How to set up AT&T email on MS Outlook

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People often have multiple email accounts, which they use for different purposes. For example, you may have one account for personal correspondence and a separate account for business matters. Sometimes you may find it difficult to manage multiple email accounts and keep track of the different messages sent by your contact. This article will give you’re a general overview on how to set up your AT&T email account on MS Outlook so you can manage your emails on one platform. You can also call the ATT customer support number and consult a trained email expert to get a better idea about how to access your AT&T account using MS Outlook.

Steps to set up AT&T email on MS Outlook

Microsoft Outlook popular email application that allows you to add different email addresses and manage your accounts more efficiently. You can refer to the steps mentioned below to connect your AT&T email account to MS Outlook:

  • Step 1: Login into Microsoft Outlook and go to the file section. Click the ‘Info’ option and go to your account settings.
  • Step 2: Look for the ‘Email’ section under settings and click ‘New.’ You will see a radio button beside ‘Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP, or HTTP’.
  • Step 3: You will have to select the appropriate option to manually configure the server settings so that you can set up your AT&T email account.
  • Step 4: Enter your AT&T account details, including your full email address and password, in the give fields and proceed to the server settings.
  • Step 5: Choose ‘POP3’ as the account type and enter ‘’ and ‘’ as the incoming mail and outgoing mail server, respectively.
  • Step 6: Select the ‘Outgoing Server’ tab and checkmark the box that reads ‘My Outgoing Server requires authentication.’
  • Step 7: You can also click the relevant radio button to indicate you want to use the same settings as the incoming mail server.
  • Step 8: Open the ‘Advanced tab’ and click the on the box that reads ‘This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL).’
  • Step 9: Make sure you change the port number to 995 and change the SMTP field number to 465.

While entering the server settings, you must remember to type the data exactly as it is given in the steps mentioned above. In case you have trouble completing the steps, or if you cannot set up your email account, you can call the ATT technical support number and ask for additional technical assistance to resolve the issue. A team of well-trained email experts are available 24 hours a day and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the AT&T setup process or give you the best solution to solve any AT&T email errors you may encounter.

How to fix ATT email error code 0x800CCC0F

ATT has constantly been providing users with highly efficient email services for a long time. During the course of their functioning, one common issue which several users have come across is the error code 0x800CCC0F. This is an error where the users are unable to send or receive email through ATT services. It simply means that the outbound server stops working, leading to a path of several technical glitches. ATT error 0x800CCC0F is an issue which disables various functions of the email service and also creates hindrances in the working of the user. The users can learn more about this issue with the help of this blog. The users also have the option of connecting with ATT customer care number.

Causes of ATT email error 0x800CCC0F

Some of the major causes of ATT email error 0x800CCC0F is as given below:

SMTP or POP3 Settings: Users would have to face this issue for a long period if the settings of SMTP or POP3 server are not appropriate.

Unauthenticated Email Account: When you try to send mails to an unauthenticated email, then you will receive bounced emails.

Wrong Email Address: When the users enter incorrect email address in the recipient box, it would then disable you from sending the email.

Internet Connection: When your system does not have appropriate internet connections, then you would have to face the error code 0x800CCC0F.

Pirated Software: When there is bad installation or corrupted software on the system, even then the users would have to encounter this error.

Sending Multiple Emails: When the users send multiple emails at a single time, then you would face the error message and then. As a result, the emails would bounce back.

Presence of Viruses and Malware: When the system is affected by Viruses, Trojans, Spyware, and adware, then this would corrupt the functions of your ATT email account.

Ways to fix ATT Email Error Code 0x800CCC0F

The steps which the users would have to follow in order to solve the error code 0x800CCC0F is as stated below:

  • The users would have to make sure that the email address that they have entered is accurate.
  • The users must also make sure that the internet connection available on your system is functioning properly.
  • It is also suggested that the users constantly keep refreshing their home browser.
  • Make sure that the server is function properly.

If the users are unable to solve the error code using the steps provided, then the last option that the user would have is to connect with ATT technical support number. This service is available throughout the day and is entirely free of any expense.

