Can’t set AOL Desktop Gold as Default Browser or Email Client – Troubleshoot

Install AOL Desktop Gold

By making AOL Desktop Gold as your default browser it would help you to access your AOL account whenever you want. A default browser allows the users a lot of ease. With the help of this, the users would be able to listen to music or watch movies or even search on the internet, it would be your default browser that would open automatically. It is necessary that you make sure you have accomplished the update AOL Gold before making it default. You can learn more about this feature by connecting yourself with the AOL Desktop Gold Customer support, where the trained professionals would provide you with all the necessary information.

If you already have the updated version of AOL Desktop Gold installed on your system, then you can follow these simple steps that would allow you to make it as your default browser. The steps that need to be followed are as given below:

The steps to set up AOL Desktop Gold as default Brower are:

  • Power on your system and open the AOL Desktop Gold software.
  • Login to the software by using your account credentials and further navigate towards settings.
  • Then on the general tab, click on the Make Default button to make AOL Desktop Gold as your Default browser or email client.
  • After a new window opens, you would have to go to the web browser from the default app or to the email section and then select AOL Desktop Gold from the drop-down menu.
  • Once the above step is done, AOL Desktop Gold would have become your default browser.

It is often suggested that you enable the browser password manager as a secure and convenient method to manage the online password. This is because once the software will be set as your default one then you would no longer face the need to save the password for every account that you would access.

For enabling the browser password manager you would need to click on the settings options which would then take you to the browser option where you would have to click on the passwords tab. Now you would have to select the option for saving the passwords that you would enter on the web and once this is down you can exit from the settings window by clicking the save option. You are also free to disable this feature at any time in the future when you find no need for it.

It is also very important that you download AOL Desktop Gold in its latest available version which would ensure that you would never miss out on any important additions and features that were inculcated in the upgraded version. You can always update AOL Desktop Gold from its official website and in case you get caught up with any kind of issue you can easily connect with the AOL Desktop Gold Customer Care.

An overview of AOL Desktop Gold

Download AOL Desktop Gold Software

As time is progressing lots of advancement in the technology can be seen. One such advancement is the creation of AOL Desktop Gold. Since this desktop software is new in the market user are drifting towards it slowly and the reasons for this drift can be the exciting features which you can enjoy once you install AOL Desktop Gold on your system. This software has provided users with the platform by using which can access their emails, browse the web or chat with their friends and even they can play games and can use it for the entertainment purpose too.

Brilliant traits of AOL Desktop Gold

AOL Desktop Gold has been in huge demand by the people of the world because of it’s really mind-boggling features. Some of these features which mesmerize the users are listed below:

  • Simple Installation Process

Downloading of this software have become easy and now people can use the official website to download the setup file. And once setup file has been downloaded then you just need to install it. And the good part is for executing both these steps very little time is needed.

  • Customized email and font options

You are provided with the feature where you can customize the fonts as per your wish and you are given the right to set your email signature. You can add, delete and set the default email signature by using AOL Desktop Gold.

  • Bookmarking of your favorites sites

You have the option to save your best websites and places in the Favorite option of AOL Desktop Gold. Here you can save, delete and organize the favorite place, even you can create the backup of your Favorites.

  • Security Benefits

You can enjoy the anti-phishing as well as other premium features like anti-key logging and screen capturing features of AOL Desktop Gold. You will be provided with the right to enable or disable the security feature of your account. Whenever you will be visiting any dangerous website then this software will alert you through pop up.

  • Export and import of data

You can export and import all your personal data by using this desktop software. This personal data can be anything like your emails, favorites, settings and address books and etc. You can even import your data from the previous version of Desktop Gold software.

After reading so many benefits of this desktop software there is a most likely chance that you will think to download AOL Desktop Gold on your system so that you enjoy these benefits to fullest.  But remember that you should always use the official website to download the setup file of this desktop software

AOL Gold Download for Windows and Mac

Install AOL Gold

AOL Desktop Gold is a highly sought after software which has been gaining a lot of attention due to the amazing features that are been providing the users with. There has been a lot of queries from users regarding the process to download AOL for Windows and Mac. By going through this blog you would be able to get over any issue that you might come across while willing to download AOL Desktop Gold. The ideal process to follow while downloading AOL has been stated below:

The process to download may vary according to the type of membership that you have opted for.

