Problem with AOL gold after downloading in windows 10

AOL desktop gold is an Amazing software. It provides the user everything at one place. AOL desktop gold has fabulous features like AOL email service, web browser, video, and audio compatibility and much more due to which AOL desktop gold is known worldwide.

AOL desktop gold is available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux on the official website of AOL. But in sometimes AOL desktop users deal with technical glitches or issues. In those situations, you should contact on AOL customer support number.

Issues with AOL desktop gold

Let’s look at some common problems AOL users face.

  • Unable to login AOL mail.
  • The problem in updating AOL desktop gold software.
  • AOL desktop gold is working slow
  • Unable to install AOL desktop gold.

Technical issues with the AOL desktop are not much of a problem but you should always careful with every single issue. Try to solve issues as soon as possible else you can lose your important data or these issues can harm your computer or OS.

Fixes of issues in AOL desktop gold

When you face issues with AOL desktop gold. Try some common troubleshooting steps because these techniques are very simple and came very handy in most situations.

  • Try by rebooting your PC if it solves your problem.
  • Check your internet connection because a good internet connection is very important for using AOL desktop gold.
  • Check if your computer has some corrupt or damaged files. Clean those files as soon as possible.
  • Remove every unnecessary file or junk from your computer because it can be the reason behind AOL desktop gold slow speed.
  • Run a full system scan on your computer by using any Anti-virus. Then delete every suspicious file from the computer.
  • The main reason behind any issue can be that the AOL desktop gold is improperly installed on your computer. In that situation uninstall AOL desktop gold and reinstall it again.
  • Go to control panel and select programs. After that click on uninstall next to AOL desktop gold.
  • Then download AOL desktop gold from the official website of AOL and reinstall it again.

These were some troubleshooting by which most of the technical glitches can be solved but if you are facing a complicated issue then don’t hesitate to call on AOL customer care number.

How to fix AOL Desktop Gold error code 104

Many people across the globe love and enjoy AOL Desktop Gold and everything it has to offer. It is a system unlike any other and it has been attracting more and more customers throughout the years. It has a very reputed frame in the software world and its advantages and benefits are being raged and talked about by its faithful users all over the world. Starting with its friendly user interface which enables even a non-tech-savvy person to navigate seamlessly, to it premium security features that ensures protection and proper functionality of the software as well as the computer. The positive aspect of this software is very overwhelming and hence escalates its popularity in the market. But it is not to be forgotten that it isn’t all perfect and problem free. As it also has its fair share of abnormalities and suffers from any types of issues.

One of the most prominent and common issues of AOL Desktop Gold is the occurrence of error code104. This error indicates that there has been a disturbance or error in the download AOL Desktop Gold. To fix this error you have to delete cache, cookies, footprints and clear all residual junk files.

  • On the tool icon on your internet explorer select ‘internet options’.
  • Click ‘general’ and press on the ‘delete’ button in the ‘browsing history’.
  • Click on the checkboxes next to cookies, history, temporary files and hit the ‘delete’ button and press ‘ok’.
  • On the search box in the start menu type in ‘command’ and hold the Ctrl+shift keys together and press enter.
  • Click ‘yes’ and on the black screen box that appears, type in ‘cleanmgr’ and press enter.
  • When the Disk Cleanup dialog box appears, click on the categories you want to clean and press ‘ok’. This will clean all the temporary junk files in your system.

This method will solve the issue that occurs while trying to install AOL Gold software. Make sure that your system is compatible with the software or else you will have trouble downloading and installing it on your computer.

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Unable to Print from within AOL Desktop Gold

AOL Desktop Gold is very popular among the users because of its advanced features but while using it you can witness some technical glitches too which can be frustrating at times. One such issue is you are unable to print from AOL Desktop Gold icon. That is the time when you need to download AOL Desktop Gold again in order to get out of the problem. But most of the time this attempt fails.

Why are you not able to print from AOL Desktop Gold? This is the first question you have on your mind? The answer is simple this can be because of the faulty printer, corrupted printer files, outdated version of AOL Desktop, loose cables or conflicting programs.