Resolving Mail issues with the SSL Settings- ATT

ATT emails are one of the best services that have engaged several users all-round the globe and provide them a complete secured network of email services. If you are an ATT user, then you just have witnessed the quality service to protect your best needs in email services. Now if you have considered ever about the SSL certification, then you be aware of the impact of SSCL certificate. It is file provided by the third party to verify that the network is trusted for communication and it provides your ATT email guaranteed security and creates a quality impact on your contacts as well. Now there are various issues that may occur with the SSL certificate that may ruin the experience of ATT email. So you need to fix these issue, and for that, you follow this blog till the end, or you can contact ATT customer care number for further assistance.

Problems and solution related to SSL:

As you have acknowledged that the SSL certificate is important to ensure the quality secured network to keep you safe, but you may know that it can create several issues as well depend upon the various elements. Here are some common issues and their solutions:

  1. Error window displayed issue in ATT email:

ATT has been providing a quality security service to protect your email account from various issues. Now when you sign in SSL, and it is not upgraded you may get an error window in your ATT email. To get rid of the issue you should always need to keep an eye on updates. You have to keep you ATT email always updated and review your settings as well. Once the problem appears, you need to perform small changes in the settings.

  1. Bouncing back email error:

With the SSL certificate integration, you may encounter the problem of bouncing back emails. You send some emails and get it back in your inbox. If you are continuously facing this issue, then you should be active and keep your SSL or webmail updated. Also, check the settings of webmail or settings and make some changes.

  1. Email authentication issue with ATT email:

You may get stuck at one point when you are unable to log in with your username and password and can sign in to your email account. Now it may depend upon the error in SSL certificate. You need to reset the ATT SSL settings and run the application or program again to completely fix the issue.
Get the ATT customer support for further assistance:

As you may have seen some issue that can occur due to the SSL certificate. There may be some other issues as well that may prevent you from enjoying the email services flawlessly. Now to remove the issue you can contact at ATT technical support number and get the prominent support to fix the issue at earliest.


How to fix ATT Email Stopped working on android

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ATT email is one of the most useful and secured networks of email and helps users to communicate with the groups and contacts within the safety measures. Now you can use it on Android devices as well. However sometimes you may get some issues with Android, and consequently, it is stopped working on Android devices. ATT has a lot to offer to every type of users with a variety of their needs, and once you get the not working error message, you cannot proceed further to conclude your work. If you are facing this problem right now, then you don’t need to worry because the solution is simple and quite easy to follow. This blog will help you to fix the issue. You also have the option to call at ATT customer care number and get the most prominent support to solve your issue.

Easy steps to solve ATT email not working on Android:

There may be some certain reasons that can cause this issue. So you need to locate these reasons to fix the issue and follow these solutions:

  1. Sign out and sign in: This is a common solution, and you should apply this method before looking here and there for another solution. Just sign out to your ATT account and then again sign in with correct username and password.
  2. Try a different browser: You should try to log into your ATT email account with a different browser. If you can easily log in, then you can be sure that the problem is within the browser.
  3. Remove junk files: Many of junk files could be the reason for not working ATT email on Android. After so many useless and junk files are stored in your device it may create some virus or corruption in that can cause a troubling situation.
  4. ATT email settings: Sometimes users think that they have got the issue only when they don’t get any emails from a specific person. So you should look at your settings and make sure that no contacts are in the blocked list. If you find any, remove it and then try to send emails. You should also check the spam list for blocked contacts.
  5. Check email filters: You can check the email filters as well to make it sure that all incoming emails are going to inbox. If some emails are directed to other folders, then you need to change the preferences.

These solutions are easy to follow, and one can apply these steps by oneself and remove the issue easily. However, if you find any further issue, then you should contact at AT&T customer support number and get the most prominent solutions professionally.

How to fix ATT error code L659

ATT email users enjoy an advanced and innovative email service that makes their jobs easier and allow them to communicate with the contacts and other groups in a unique way. Now if you are using these services for a while, you must be aware of the appreciated service that it offers to the users. It also has some cool features to enhance the email experience to the next level. However, sometimes it may lead you into troubles. ATT error code L659 is such an issue that may occur at any time. When you get this issue, you should not ignore it because once you ignore it, you will get this error message all the time until it stops you processing your emails further. To remove the issue, you need to follow certain steps that are easy to approach, and you can get a permanent solution. You also have an option to call at ATT customer care number and get the most prominent support uniquely.