If you are an AOL advantage plan member, follow the given steps:

  • Select the ‘My Benefits Page’
  • Choose ‘All Products’ option and then click on ‘AOL Desktop Gold’
  • Further, choose the option to download the software

If you have a confirmation email from Official AOL sign up confirmation

  • Select and open the mail that you have received from AOL
  • Choose the ‘Download AOL Desktop Gold’ option that is available
  • Select the desired folder where you would want to save the file and click on the save button.

The installation process of AOL Desktop Gold on Windows

For installing the software on your windows system, it is essential that you keep the system requirements in mind. This is the first and foremost thing that every user must do before trying to install the software.

Minimum System Requirements

  • 512 MB free space on the hard drive
  • The system should have windows 7 or newer and web browser which is minimum Internet Explorer 7+
  • 1GB or more RAM
  • Stable and error-free internet connection,
  • Required processor to be 266 MHz or faster and a recommended screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher.

To flawlessly install AOL Desktop Gold on your Windows system follow the given steps:

  • Select the downloaded folder on your system
  • Run the install wizard by double-clicking on the downloaded file
  • Follow the instructions given by the install wizard and complete the installation process.
  • Click the close button after the installation process is complete

The installation process of AOL Desktop Gold on Mac

If you wish to download AOL Desktop Gold on your Mac device, you can simply follow the given steps:

  • Go to the official website of AOL using your Safari web browser.
  • Then generate an AOL account and proceed to make a premium membership.
  • Then go to the AOL benefits section and find AOL Desktop Gold in the service list.
  • Click on download to start the AOL Desktop Gold download process.
  • When the download is complete, run the executable file and complete the installation by performing the screen instructions.

Now, you should be able to install AOL Desktop Gold Software on your system using the same methods that were used to install the software in Windows. In case you find any issue, then contact customer support service.

How to Fix AOL Desktop Gold Update Error

Download AOL Gold

All the software have to be updated from time to time so that small bugs which are associated with it can be fixed. Any update in any software means to remove all the minor or major technical and functional bugs associated with it. Likewise is the case with AOL desktop gold, this software comes with many software updates which are known for improving its features and enhancing its security. But there might be some chances that the automatic updates feature of AOL Desktop Gold does not let this software to update on its own. If you’re not able to download AOL Desktop Gold latest updates on your system then there can be some issues which you might have to face. These issues can be irritating pop-ups that appear continuously or notifications not appearing and etc.

There can be many reasons for this update error of AOL desktop Gold to occur these can be:

  • The automatic update feature is turned off in the settings
  • When there is some internal issue with the software
  • Or any malicious program or viruses is the reason for this error.

Procedure to rectify AOL Desktop Gold update error:

So as to fix the issue AOL Desktop Gold not updating, one needs not to be the computer geek. Any individual can fix this issue on their own by performing following troubleshooting steps in the sequence they are given:

  • Locate the search bar of your system and then type Update in it
  • A list of option will open up all of which is related to update. From the list look for the option of Windows Update and then click on it to open it
  • Now select important updates option present there and you need to mark the checkbox which says ‘Install updates automatically and give me important updates the same way I receive the updates’.
  • In the Install new updates sections, you have two option that is through the day and the other is through time. Choose as per your convenience.
  • You can also choose to tick the checkbox of ‘ Allow all users to install the update on your computer’
  • Once done with the changes then save it.

Once you have enables the automatic update features then nothing can stop you from updating your desktop software. Whether you have to install AOL Desktop Gold on Mac then also this feature of the automatic update is applicable their only slight changes are there to turn on these settings. But with the help of professionals, you can do it easily.


Solve AOL Gold Login Errors

Download AOL Gold Software

Are you not able to login into your AOL Gold even after entering the correct username and password? If your reply to this question is yes, then you are confronting the most common issue of AOL Gold login errors. If you have tried many unsuccessful attempts of logging into your account then this blog is certainly for you because here you will get the best solutions for resolving this issue. People install AOL Desktop Gold in their system so that they can enjoy using this amazing software for browsing, entertainment or for emailing. But if this login error or any other error crossed their way then they become really frustrated so it is advisable to get help from professionals in resolving these glitches.