How to solve unable to print from AOL Desktop Gold

You can easily solve the printing issue on your own by following these below-mentioned steps to troubleshoot the issue:

Step 1: Check whether printer works fine with other programs

  • Create a new text document on the desktop
  • Double click to open the text document
  • Write some dummy text in it
  • Then save the document by name of your choice
  • Give the command of print from File option available at the top left corner
  • If your printer is able to recognize the command and print your document then your printer is working fine. But if the document is not printed then there is some problem.

Step 2: Clear print spool

Sometimes the print spool of the printer is corrupted that can be causing trouble while printing. You need to clear the print spool. The right way to do this is given below:

  • Click on the printer icon which is present in Windows taskbar
  • If the icon is not visible make changes in ‘Show hidden icon’
  • Cancel or Delete the print job in progress
  • Do this for all available print job and then close the window.

If you are not able to print after going through these steps then you need to install AOL Desktop Gold again but be sure to delete the previous version first. Even after installing the new version of the software, problem persist then feel free to get in touch with customer care who are available round the clock to assist you.

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How do I cancel my AOL gold Account

If you are a new user of AOL and don’t know you can keep your AOL email ID and get free from paying for AOL account. Then you are reading the right blog. Read this blog and you will be able to keep your AOL email without paying for it.

Canceling your paid AOL account and switching to their free plan is quite easy. But for that you should know how to Download AOL desktop Gold in your desktop.

Before you start you will need a few things:

• The username and the password of your AOL account
• If you have forgotten your password then you can reset your password by these steps:
 Open the web browser and go to the official website of AOL.
 Click on Login and below password required field click on forgot the password.
 Answer some security questions related to your account.
 Then enter your registered mobile number on which you will get a verification code.
 Then enter the verification code you will a get a password reset link, open that link on your mobile phone and reset the password by entering all the necessary details and click OK.

Now let’s cancel the AOL email account:

• Open the web browser in your computer.
• Go to the official website of AOL.
• Enter your username and password and access into your account
• Answer the security questions related to your AOL email account.
• If prompted, choose I already have the high-speed connection.
• Click on view plans.
• Under your AOL account, to convert to the free AOL account, select a reason for canceling and then click on cancel my billing.
• That’s it you have canceled your AOL account and kept your AOL email address for free.

This was the online way how you can cancel your AOL account but there is another way also:

• Go to the official website of AOL and get their AOL customer support number.
• Call on their number and ask them to cancel your AOL account.
• They will give you some free advantages but don’t get caught in their net and tell them to cancel your AOL account anyway.
• Don’t forget to take a cancelation order number when you cut off the call.

Here it is you have kept your AOL email address and now you don’t have to pay anything. You can install AOL Desktop Gold software with latest version.

How to fix AOL Desktop icon not working

Is your AOL Desktop icon missing? Or is it not working? Are you finding it difficult to locate the icon? If these questions ring a bell in your mind, then you are reading the right blog. because you will get to know about fixing the issue of AOL Desktop icon not working. It is quite common with users of this software that their icon disappears all of a sudden or stops working. In that case, it is highly advised to uninstall and install AOL Desktop Gold so that it becomes visible on your desktop.

AOL Desktop is widely used among people all over the world. With its ease of access to browsing, videos, music, email and much more, this software is quite different from others. It provides users with high-end features, but there occur sometimes when the users start facing issues. there are many issues that start to occur from installing the software to setting passwords and dealing with frequent error messages, it becomes hard for users to be a loyal customer, so they tend to shift to another alternative.

Some common causes of AOL Desktop icon not working

  • Overloaded desktop
  • Device reboot
  • Virus or malware
  • Improper installation
  • Other programs interfering

Fixing the issue

For fixing the AOL desktop icon related issues you must perform a system reset on your device, by doing so you will be able to get your problem resolved.