Possible reasons causing the ATT error code L659

There could be some specific reasons behind the issue that you should take into account before it destroys the complete email experience and leaves you frustrated. Once you get the reasons, you can easily find the solution. So look into the causes given below:

  • Entering the wrong email ID or password
  • A lot of cookies and caches in your browser may also cause the trouble
  • Some browser settings may have blocked the specific site
  • Firewall or third-party antivirus software
  • Temp files and junk files may also cause this issue

Now, these could be the possible reasons behind the issue, and now you can easily understand the issue that will be provided to you. First of all, you need to address these causes and try to find out which one is hurting your email settings and force it to be stooped. Then you can easily fix the issue.

Easy fixes of ATT error code L569:

Now without wasting further have a look into these steps and proceed to solve your issue:

  • First of all, you should reboot your computer
  • Then delete all the junk and temp files from your system
  • Now go to the browser and review the settings
  • You need to delete all the cookies, caches, history and saved passwords in your browser
  • Now you can try to log into your email account
  • If you get that error again, you need to try a different browser or even different device to log in.

This blog is meant to solve your error at earliest and proposed to get rid of your issue. However, that doesn’t happen all the time as you may get some specific reasons that may harm your email account more than you have imagined. Now to get the specific solution you need to call at ATT technical support number and get the easiest solution within minutes.

Easy Steps to Recover AT&T Forgot Password

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A lot of information that is shared via email is private. Email is one of the main means of communication, for personal as well as professional correspondence. Email security is one of the top concerns for users since hackers can often use email to cheat users and steal personal data. AT&T is one of the biggest email service provider in the world with millions of users around the world. AT&T has many advanced security features in place to protect its users and to secure all AT&T email accounts. You can call the AT&T customer care number to clarify any issues related to security with respect to your account. You can also go through this blog to know how to deal with one of the most common security issues, the recovery of your password in case you forgot it.

The most basic security setting, that is the first line of defence for an account, is the email password. The AT&T email password allows you to access your account so that you can send and receive emails from your contacts. This article includes some easy steps to follow so that you can create a new password for your AT&T account in case you cannot remember your current password.

Steps to recover lost AT&T email password

When you register for a new AT&T email account you are normally expected to include an alternate email ID or perhaps a mobile number that can be linked to your account. Users are also expected to select a security question that is included with their account details. If you have given the required information you can simply follow the steps below to create a new AT&T password using the security question you selected:

  • Step 1: Open the AT&T web page and click the ‘Forgot password’ link.
  • Step 2: Type the AT&T email ID and enter your last name in the field.
  • Step 3: Select ‘I’ll answer my security question’ and type the answer.
  • Step 4: Follow the instructions shown on the screen
  • Step 5: Check your alternate email address and look for the confirmation email to verify the changes to your AT&T account.

Tips to create a strong AT&T email password

Once you have managed to recover your AT&T password you can refer to the helpful tips below in order to create a strong password and boost the security on your account:

  1. Always include symbols and number in your password
  2. Never reuse a password you have used previously on AT&T
  3. Avoid using personal details, such as names of people, in your password
  4. Your AT&T password should be at least 12 characters

You should be on the lookout for any unauthorized changes to your account. If you have any trouble implementing the steps mentioned above or if you need any other assistance with respect to your AT&T account you can always call the AT&T technical support number and speak to an expert to get a better idea about how to troubleshoot the error.

Can’t get into my ATT net email

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Login or sign in issues in ATT net email can be quite common and are encountered by multiple users in every alternate day. In simple words, when any user comes across the login error, the concerned is not able to access the emails and work on it. There can be many reasons behind this issue and this blog will deal with all of that, side by side laying the complete focus on the solutions for the same. The causes can range from basic to advance and it depends on from user to user. One cannot predict the actual cause behind the issue when it comes to different individuals as one needs to first analyze the situation and then carry forward with implementing the solution. Keep on reading ahead to understand the basic causes and how you can address each one of them. Do not forget to dial the ATT customer care number if you face any trouble.

