while following the steps as the simplest mistake will make you redo the procedure over again. However, if you want to obtain a professional’s help, you can call Dell customer support number.

How to install windows 8 on Dell computer

To install windows 8 operating system in a Dell computer, it’s necessary that you have a windows 8 DVD. To know how you can install the windows 8 in your Dell computer you should read this blog.

Follow these simple steps:

  • If you have a PC which doesn’t have UEFI BIOS, press the F12 button again and again until the “please select device” menu shows up. Select CD/DVD/CD-RAW device and press enter.
  • Else, you can press F2 button continuously until the system menu shows up. If you are unable to understand then call on Dell customer care number.

Steps to install windows 8 on Dell computer:

  • Check what BIOS type your computer supports and go to the Boot segment by using up and down keys.
  • Set the Boot mode to UEFI.
  • Disable the Secure Boot in Boot setting.
  • Boot gadgets will request for either CD/DVD/CDRW or internal ODD device, which is the primary thing in this process.
  • Save all the changes and come out of the system set up to restart the PC.
  • Then the Windows 8 setup will show up.
  • Select the language you want to use, time configuration and keyboard or info then click on Next.
  • Click on install now.
  • Then the screen will show the requirement of the product
  • Search your product key and enter it on the required field. The product key is 25 characters
  • Check the box for license terms and conditions and accept.
  • Choose for which type of installation you want. You can select for custom install or standard install (which will automatically do all the further steps).
  • Select the location where you want to install the windows. Select the drive and remember that this process will erase the data which is on your computer. So, before starting the installation process ensure that you have made a backup of your data.
  • After selecting the location click on accept to install the window.
  • Now the installation process is complete.

If you are still facing the problem in installing the Windows 8 on your Dell computer, contact on the Dell technical support number. Techies will assist you and help you.

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Dell Laptop won’t boot up, how to fix it

Some users of Dell laptop complain that they are not able to boot up it. When the users of Dell get stuck with trouble and want some experts to help with troubleshooting then they can perform these given steps. One by one go through these steps and resolve the error which you are facing. If you required experts help then users can use Dell customer care number. This number is always available for its users to resolve to boot trouble.

  1. Hold the power button for 20 seconds & release it.
  2. Wait for 30-35 seconds and then push the power button.
  3. Check if you get any improvement, if not then proceed to next step.
  4. Remove the CD/DVD if installed on drivers. Remove all USB ports and other machines.
  5. Disconnect the Ethernet cable & other wire which is connected to the laptop.
  6. Turn off the laptop after this and remove the battery.
  7. Insert the battery and turn it on, connect the power cable.
  8. Repeat the procedure 2 to 3 times if you could success at first attempt.

When you failed even after trying these steps you are unable to get into BIOS. This is time to reach out to the customer care of Dell laptop. By using Dell customer support number you can get in touch with trained experts in customer support. They will provide you with a complete solution for your computer issues as soon as possible. When customer care is here for you why need to worry and take tension. Just find the exact solution for your issues through customer care service 24 X 7.

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How to fix Dell laptop error code 0123

Dell is one of the most renowned companies in the world of laptops and desktops. And this company is not at all a newbie, they are in business for decades and have been providing their customers with a lot of cool stuff. Moreover, they are at the top of the preference list because of their service, the Dell customer care number is exceptionally good.

They have a proficiency when it comes to putting in some innovations in your laptops and desktops.  They have never reduced their class and with enhancing their quality, they have always met the demands of people, then be it quality or quantity. But sometimes, things happen completely opposite to what their image is and the laptops start to irritate a lot with error pop-ups. One of the most common errors that users face is the error code 0123. Now before you think of fixing this problem, you will have to know what exactly is causing it. Because not one, there is a number of issues that can lead to this problem. Some of them are:

  • If you have dropped your laptop, this can be a reason for the error.
  • Sometimes, when you laptops get heated up too quickly and due to overheating this error can flash on your screen. If this happens, avoid playing high specs games or using the high-specs
  • Sometimes this error can be caused due to the hardware issues. Like there is a motherboard failure or memory malfunctioning.

Now to troubleshoot the problem you can take these steps:

  • Check the hard drive for any problem in which you can type “chkdisk” which will start the checkup in your laptop and try to diagnose it. After successfully checking the flaw click F2 button which will direct you to the BIOS page set-up.
  • Or you can also try to diagnose the problem by yourself. By clicking on the F12 button as soon as your laptop starts to open. Using the diagnostic option the windows will detect and repair the faulty hardware.
  • Now if you are unable to do any of these steps, you can also perform a manual process where you need to open the anti-spyware plan. This will allow you to check and scan the problems. Once through with this step reboot your Dell laptop and save the changes.

After trying all these ways, if you find yourself unsuccessful then you can contact the Dell customer care center and on their Dell support number.

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How to fix Dell printer error code 024-910

Dell printers are used worldwide by households, offices, schools, hospitals and at other places too. The quality and satisfaction are the main focuses of this company while producing a product. With its wide variety of features and advantages, Dell printers sometimes start misbehaving in terms of showing different types of errors continuously. It’s not only that users face error message issues but also encounter problems in updating, settings, printing and resetting the printer. if you are also confronting any error message and the message shows error code 024-910, then this blog is for you. you can take help from the Dell customer care number for the instant resolution of the issue or try to solve the problem yourself.

The error code 024-910 halts the further processing of the printer leading to inability in printing. For fixing the error you can try the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps.

Solution: fixing the error code 024-910

Step 1: At first, determine the full error message. This error code is a load tray error and usually exists when there is a mismatch between the paper required for printing and the paper set in the printer.
Step 2: Try to check the printer and computer settings so as to ensure that the settings do not conflict with each other.
Step 3: If the error still persists then it is recommended to check the paper present sensor
Step 4: Enable substitute tray option and check the settings and size of paper.
Step 5: Look for printer driver type and size settings, if an update is required then do it.
Step 6: Check application type and size settings.