  • Try to perform a system restore to a previous date
  • For doing so, you have to click on the start menu.
  • Then click on Help and support
  • Choose to undo changes to the computer with system restore
  • Click next
  • And choose system restore
  • Follow the prompts

If the solution of restoring the system does not work, try to get the support advice from the customer care that is available online for giving a solution to the user queries. To make sure you must not face the similar issue once again, try to download AOL Desktop Gold once again for the proper functioning of the software.

AOL Desktop Gold not responding

The AOL Desktop Gold is a centralized tool for accessing all services offered by AOL. This desktop has been around for quite some time now. And everyone is familiar with the workings of the desktop and also its flaws. But not many are equipped with the knowledge of troubleshooting such errors if they ever come across them like for e.g. users often face errors while trying to download AOL desktop Gold. One of the most common errors or problem that users of AOL Desktop Gold are the sudden unresponsiveness of the desktop. Sometimes AOL gold stops responding and users find it difficult to manage this problem.

Sometimes when there are too many programs running in your computer, the system gets overloaded and some programs become unresponsive and if AOL Gold is running along with the other programs this could cause it to stop responding. If you would like to know how to execute the task manager method then go through the instructions below:

  • Open task manager by hitting the ctrl, alt and delete button together.
  • Go to process tabs.
  • Click on AOL service
  • Now choose end process which will be at the bottom of the task manager box.
  • Open your AOL Desktop Gold again and check if it’s working properly.

There are different kinds of method to follow when AOL stops responding, but one of the most common methods is to end the program using the Task Manager. If it’s still not responding, then try to install AOL Desktop Gold again. This method is one of the many ways through which you can shut down or fix an unresponsive program which in this case is your AOL Desktop Gold. However, if your program is still not responding and if you still face problem navigating it then it is advised that you get in touch with your AOL support number and avail the assistance of proper and skilled technicians. You can also ask the experts for help and troubleshooting in case you ever face while using the AOL gold software on your device.


How to install AOL desktop gold for Mac OS X

Using the Mac operating system is quite difficult in comparison to windows, whether you will have to download AOL desktop gold or perform any other task. Do you feel the same issue with yourself? If you feel the same and unable to get help to download this software on your Mac OS X, you are welcome over here. This blog post is all about the ways which will guide you to download & install the AOL desktop software on Mac OS X in an easy way.

See the process which you can follow for downloading & installation of the software in an easy manner. But if you stuck with trouble in between the follow the steps due to confusion reach to technical experts for help.

Installation steps for AOL gold on Mac OS X:-

Step 1. Turn on your Mac OS X and click to browse the internet.
Step 2. Then on the browser search the official page of AOL desktop gold.
Step 3. Now login in your AOL ID & password to access your account.
Step 4. You will see a download button which you need to click on.
Step 5. After complete download, a window will pop-up as “Install now.”
Step 6. Click on install button & continue.
Step 7. Tap on ok and agreed to terms & conditions.
Step 8. Now you will have to wait for the complete installation process.
Step 9. Finally, the AOL gold software has downloaded on your Mac OS X successfully. Set up your account and tap to continue on it.

Finally, you have successfully completed the installation procedure on Mac OS X. You should say congratulations to yourself for this achievement. Hopefully, when you will install AOL desktop gold, after that you would be able to access AOL mail, safely browse the internet, have IM conversation on your Mac OS X device. This software is the latest version of the AOL desktop interface, which has the feature of automatic update, Premium security, and enhanced security. You can enjoy all exclusive features in one place by using the AOL desktop gold.

How to reinstall AOL desktop gold

AOL Desktop Gold is an all in one desktop that provides mail, browsing, search, content etc. It has premium security features to help prevent your AOL account from malware and also from being hacked. One of its newest features is automatic updates that can help you save precious time by detecting old versions and replacing them and updating it to the newest version as soon as they are available. It provides a two-step verification process to help secure your account from being compromised. Newly added encryptions make the documents and information you have stored inaccessible and unreachable to a threatening external source.

Sometimes the problem of downloading and reinstalling AOL desktop gold software becomes quite hectic. So if you are looking for an easy step by step instructions on how to reinstall AOL Desktop Gold then follow the giving steps.

