How to add a pause and a resume function to my Alexa skill

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Echo Alexa is a Bluetooth speaker which has been developed by one of the most famous and well-known brand Amazon. It is really compact and easy to carry. You can take this amazing device anywhere where you want and it won’t take any space. The device works completely on voice indication and system and for that, you need to install the Alexa app in your smartphone and link it to the Echo Alexa to enjoy the features. By providing with different commands to the Alexa app which has been linked to the Amazon echo you can play audios and listen to music anytime when you want. It just needs to be sufficiently charged.

The Amazon Echo can be used by even little kids, as they just need to use their voice and give the command to Alexa to play the songs. Alexa can do a lot of things if provided with the proper and exact command. Do you wish to know about the weather forecast of a particular place? Or keep an eye on what is happening in your house when you are not around? Then you can trust Alexa with it. Just provide with the instructions, using your voice. Music represents our culture and almost everyone in this world likes to listen to music. The genres and the taste can vary from individual and individual. It becomes one of the most suitable ways to enjoy the gathering. Just give commands to Alexa and change the audios as and when you want. You can control the playback music by using the Audio player interface. If you wish to understand how to add a pause and resume function to Alexa skill, then you can proceed ahead and read the blog. It is really easy to do so and can be done in a few minutes. then you can always opt for the option of contacting the Echo Alexa Customer care number and look for their guidance.


  • Use the system interface that indicate the skill that you wish to implement and configure it.
  • Now move to the option indicating Custom and then interface which are provided under the developer console.
  • Now by enabling the Audio Playeroption, click on Save Interfaces.
  • Now the following intents which are provided below need to be implemented to pause or resume any audio. When you will add the Audio player interface to the Alexa skill, the required intents which are necessary for this function will be added automatically to your model. The required intents are

AMAZON.PauseIntent and AMAZON.ResumeIntent

By performing the above-mentioned steps, you will be able to comprehend and understand the procedure on how to add a pause and a resume function to the Alexa skill. You can also talk to the professionals in this matter if you face with any difficulty. Then contact Echo Alexa technical support number anytime you want.


Amazon Echo Alexa Not Discovering Hue

Amazon Echo Alexa Support

Amazon Echo is an innovative range of interactive speakers that provide a helping hand around the house. You can connect your home appliances like lights, television and music system to the Amazon Echo device and control it through Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa. However, setting up this connection can be a little complicated. This article will guide you on what to do when Amazon Echo Alexa is not discovering your Philips Hue device. If you need any clarification about the steps mentioned here you can contact Amazon Echo Alexa customer care number anytime you want.

Steps to follow when Amazon Echo Alexa is not discovering Hue

There are basically two ways to check and see why your Alexa enabled Amazon device is not able to discover Hue. Follow the steps given below to know more:

Checking Device and Set up issues

  • Begin by checking if the Philips Hue bulb you are trying to connect is compatible with Amazon Alexa. You can go to the product detail page of Amazon Echo for a comprehensive list of compatible devices.
  • Go to the App store and download the Philips Hue app for your smart home device. Follow the steps to complete the device set up.
  • Be sure to enter the correct login credentials i.e. username and password, while logging in to the application. Certain default typing settings on mobile devices may lead you to enter the incorrect password. Double check to make sure there is no unnecessary capitalization and blank space while typing out your login details.
  • If you have any trouble you can complete the device set up online. Open your internet browser and enter the Amazon website link. Now just follow the instructions related to Amazon Echo set up.
  • Once the device is set up restart your Amazon Echo Alexa device along with your Philip Hue device.
  • Open the Alexa app on your phone to disable and re-enable the skill for your Philip Hue bulb.
  • Once everything is in place you just need to be sure to download and install any updates that are required on your mobile device so that you know that you are using the latest available version

Please Note: In the case of Phillips Hue V1 Bridge, you need to press the button on the bridge before you use your Alexa app to try to discover your devices.

Connect to the same Wi-Fi network

As far as connecting multiple devices is concerned you should see that your Alexa device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Philips Hue device. You can follow the steps given below to check or change the Wi-Fi settings on the Alexa app:

  • Open the Alexa app and tap the ‘Devices’ icon.
  • Select your smart home device i.e. Philips Hue and tap the ‘Change’button next to the Wi-Fi Network and update your Wi-Fi information accordingly.
  • Different devices work with different band connections you can contact the manufacturer to know more.