Basic reasons and their solutions explained.

The list that has been presented here is not in regards to any order of preference and stand entirely apart from each other. One can go through it and implement the procedure accordingly depending on the actual reason behind it.

Net connectivity troubles– This by far can be regarded as the most fundamental error behind this situation. Many times the system loses the Wi-Fi connection or there occurs some signal errors in the router. You can always contact your wireless service provider if you can’t resolve the error on your own.

Incorrect password and username– If you will enter an incorrect username and password, then it a pre-known fact that you will be denied access to your ATT net mail. Cross check the credentials twice after you have entered them. The passwords being case sensitive may require extra attention. Do check for Caps Lock error, the alphabets, numerical and special characters are written in the correct order. If you have forgotten your password, then reset it via the basic procedure. You can click on the link ‘Forgot password’ after you go to the account page and the prompts will take you further for correcting the issue.

Issues with email service– Many times there can be server errors from behind. You can check the server status or can wait for some time till this snag gets resolved on its own. Restarting the system or changing the default browser might help.

Web browser troubles– Sometimes even after you enter the correct login credentials, you are redirected to the login page. You can update the web browser settings, clear the history, cookies, cache, and bookmarks or disable the firewall settings

Invalid IMAP and POP3 settings– This issue occurs only when you are trying to access the ATT email via a third party mail service such as Outlook, Thunderbird or others. Take a look at the mail settings for ATT net.

IMAP (Server, Port number- 993)

POP3 (, Port number- 465)

So these were the elementary causes behind the issue being discussed in this blog. If you can’t handle the situation on your own or need any kind of technical assistance, then an option of dialing the ATT customer support number is always available with you.

Common ATT Email Error Codes

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ATT is widely approached and incredibly applauded by its customers for delivering a multitude of great services along with the quality satisfaction to its users. It is a secure and safe network for email service and presents you a fully safe digital world of electronic communication. But sometimes you may get stuck due to some technical glitches and errors that are frustrating. You can get the service and support by contacting at ATT customer care number and a quality team will be serving you. Also here are some common ATT Email Error codes that may bother you.

Common ATT email issues faced by users:

  • ATT Email hacked issue
  • Deleted emails recovery issue
  • ATT login issues
  • ATT email password recovery issue
  • ATT email not responding issue

Easy fixes to common issues:

What to do after your email is hacked?

Step1. If you get noticed that your email is hacked you should promptly change your password and try to choose a strong one.

Step2. If hackers have already changed your password then you have to reclaim your account by choosing the option “For your password” and choose another strong password.

Step 3. You have to get the double layer authentication process to access your account that will guarantee you safe access.

Steps to get the deleted email in your ATT account

Step 1. You need to log in to your account and look for the “Missing emails support page”

Step 2. Fill the form carefully and describe your problem in brief.

Step 3. After submitting the form you will get a mail from [email protected] with resolution.

Steps to solve ATT login issues

Step 1. Close all the windows on your browser and re-open them

Step 2. You may try to log in with a different browser.

Step 3. Clear all the cookies and caches from your browser.

Step 4. Make sure your browser is up to date and also disable all the add-ons and antivirus as well.

Steps to solve ATT email not working issue

Step 1. Sign in your account with the different browser

Step 2. Make sure JavaScript is enabled and your browser is up to date.

Step 3. Clear all the cookies and browser cache.

Step 4. Disable all the add-ons such as antivirus or firewall.

Get the ATT customer support for further assistance:

This article has provided you with the quality solutions that you may get quite easy to apply. However in some cases, if you are unable to get the easy solutions and find difficulties in proceeding the applicable methods you are advised to call at ATT technical support number and get the valid and technically advanced methods to fully solve your problems.

Not Able to Send and Receive Email on ATT Email

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Email is one of the most efficient ways to communicate and send attachments to others. It enables the user to make stress-free and fast data sharing through email. ATT has been one of the leading email services in the world. The service of ATT email has been efficiently used by several people all around the world. If you are also an ATT email user and you have recently come across with an issue in sending and receiving messages on ATT email, it would be ideal for you to perform the instructions that are given to you in this blog. ATT also provides its users with an efficient AT&T customer care number, where you can connect to know more about the problem that you have come across with.