AOL Gold Login Errors

Causes of AOL Gold Login Error

There are some common problems which may cause login issue in AOL Gold and these problems are:

  • Login issues are arising after Windows update
  • Password related problem might be causing log in error in AOL Desktop Gold
  • Sometimes the error of screen redirect may be the culprit
  • Sign-in page of AOL Desktop Gold is not opening
  • Improper configuration might cause AOL Gold on Outlook to confront login error.

How to resolve the AOL Desktop Gold Login Error?

In order to resolve the sign in error of AOL Desktop, Gold users need to refer this blog where you can find a proper and reliable solution.

  1. Sign- in error that arises after Windows Update

One should follow the below-mentioned solution to get rid of the problem:

  • Open Control Panel of your system and then choose the option of Uninstall a Program that is present in the Program section
  • Here you will get the list of all application, choose AOL Desktop Gold from that list and just click on the button of Uninstall
  • Once the installation is done you need to install the program again. But this time make sure you are installing the latest version of AOL Desktop Gold in your system
  1. Unable to log in due to the password issue

Even after entering the correct password you are not able to sig-into then you need to execute these steps to get rid of the problem:

  • Delete all the cache data of your system and then logging to AOL Gold
  • If the problem persists then run the system troubleshooter to check whether the internet is running fine or not
  • Sometimes corrupted AOL Desktop Gold software might be the reason behind it so you are asked to reinstall this desktop software
  1. After clicking on the button of sign-in, it is redirecting to the login screen of AOL Gold

If you often witness this problem that is after pressing the sign-in button the login screen appears in front of you. Then you need to execute the given steps:

  • First delete all the unnecessary files and folder that is cache, cookies, and history
  • Make sure that email is in sync with AOL desktop software
  • Run the system troubleshooter to fix the issue
  1. Sign-in page of AOL Desktop Gold is not opening

If the login page of AOL Desktop Gold is not working or is not appearing then you need to do the following steps:

  • Open the Task Manager of your Windows system to end all the process which is currently not being used.
  • If RAM in your system has less space than it can also prevent AOL Gold to open. So you can make some space and then try to log in.
  1. Login error of AOL Desktop Gold in Microsoft Outlook

If your desktop software is not synced properly with Microsoft Outlook then this error can arise. In order to fix it use the following troubleshooting process:

  • Open Microsoft Outlook then go to File and open it
  • Navigate to Account Setting > Add account > Manual setup> IMAP or Pop
  • Now you need to fill the following info

Account type – IMAP

Mail Server – Incoming-


  • Use the same setting in the outgoing server and after opening Advanced option fill these

Server- Incoming (IMAP) – 993 or 143

Outgoing (SMTP) – 587

Encrypted Connection- Incoming – SSL

Outgoing – TLS

  • Click OK and then restart your outlook to see whether AOL desktop Gold login error is fixed.

Even after applying this fixture your error still persist then you need to make sure that you use official site to download AOL desktop Gold software. And while installation you have checked system requirement and then have completed all process of installation. And in the end, you should restart your system to finish the process.

How to restore disappeared AOL Desktop Gold Icon

Download AOL Desktop Gold

AOL desktop gold has gained immense popularity among its users and many people are considered it as one of their favorite software’s. The software provides with an easy to use application platform and a user-friendly interface too. You can use this desktop software to browse the net, listen to music, and watch videos and access emails on a single platform. When the software was updated into its recent version from AOL to AOL Desktop Gold, one of the best things that have happened was the AOL company had created AOL Desktop gold icon by which you could access this software by just clicking the icon on the desktop. It had made the usage of this software so easy.

But consider a situation that you are not able to find the AOL Desktop Gold icon. How would you feel then? Won’t you be anxious and will search for the options top restore it? The chances are that you might have accidentally deleted the icon or hidden it or may have moved into any other folder. There could also be some software issue that has caused this error. If you wish to restore the disappeared AOL Desktop Gold icon, then you must read the steps mentioned in the blog. First of all just try searching it in the folders if you have created any on the desktop.