Once you finish checking the device set up settings and the Wi-Fi network, try asking Alexa to discover Philips Hue by giving the voice command, “Discover my devices.” If nothing happens then you should call the Amazon Echo Alexa technical support number and seek additional technical assistance.

How to Fix Amazon Echo Keeps Losing Connection

Echo Alexa Support Number

It can be really aggravating when you are all set to use the Amazon Echo device and find out that the device hasn’t been connected to the Wi-Fi connection. And to add to that, what you notice is that the Amazon echo keeps on losing the connection every now and then, even after you have tried multiple attempts. The Amazon Echo keeps on connecting and disconnecting again and again. It becomes really crucial to target this issue and just eradicate it completely. A way to check whether the device has been connected to the Wi-Fi connection is that you can see a power LED at the bottom of the Amazon Echo. If it shows white light, then it means the device is connected and orange light shows no connection. The ways to fix this issue has been explained in this blog. Read it till the end, apply them and then contact the Amazon Echo customer care number if required.

Here are some of the ways that you can try to deal with the error and check whether they work or not.

  • Give a check to the Wi-Fi once: Sometimes, there can be issues with the Wi-Fi connection and not with Amazon Echo. Try connecting other devices to the Wi-Fi connection. If they also do not connect, then you need to first fix the issues with the signals and connectivity.
  • Restarting both the devices: Switch off the Echo device and also the Wi-Fi modem and router. Switch them again after 30-40 seconds. Switch on the Wi-Fi bottom at the bottom of Amazon Echo and connect it to the Wi-Fi connection.
  • Try shifting the devices from their position: It may sound a little funny but sometimes electronic devices such as AC, ovens, computers can cause interference in the signals with the Wi-Fi. Try connecting the modem and router to a place far away from these devices and then check whether the issue has been resolved or not. Make the Amazon Echo sit very close to the Wi-Fi router.
  • Factory reset of Amazon Echo: This approach should be taken if nothing works. You can reset the Amazon echo device and start using the device from scratch. For factory reset, you need to press the small hole at the bottom of the device with the help of a paper clip and keep it steady till the light ring turns on and turns off back again. As soon as you see that the light has turned orange, you are ready to reset. Open the Alexa app and follow the prompts for the factory

Losing internet connections while you are using any device can be really frustrating. With Amazon Echo device, these fixes can work. And if these methods do not work, then just indulge with the customer executives at Amazon Echo technical support number and avail their services at any time of the day.

Amazon Echo Registration Failure-How to fix it

Amazon Echo Alexa Support

Amazon is one of the biggest names in home entertainment today. From movies to T.V shows, from eBooks to music, from games to news, Amazon has it all. One of the best features of Amazon is that users can link their devices to their Amazon account and customized entertainment any time they want. Take for example Amazon Echo, a range of smart speakers that are voice controlled. Users can register their devices with the Amazon account and get customized music and better manage their content. Amazon Echo Alexa customer care number is available 24 hours a day to guide users through the registration process. This article will also be able to help if you in case your Amazon Echo registration failed.

Registration Failure How to fix it

Basic information for Amazon Echo Registration

Before we begin troubleshooting you must make sure that you have all the information and updates in place for the registration. Here is a list of specifications recommended by Amazon that you can check:

  • Device updates: Your registration process may have failed because you are using an older version of the software. Update the device so that it is using the latest version.
  • Login Information: Check the login credentials you are using to register the device. Your login information should be the same as when you sign in to your Amazon account.
  • Email filters: Amazon will send emails to authenticate and confirm product registration. Check to see if your email filters or spam settings are preventing Amazon from sending you the emails.
  • Connectivity: Make sure you have the minimum bandwidth requirements to run Amazon Echo and so that Alexa can function smoothly. You can contact your service providers for more details.