Most common reasons behind this emailing problem

Using an old browser

If you are facing an issue in sending and receiving an email, this might be the issue of using an old browser. If you are using the ATT email services using any outdated browser you are ought to come across this issue.

Hacked Email

The Email ID being hacked is one of the common issues behind this malfunction. Hence it is necessary that you do not share your email account and password with anybody, if you do it means that you are sacrificing the security of your email account.

Check Spam Folder

There often chances that the email that has been sent to you is being directed to the spam folder. This might be the core reason for you not receiving the emails. So it would always be convenient for you to check the spam folder once.

Check Trash Folder

There are often scenarios where the spam emails end up in the trash, hence it is also possible that the emails you receive also end up in the trash folder. Having a look in the trash folder for this issue is also necessary.

The issue with 3rd party apps

If you have been using any 3rd party app like outlook or any other app then there are chances that you would encounter this issue.

These are the most common issues that would be responsible for you not being able to send or receive emails on your ATT account.

Steps to solve the error of not being able to send or receive messages on ATT email

If you are facing the error because of any of the above-said issue, then it is a convenient process to solve this issue. You would simply have to undertake a few troubleshooting steps which would help to solve the issue in no time.

Upgrade Browser

If you are by any chance using an outdated browser then make sure that you update the browser to the latest version that is available. This would ensure that you attain better performance and better emailing experience.

Restrict yourself from sharing the email Password

Hacking has always been a general issue of email failure. It is highly recommended that the users do not share their email credentials to anyone. Doing so would ensure the safety and security of their email account.

Check Email account settings

If you find that the emails are going into the spam or the trash folder, then it is suggested that you change your account settings.

Disable 3rd Party Applications

To avoid your emails from going into the trash and spam folder you should instantly disable any 3rd part application that you have been using.

These are some of the most convenient ways to solve your problem if you face any issue promptly connect with the ATT customer support number and avail professional help.

How to recover lost AT&T email password

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Most of the correspondence via email is private, even if not necessarily personal. Whether you are sharing information about an upcoming business meeting or simply wishing your favourite aunt on her birthday, you would prefer that the messages you send through an email be read only by your contacts. All email service providers take steps to guarantee the privacy of their users whenever they access their email accounts. AT&T Communications, being one of the biggest names in the online industry today, has several security features in place to protect the data of AT&T email users. The most basic features available is the AT&T email password. Without the email password, you will not be able to access your account. So if you find that you have forgotten or lost your password there is no need to worry you can simply call the AT&T customer care number and speak to an AT&T representative.

Truth be told, the lost email password issues are so common that you can resolve the problem yourself as long as you completed all the necessary security requirements while registering. If your mobile phone is verified and linked to your email address or if you remember your security question then it is very easy to recover your AT&T email password. This article includes some simple steps to follow so that you can create a new password to access your account.

Steps to recover lost AT&T email password

You may recall at the time of registering for your AT&T email account you were asked to provide an alternate email address or phone number to link to your account. You were also asked to choose a security question to include with the account details. If you entered the relevant information at the time or registration then you will have absolutely no problem recovering your AT&T email password. Simply follow the steps given below to create a new AT&T email password using the security question:

  • Go to the AT&T login page and click the ‘Forgot password’ link.
  • Enter your AT&T email address and your last name in the field given.
  • Choose ‘I’ll answer my security question’ and enter your answer.
  • Follow the steps shown on the website and wait for the confirmation email to verify the changes to your account.

Tips to create a strong AT&T email password

You can boost your account security by improving the strength of your password. Have a look at the suggestion below to help create a strong password:

  • Use number, symbols and letters
  • Do not repeat old passwords
  • Do not include personal info such as names
  • Minimum 12 characters recommended
  • Avoid using numbers or letters in sequence

Any password related error should be treated as urgent as it may indicate that your account is compromised. If you could not successfully recover your password or your password was changed without your authorization then you should contact AT&T customer support number as soon as possible. Technicians are available 24 hours data to help you secure your AT&T email account and protect your data.