Steps to restore the missing icon

Step 1: Unveil it

  • Take your mouse cursor at the bottom of the desktop and open the system tray present there
  • Click on the arrow to reveal the hidden icons in the taskbar.
  • Search the name of your desktop.
  • Now select the option of creating a desktop shortcut.

Step 2: Drag the icon and drop

  • Enter the name of the AOL Desktop Gold in the search bar.
  • Then click on the Go menu>Select Application Option>search for the icon
  • Once the icon gets located, use the mouse pointer and drag it on the desktop and create its shortcut.

Step 3: Keeping the icon in the dock

  • Open the AOL Gold desktop software.
  • Select the icon available in the dock.
  • Once the pop-up menu notification appears, choose the option of ‘keep in Dock’

Once you would have secured the missing icon, you can use it again and utilize it for your benefits. You can also ensure that the version of the AOL Desktop Gold that you are using is the latest one to Install AOL Desktop Gold software. The above-provided guidelines will surely help you to restore disappeared AOL Desktop Gold Icon.

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Problem with AOL Gold after Downloading Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest operating system released by Microsoft. Windows 10 comes with latest and advance technology. Advance features of this operating system is a big advantage but sometimes people face the errors also. Because the advance technology cause issues, same goes with AOL Desktop Gold software. Many peoples have a complaint about the problem with AOL Desktop Gold after downloading Windows 10.

In order to solve this problem, there are two methods, one is to read this blog and perform the instructions given and other is from the customer support team. So, read this blog and perform the troubleshooting steps to fix this problem or dial customer support number, if these steps don’t work.

Steps to fix this problem

Here is something you should keep in mind when you Download AOL Desktop Gold or face problems with this software.


Method 1. If you are not using the latest version of the software, then upgrade to the latest software and get better services. Go to the official website of AOL and compare the installed version with the latest version. If it doesn’t match then download the latest version from the benefits section in your AOL account.


Method 2. Check your internet connection and make sure that you are getting a good internet speed. Internet connection is very important to use all the services by AOL. AOL gold is can be used as a web browser, email, and other services, and every feature needs an internet connection. That is why a good internet connection is necessary when you use AOL Desktop Gold software.


Method 3. Scan the hard drive disk of your computer and remove all the suspicious files. If the AOL Desktop Gold folder has some corrupt or damaged files or some malicious files are present on the computer. Then use an Antivirus software and remove all those files. It the hard drive is almost full, then clear some space in it by removing the unwanted files.

Method 4. Update the drivers installed in the computer to get the error free experience on your computer.


Method 5. Reinstall this software to get rid of the compatibility error. Uninstall the previous version and install the latest version on your computer from the benefits section on your AOL account.


Method 6. You can opt for going back to the previous version of your operating system.


These are the steps you can follow when you face a problem with install AOL desktop gold Windows 10.


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AOL Desktop Gold has stopped working

As you can guess by the name AOL Desktop Gold is a desktop software tool which comes with all the services offered by AOL. It comes in two versions, one is free and the other one can be used only in the premium version. But the latest Download AOL Desktop Gold software can be used only in the premium version. This software is exceptionally good and appreciated by millions of users in the world. But, there are times when people come across technical hitches too, while using this software.

One of the most common issue with AOL Desktop Gold software is AOL Desktop Gold stopped working. These errors can occur due to several reasons like corrupt files, improper installation etc. but you can resolve this error by some basic troubleshooting steps. So, if you are an AOL Desktop Gold user and facing the same issue then read this whole blog and know the troubleshooting steps to solve this problem. Before starting the troubleshooting steps, let’s take a look at the reasons behind this issue.

Causes behind the generation of AOL Desktop Gold not responding issue

This issue can occur due to many reasons. Some of the known and common causing factors are listed here:

  • Corrupt Windows registry
  • Corrupt files in HDD
  • Outdated software
  • Compatibility issue
  • Network issue
  • Firewall
  • Virus or malware presence

Resolve ‘AOL Desktop Gold has stopped working’ issue

Option 1. Check for the windows registry system. If it is going through any trouble then fix it as soon as possible.

Option 2. Corrupt files in the hard drive of the computer cause many problems in the computer. So make sure to remove all the suspicious files from the computer. In case the files are important, then create a backup, so that you can retrieve the files again.

