How to solve Amazon Echo Mic Problems

The Amazon Echo devices work with Alexa, a virtual assistant developed by Amazon developers. Amazon Echo is a device which performs the task in order to the user command. Echo devices listen to your command and turn them into actions. Echo Speaker is a smart device which can play music, update you with sports score, tell you news, works with smart home appliances and much more. But on the other hand, there are some problems associated with Echo device which users encounter.

Sometimes Echo users face mic issue also. The mic is a hardware part of the Echo device, which helps the Alexa or Echo device to listen to the user’s command. If you are not a tech person and unable to solve this issue, then you should urgently, reach to the Amazon Echo Alexa customer care number, where the team of professionally trained techies will help you to solve the problem.

Techniques to solve the Mic issue with Amazon Echo Device

You can perform some basic troubleshooting steps to solve the mic problem. Let’s discuss some basic troubleshooting steps.

Step 1. Restart your Echo Device

Unplug the Echo device from the power supply and wait for few seconds. Then, again turn on the Echo device. If restart doesn’t work, then reset the Echo device on factory default settings, using Alexa App which will remove all the problems in one step.

Step 2. Disable the Mic for few minutes

Press the Mic button situated at the top of your Echo device and turn it off. When you will turn off the mic, the light ring on the Echo device will show a red color. Then wait for a few minutes and activate it again by pressing the mic button.

Step 3. Change the Echo device position

You should place your Echo device at some silent place because it might be the reason behind this problem, that you are unable to hear the Echo voice due to other noisy devices at your home.


If you have performed all the above-given steps as it is, then you shouldn’t face any issue with a mic of your Echo device. In case, you want the help of an expert, then ring on Echo Alexa customer support number and get a one-stop solution of all the issues with Amazon Echo devices.

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How to factory reset Amazon Echo or Echo Dot?

How to factory reset Amazon Echo or Echo Dot?

The Amazon Echo or Echo Dot is a range of smart speakers developed by Amazon that has carved its way into the lives of millions around the world. It is a very reliable and handy piece of equipment that you can carry anywhere you go because of its portable nature. The task of buying it is not that difficult but the process involved in setting it up and factory resetting it is kind of tricky. There are many who can easily carry out this process of factory resetting their echo devices without much difficulty but there are plenty who can hardly set it up. The process of factory resetting echo device is pretty much the same and it does not involve too many steps or complicated commands or adjustments. If you only want to know how to set up your echo device then you can contact Amazon echo customer support number. In this support center, you will find all the information and answers you have been searching for.

To factory reset your Amazon echo device all you need is a tiny hairpin or an object like a toothpick. And the way to reset it have been explained in the steps below:

  • On the base of your echo device, you need to locate a tiny hole or an opening.
  • Stick the paper clip or toothpick down the hole and press it.
  • Hold it and continue pressing for like 5-10 seconds.
  • After you are done pressing it the ring of the device will light up with an orange hue for about a minute or so.
  • After this, your device will have been factory reset. Do keep in mind that by factory resetting your amazon echo device, all your settings, and even your account will be erased.

These are the steps that are required to reset your echo device and if you run into any complication or technical error you can contact Amazon Echo Alexa technical support number to get help from a certified professional who will guide you to troubleshoot the problem instantly without wasting too much time.

Amazon Echo dot not responding

Amazon Echo Dot is the third generation of smart speakers developed by Amazon. It is also a hands-free smart speaker that is controlled and activated through your voice. It can connect to Alexa and users can play music, videos, make calls, check the weather forecast etc. It has built-in speakers and it can also connect to external speakers through Bluetooth or a 3.5mm stereo cable. Its sleek and compact design makes it possible for echo dot to fit anywhere in the room. It is half the size of Amazon Echo and the price is also half of that of the echo. Because it has seven microphones in its system, echo dot can hear you from anywhere in the room even when there is disturbance caused by music or other external noise. For more information or queries about Echo Dot, you can call Echo Alexa customer care number.

Echo Dot is a very convenient and reliable piece of equipment which can assist you in almost everything. But sometimes it suffers some abnormalities which are caused by internal issues. One of these abnormalities is the issue of not being able to respond or work. To fix this problem, you can try these troubleshooting measures:

  • Make sure that you utilize the power adapter that comes with the echo dot device.
  • Press the action button to see if it acknowledges or responds to your command.
  • Keep echo dot at least 3ft away from the speaker when you connect echo to it.
  • Keep echo dot 8 inches away from walls and other objects.
  • Don’t speak to it when there is too much disturbance in the background.
  • While speaking to it make sure that you speak naturally and try to enunciate your words for better results.

These are some of the steps you can make when your Echo Dot does not respond to your command. But if these instructions do not work, you can contact Amazon Echo technical support number to let an expert administer the issue and give you professional insight and solutions.

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How to set up the Amazon Echo

Amazon Alexa is a very reliable virtual assistant built in every Amazon Echo. She became very handy when you connect her with the smart gadget like a thermostat, switches and more.