There is no need to panic in case the problem is still there and error code keeps on occurring whenever you try to print anything using your printer. in such case, you must directly get in touch with the Dell customer support number where you will be patiently assisted by the certified team of technicians in resolving the issue. The team of experts provides you with a long lasting and permanent solution to your problem.

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How to Fix Sleep Mode Problems in Dell Computer

Are you aware of the story of sleeping beauty? And your computer is witnessing the same problem of long sleep? If your answer is yes, then you need to wake it up from its sleeping mode for which you can reach Dell customer care number available at all hours. The support team solves the issue instantly once they have diagnosed the real cause of the problem.

Dell computers can go into a deep sleep because of some technical glitches like overheating, hardware or software issue, or due to some wrong setting or you forgot using the system after putting it in sleep mode or you have not shut down the computer from a long time. There can be a different reason why your computer is in sleep mode, some of the possible causes are:

 Fault in BIOS
 Bluetooth issue
 Hardware issue
 The configuration of sleep key is incorrect on your computer

Solutions to Sleep Mode Problems in Dell Computer

In order to revive your computer from sleep mode users have to follow the guidelines mentioned in the blog:

Check power supply- Make sure that your computer has an active power supply
Check Keyboard- Give the authority to the keyboard to wake you up from the sleep by going Device Manager> Keyboard> Properties> Power Management and then mark the checkbox of ‘Allow this to device to wake computers’
Update drivers- This sleep issue can be because of the outdated or old driver so make sure to update all the driver with the latest version.
Power request- Enter the code powercfg- requests in command prompt which control all power system setting
Run the troubleshoot- You can run inbuilt troubleshoot for improving power usage
 Clean Boot- Using MS Config utility perform a clean boot

If you are not able to perform the steps as given or you are not able to rectify the issue then connect with Dell technical support number who are online 24×7 despite location constraints. The team experts are capable of fixing any unexpected issue related with Dell computer in the minimum time.

How to Defrag a Dell Computer

The requirement for defragmentation is must, when your computer is working sluggishly and if you feel the performance of the computer is very slow. In that case, you have to defrag your computer. The same case can be in Dell Computer as it is not exceptional from all these things and need to rectify such things at the earliest to prevent your vital information from the system. In order to defrag the Dell Computer you are required to follow the below provided steps in the instruction and in case you failed to do so then there is another option for you in the form of Dell computer customer care number where you will be assisted by the qualified technicians who will handle every issue you face in Dell Computer. You can get the assistance 24×7 online.

The below steps to be followed in order to defrag the dell computer-

  1. To start the process you will be required to open the My Computerwindow and to do so on a Dell computer, you have to just click on the “Start” button which can be found at the bottom of the screen and after that, you have to click on “My Computer”.
  2. After that, you have to choose the hard disk drive which you want to defrag.
  3. Now in this step, you will be required to right-click on the hard disk drive you want to defrag on the Dell computer. After that, a menu bar will appear.
  4. Here you have to just click on the “Properties” option that is the last option on the menu bar which will open the Local Disk (C:) Properties window.
  5. Now you are required to just click on the “Tools” tab that is the second tab in the Local Disk (C:) Properties window where the tabs are located at the top of the window.
  6. In this step, you will be required to click on the “Defragment Now” button which is in the Defragmentation section of the window. This will open the Disk Defragmenter window.
  7. After the previous step you will be required to click to select the disk drive which you want to defrag on a Dell computer and after that, you have to click on the “Defragment.” After clicking on the “Defragment,” the Dell computer will first analyze the complete disk drive which you have selected and then it will start the process of defragmentation on the Dell computer.
  8. Now you have to just wait for the “Defragmentation is Complete” message.
  9. After that, you can view the defrag report and then close the window.

The process which is provided above will resolve the error of your slow working computer and the error while defragmentation your Dell Computer. There is a possibility that you might face some error while following the process and in that case you have another option in order to resolve the issue through Dell customer support number where you will be assisted by the qualified technicians within a short span of time and you can reach out 24×7 online to get the assistance.

How to reset a Dell printer to its Default setting

Dell printers are used by innumerable people worldwide. Be it an office, household or a small business organization, this company printers are the first choice of users. But there occur certain times when the users of this company printer confront with certain problems. If you are also a new user and facing some issues in resetting the printer to its default settings then this blog is for you. You can reach out to Dell customer care number for taking the guidance of the technicians in resolving the issue.

The printers of this company tend to misbehave overtime. The issues like overheating, slow processing, paper jam, factory reset occurs. Due to this the users go for other alternatives. But you can fix the issue with the help of given troubleshooting steps. Performing them is very easy.

Solution: Resetting the Dell printer to its Default settings

Dell printers can be reset to their default factory settings using a software that is found on the computer that is linked with the printer. So you must make sure that the printer is connected to the computer when running the software.

Step 1: Connect the USB cable from the printer into the computer.
Step 2: Click start and then search for files and folders.
Step 3: Click all files and folders and search for the folder UAN
Step 4: Double click the UAN folder and then go to the system utilities folder present within it.
Step 5: Double click on the Reset Dell printer icon.

Note: Before performing the factory reset on your printer make sure that you have backed up the important files and data otherwise that might get lost in the process of default settings. Also look for the proper connection so as to ensure that the process must not stop in between.

The default reset is quite easy, but if you face any difficulties, you can get in contact with Dell technical support number which stays online 24 x 7 for providing permanent solutions to the users encountering any Dell printer related issue.