Option 3. Make sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements to install AOL Desktop Gold. Minimum system requirements are as follows:

  • Operating system: Windows or Mac
  • RAM: at least 1GB
  • HDD: at least 512MB free
  • Internet connection: Fast and uniform

Option 4. Use an Antivirus and scan the whole computer to remove the virus or malware from the computer. Make sure to use an updated Antivirus software. You can use any 3rd party Antivirus software.

Option 5. If you are using the old version of AOL Desktop Gold software, then upgrade it to its latest version.

Option 6. Temporarily disable the Firewall or any other blocking application installed on the computer.

Hopefully, these steps will come in Handy to resolve the AOL Desktop Gold stopped working issue. You can take expert help also, who are always available on the customer support service.

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AOL Gold Automatic update not working

AOL Gold is a product of AOL Inc. which is an American multinational company. This company has earned the reputation by giving some of the best products and services that includes AOL Gold, AOL email and AOL Shield Pro. These products make a user work very easy in so many manners. It provides a single platform where the user can browse internet, email, stream audios and videos in one place.

To download AOL Desktop Gold, you just need to take an AOL membership. But, if you are already an AOL member and using the older version of AOL Gold software, then you just need to upgrade it to the latest version. The latest AOL Gold software has some amazing features like the Automatic update, enhanced security, easy to use and user-friendly environment to work on.

There are chances that you encounter a problem with the Automatic update feature of AOL Gold software. This problem will arise only if ‘Automatic update is turned off in your computer’. You can turn on this feature to get the updates easily and enjoy the new update features of AOL Gold software.

How to turn on the Automatic Update feature?

So in order to turn on ‘automatic update’ just do the quick steps:

  • Click on Start and search for ‘Update’.
  • Then select ‘Windows update’ in the appeared list.
  • Then, click on Change setting > important update, then tick the box to enable the automatic update.
  • Then in next step, tick the box for ‘Give me recommended updates the same way I receive important update’ in the recommended updates.
  • Then don’t forget to click on Save.

Now you have successfully enabled the ‘Automatic update’ feature. This feature decreases the workload, to search for update and perform the update process. So, if in future you face problem-related to the Automatic update, then you can read this blog again. And you will be able to install AOL Desktop Gold newest software.

If you get any issue while performing these steps to enable the Automatic update. Then get in touch with customer support.

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Problem with AOL gold after downloading in windows 10

AOL desktop gold is an Amazing software. It provides the user everything at one place. AOL desktop gold has fabulous features like AOL email service, web browser, video, and audio compatibility and much more due to which AOL desktop gold is known worldwide.

AOL desktop gold is available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux on the official website of AOL. But in sometimes AOL desktop users deal with technical glitches or issues. In those situations, you should contact on AOL customer support number.

Issues with AOL desktop gold

Let’s look at some common problems AOL users face.

  • Unable to login AOL mail.
  • The problem in updating AOL desktop gold software.
  • AOL desktop gold is working slow
  • Unable to install AOL desktop gold.

Technical issues with the AOL desktop are not much of a problem but you should always careful with every single issue. Try to solve issues as soon as possible else you can lose your important data or these issues can harm your computer or OS.

Fixes of issues in AOL desktop gold

When you face issues with AOL desktop gold. Try some common troubleshooting steps because these techniques are very simple and came very handy in most situations.

  • Try by rebooting your PC if it solves your problem.
  • Check your internet connection because a good internet connection is very important for using AOL desktop gold.
  • Check if your computer has some corrupt or damaged files. Clean those files as soon as possible.
  • Remove every unnecessary file or junk from your computer because it can be the reason behind AOL desktop gold slow speed.
  • Run a full system scan on your computer by using any Anti-virus. Then delete every suspicious file from the computer.
  • The main reason behind any issue can be that the AOL desktop gold is improperly installed on your computer. In that situation uninstall AOL desktop gold and reinstall it again.
  • Go to control panel and select programs. After that click on uninstall next to AOL desktop gold.
  • Then download AOL desktop gold from the official website of AOL and reinstall it again.

These were some troubleshooting by which most of the technical glitches can be solved but if you are facing a complicated issue then don’t hesitate to call on AOL customer care number.