Steps to reinstall AOL Gold:

STEP 1: Download AOL Desktop Gold from their official website.
STEP 2: Go to your desktop toolbar and open the file explorer icon.
STEP 3: Go to the ‘downloads folder’ and search for the file you have just downloaded.
STEP 4: Once you have located the file, double click on the Install AOL Gold icon that will appear on the screen.
STEP 5: Click run and then install
STEP 6: Follow the onscreen instructions to do a clean installation.

Note: It is crucial that you follow the instructions in the exact same manner as the smallest mistake or error will make you repeat the process all over again.

It is important that the necessary requirements for the installation of this software are met. Make sure that you have downloaded the newest version or updated. Glitches or errors will pop up if you fail to meet the necessary requirements. Also, ensure you read each and every line of instruction properly and with in-depth precision so that you don’t fail to miss out on anything useful as well as important. If all these essential steps or procedures have been performed efficiently without any mistake, then your software will run smoothly and without any errors.

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AOL Desktop Gold login for Windows

Download AOL desktop gold

The amazing product AOL desktop gold is famous for its exclusive features and advanced security. This is the latest version of AOL desktop which has the best interface for access the AOL webmail. You can install AOL desktop gold on your windows device and then get the advantage of its software. After installation of this software on windows often people failed to sign in their account. If you also want to know how you can log in AOL Desktop gold for windows then given steps will help you. You can try the given instructions step by step.

Steps for Sign in to AOL desktop:-

1. After installation of this software, you can click on the icon of AOL gold.
2. Then tap on the sign in the button of the screen.
3. Tap on “Add username” button.
4. Now you will have to enter the “Username” so add it.
5. Click on “Continue” button.
6. A window will pop-up and you will have to enter your password on that window.

Steps to sign in your account:-

1. Click on save button and then tap on the auto sign.
2. Launch the icon of AOL desktop gold and then tap on the sign in.
3. Enter your username & password.
4. Now click on the “Continue” button.
5. Here you will ask to ensure that you have entered the correct username and then click on “Next.”
6. Tap on the sign in button now and you are able now to access your AOL desktop account on windows.

Note: – If you want to save the sign in option for automatic sign in. Then you will have to check the “Save password” & “Automatic sign in of username” boxes. Then click to continue.

Finally, you are capable to sign in your AOL desktop gold on windows. To get more info about it you can connect to customer care experts. After download AOL gold you can complete the installation and then opt for sign in your account on it. Hope so you will not face trouble to follow the above instructions because they are described in an easy way which will be helpful for you.

AOL Gold software not working after Windows 10 update

Download AOL Desktop Gold

The Windows 10 often shows plenty of snags with applications, software, and devices. Recently experts have been noticed that AOL gold stopped to the response after updating windows 10. If you are having an error that your AOL desktop gold is not responding after Windows update then you can get help customer care to fix this problem. In order to troubleshooting, you can opt for update AOL desktop gold. Well, let’s see what the techniques are by which you can fix this problem and can use the AOL desktop once again. If you couldn’t fix the problem then you can reach out to experts for troubleshooting.

Solution to fix AOL desktop gold not working with Windows 10:

In order to fix the problem that you are facing just go through the steps given here. You should follow the steps in sequence by which you can fix this problem easily without wasting your time.

1. Go to the start menu of your computer.
2. Then you can go to the settings under control panel.
3. Then click on “Update & security” which is located under the control panel.
4. Now click on “go back to my previous version of Windows 10.”
5. Then select the option “Recovery.”
6. Now you will have to wait for completing the process.
7. After you revert to the old version of Windows 10 check, you are able to use AOL gold or not.

When you try all the steps in a proper manner and still the problem remains same then you can try to reinstall AOL desktop gold on your computer. If you have the same trouble once again then you can reach to technicians to get help. You can reach to techies and ask them to resolve the hiccups of AOL gold. With the help of dexterous customer care experts, you will be able to fix the snags within the short time limit. So when the technicians are 24 hours available ever then you don’t need to stress for the issue appear with AOL gold.