When you enable Amazon Echo with Alexa Echo can respond to your voice command and makes your day a little easy.

Echo Alexa Customer Care Number

Amazon Echo with Alexa can perform tasks like:

  • playing your music
  • read your audiobooks
  • report the weather
  • break down the news and so much more.

There are also additional op[tions to enhance Alexa’s capabilities by adding multiple skills. Listening mode of Alexa can be activated with a voice command as well as though push off buttons on the mobile app if you have also got an Amazon Echo speaker and wants to set up Alexa with it you can follow these steps:

  • Download the Alexa app on your mobile phone, tablet or computer. You can download the Alexa app for free from the app store on iOS and play store for Android (Alexa works with iOS 9.0 or higher, Android 5.0 or higher, or Fire OS 3.0 or higher).
  • If you want to download the Alexa app on your computer then open your web browser and go on the official website of Amazon and download it from there.
  • Connect your Amazon Echo with the power supply. when you will connect it to the power supply the light rings will turn blue and when it goes orange that means Alexa is preparing to greet you.
  • Connect the Echo to wifi via Amazon Alexa app. Open the Alexa app and go to Alexa device and choose your Alexa Echo device.
  • Go to the wifi network connection and choose your home network.
  • Remember that your mobile phone, tablet or computer should be connected to your home wifi network either. If not that will not work.

You are all set to use the Amazon Echo and in case you are still not able to do that you can call on the Amazon Echo Alexa customer support number. you can ask them any kind of questions related to Amazon products.

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Amazon Alexa app for Mac OS device

Alexa app is a virtual assistant developed by Amazon developers. It has proven to be quite popular for some people. You can use the Alexa app to set up the Alexa enabled devices, listen to music, create shopping list, get news updates and much more.

Echo Alexa customer care number
Some people already think that the Alexa app is better than the Apple’s Siri. So there is an app which will allow you to use Alexa app on your iOS device or Mac.

 Reverb app lets you use the Alexa app on your iOS or Mac.

• You can use the Reverb App to use the Alexa app anywhere on your iOS.
• Reverb performs every task through Alexa which Alexa does.
• You can ask questions Reverb will answer them via Alexa.
• Reverb will reports traffic and weather, give sports score i.e. it will perform every task Alexa can do.
• Reverb has been updated now and it uses Alexa version 2, which now give support to audiobooks, alarm, timers and much more.
• It connects with the smart devices like Thermostat Samsung smart things, Bluetooth devices etc.
• Alexa has a very feature that it always learn new things which allow it to gain knowledge about 1000 of flowers and many animals voices etc.
• Alexa is a very userfreindly app which learn things and become more like a friend with time which knows many things about you.
• Reverb doesn’t support music because Alexa doesn’t give permission of using Amozon music apps.
• Only hardware implementation are allowed to use Amazone music.

 Alexa app performs these tasks on your device:

• Alexa setup your Alexa-enabled devices.
• It sets up controls or check status of your compayible smart lights.
• It set up locks and thermostats at home or on the way.
• It connects you with music device like Amozon music, itunes, Spotify etc.
• You can choose a song or playlist and listen music on your Alexa enabled devices.
• It connects two or more speakers together to enhance the music volume together.
• It checks and oraganize the work you have to do on the go, get sports score, get weather and news updates, manage alarms etc.
• You can use the drop in from your app to connect in an instant to connect with your compatible echo devices at home and on the go.
• Call or message on the supported Alexa devices at no additional cost.
• It call all around the US, Mexico and Canada for free.

If you get any issue with using the Reverb app or Alexa app you can contact their Echo Alexa customer support number.

How to fix Bluetooth issues of Echo Alexa

The amazing product Echo Alexa has various skills and this device perform superb tasks. Sometimes while using the Echo Alexa device users face some flaws that Echo is not connecting to Bluetooth or any other issues. Then in order to resolve that echo Alexa Bluetooth flaws, you should either ring the Echo Alexa customer care number or try these simple steps for troubleshooting. These steps are very easy to follow so that you can find the solution for Bluetooth flaws. You will have to follow the troubleshooting instruction one by one to fix the Bluetooth issue.

Ways to resolve the Bluetooth issues of Echo Alexa:

  1. Restart both devices Echo and Bluetooth at the same time.
  2. Now try to open the Alexa app.
  3. Go to the settings of Alexa app and open the Bluetooth.
  4. Un-Pair the Bluetooth device and repair
  5. If the problem remains the same then you will have to click on Bluetooth under the settings.
  6. Delete all the paired device from the list of Bluetooth.
  7. Now you will have to turn on the Bluetooth again.
  8. Try to connect the Bluetooth device with Echo Alexa.
  9. If the Bluetooth error remains the same then you should restart the echo and Alexa both.
  10. Now wait for a moment and then connect the echo device with Alexa and try to connect it with Bluetooth device.

When you are successfully done the above steps and still unable to fix the Bluetooth connectivity or other issues then you should ring Echo Alexa customer support number anytime from anywhere. With the help of this toll-free number, you can connect to the technicians anytime and share your trouble with experts. The service of Echo customer care is available round the clock and that’s why you can resolve the flaws without any delay. The technical experts are 365x24x7 available on the call for resolving the snags of your echo device. You can simply dial this number and connect to the skilled experts for resolving the Echo device flaws in a jiffy.

Alexa app for Mac OS device

Alexa app performs various tasks with Echo device. Amazon Echo is one of the popular product of Amazon which has countless users in the world. You can purchase this amazing smart gadget and connect it with Alexa app to perform so many tasks. To get more information you can dial Echo Alexa customer care number which is all time available to given you complete information about that. You can ask the customer care to about how you can use the Alexa app for Mac OS.

How to utilize Alexa app for Mac OS?

1. You will have to install the Alexa app on your Mac OS.
2. Then set up the Alexa with Echo device.
3. Connect the Alexa and Echo with Wi-Fi internet connection.
4. Then tell the Alexa to perform your tasks. As you know the Alexa has more than 1500 skills you can add skills for your use.

A. How to install Alexa on Mac?

1. Click on the App store on your Mac.
2. Then type Alexa app on your search bar.
3. Now click on install button when the result of Alexa app appear.

B. How to add skills on Alexa on Mac?

1. To add skills on Alexa app on your Mac. Tap on the Alexa icon.
2. Then select the additional features on the Alexa app.
3. Now select the skills which you want to add on your Alexa.
4. Now back to the previous page of Alexa app.

When you ever think that you need the help of customer care for assistance or to know the more about the Alexa app, or to know how you can use Alexa on Mac OS. Connect to the Amazon Echo Alexa customer support number. You can ring this number anytime and interact with the technicians of Alexa customer support. The service of Alexa customer care is available round the clock and you can fix the problem if you ever face with the help of technical experts. So that you can directly connect to the team of Alexa customer care and help them to fix the flaws.

How to reset amazon echo device

This is time to utilize the advanced technology to make your life easy. Amazon Echo is the second generation of smart gadget which has more than 1500 skills. Echo device gets to connect with Alexa app and perform various tasks. Somehow if you have any kind of trouble with Echo device then you can contact to customer care team via Echo Alexa customer care number. Through this number, you will able to resolve all issues as soon as possible. Well, if you will have to reset Amazon echo given steps will help you. Perform these resetting procedure.

Way to reset Amazon echo device:-

Before you proceed to reset the Amazon echo device, keep in mind that don’t start the device. This can be harmful to your Echo speaker and damage it.

1. Take a paper clip or other similar product.
2. Press the reset button of the Echo device by pressing it.
3. Hold this resetting button for 5 minutes until the light turns to orange & then blue.
4. Wait for a while until the light turns off and turn on.
5. Now you will have to set up the echo device with Alexa application.
6. Open your Alexa app on a smartphone and then connect it with Wi-Fi.
7. Register your Amazon account now and then your device is ready to use.

You can give a voice command to Amazon Echo and ask to perform the task. As you read above the Echo device resetting steps are really very easy. But if you are not able to follow it due to any error, no need to feel shame. You can contact the customer care team and share your issues with them. Through Echo Alexa technical support number you can directly ask the questions to echo experts. The assistance of echo device will resolve all kind of technical hitches within the short time duration. These trained and experienced experts are always ready for troubleshooting and give your proper guidance. Service of echo customer support is 24×7 available for resolving the problem you face with Echo.

How to set up the Echo plus

The device Echo Plus is the best example of Artificial Intelligence in this advanced era. In other words, the Echo plus device also known for its amazing qualities and skills as a personal voice assistant. This product is developed by Amazon and it is the best selling product ever. The Echo dot, Echo plus, Echo Alexa and Echo dot 2 are the top listed products which have many buyers.

Well, if you are new for Echo plus and want to set up the Echo plus either follow the given steps or connect to techies via Echo ALexa customer care number. You can dial this number anytime when you need the assistance of the customer care executives.

Procedure to set up your Echo Plus device:

Step 1. First off, you will have to download and install the Alexa app on your device.
Step 2. Now sign in to your Alexa app after installation.
Step 3. After that, you will have to turn on the Echo Plus by pressing the power button.
Step 4. This is time to connect your Echo Plus with Wi-Fi network. You will have to follow the instruction for setup the Wi-Fi with Echo plus.
Step 5. You can add new skills to your Echo device to perform it.
Step 6. Now you can send voice command to your Echo device. Make sure the Echo Plus is getting your voice and accent. Tell Alexa to “wake” word to start it and then you can ask it for any task to perform.

As you know that Echo Plus device is based on high-technology, it may be complicated for you to setup it by yourself. In this critical situation, you should call on Echo Alexa customer support number to get help. With the help of trained techies, you can easily set up this device or resolve your issues. The service of Echo customer care team is all time active to fix the snags if you face while setting up. You can reach to skilled techies via a toll-free number and connect to them for complete guidance.