Amazon Echo Registration: Troubleshooting

Once you have all the registration requirements in place you can follow the suggestions given below to troubleshoot the Amazon Registration Error:

  1. Restart your Amazon Echo device and try registering again once the speaker is back online.
  2. If the restart does not work rest the device. Press and hold the reset button for a few seconds until the light becomes orange. Once the speaker is in setup mode open the Alexa app and try registering again.
  3. Check the network connectivity. Turn off your modem and router and switch it back on after a while.
  4. Disconnect the power supply by unplugging the power adaptor from the Amazon Echo speaker. After 5 seconds reconnect the cable.
  5. Try using a different account to register the Amazon Echo.

If the steps given above do not work then it is possible that the Amazon Echo speaker is already registered with someone else’s account. Sometimes it is also possible that the Amazon Echo may have been mistakenly reported as lost or stolen because of which the registration failed. If that is the case you can always contact Amazon Echo Alexa customer support number to check the serial number and registration status. Users should also note that the steps to reset and register a device may depend on the specific Amazon Echo model number. Speak to an Amazon representative to know more.

How to set up Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is a range of smart speakers which is a product of Amazon. Echo connects to Alexa which is a voice-activated artificial intelligent assistant and it wakes up when it hears the ‘wake word’ Alexa. The speaker is always on and it is always listening, so the moment it hears the wake word it gathers the voice commands and relays them to Alexa which interprets the command and give back an appropriate response. The most appealing aspect of the Echo is easy to use the feature. You can use Amazon Echo to play music, listen to the news, and make appointments, book restaurants and also to book cabs and search flight prices etc. The capabilities are infinite as Alexa gathers more and more information, it becomes smarter every day. If you want more detailed insight into the world of Amazon Echo, you can call Amazon Echo Alexa customer care number.

One of the most common and vocal issues about the Amazon Echo is the process of setting it up. Setting up gadgets and products is always a nuisance and it is expected that people will always have complications or problems with the setup process. For all those who are looking for the correct way to set up your Echo device, you can follow the steps below:

  • Download the Alexa app.
  • Plug in your Echo and wait for the indicator light to turn Blue. Then wait for it to turn to Orange again, this means it is ready to be configured.
  • Go to the Wi-Fi settings on your phone and select the Echo’s Wi-Fi connection which will be displayed as ‘amazon xxx’.
  • Launch the Alexa app to start the setup process and select the type of Echo you want to set up. The app will take you directly to the configuration process.
  • Enter your Amazon account credentials and agree to Alexa user conditions.
  • Select the Wi-Fi from the list that has been detected by Echo. You will now be connected to your home’s network and you can now start using it.
  • Now activate Alexa by simply saying the ‘wake word’ Alexa. You can change the wake word if you don’t like the word, Alexa.

The above steps will guide you to set up your Echo device without any complications. However, if you face any kind of problem or error, you can call Amazon Echo Alexa technical support number to get help from skilled technical supervisors, who will help you solve the problem. This support number is available 24×7 and it is toll-free.

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How does Amazon Echo work

Echo Alexa Customer Support Number

The Amazon Echo smart speakers are a product of Amazon which has changed the game of ‘smart speakers’. These are first generation smart speakers powered by a cloud-based technology and inbuilt with its own A.I assistant ‘Alexa’. It looks like an ordinary speaker but it can perform tasks like no other. Amazon Echo can be used for a variety of purposes like playing music, videos, calling and messaging, booking tables and flights, and Uber etc. So when you consider all these factors and capabilities of the Amazon Echo, it seems like the people who developed it really wanted to make the lives of people everywhere less hectic by allowing the speaker to carry out secondary everyday activities. But there is one thing that you must understand, and that is the basics behind its mechanism and functionality. You need to know how Amazon Echo works before you can even begin to use it. So sit back and relax, as this blog will guide you through some basic details that you need to know about Amazon Echo. However, if you don’t have the time to read this blog, you can contact Echo alexa customer care number to get the information remotely.

how does Amazon Echo work

How does Amazon echo work?

In order for Amazon Echo to work, you need to set it up first. And the setup process is very simple. All you have to do is:

  • Download and sign in to the Alexa app on your phone.
  • Plug in the Echo and wait for the light to change from blue to green.
  • Go back to the app and follow the instruction to connect the Echo to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Once you are done with step 3, you will be greeted by Alexa.

For your daily use, you need to wake up Alexa by saying the wake word which is obviously, Alexa. Once she is awake, you can ask her to perform various tasks for you. Like calling a friend or scheduling an event or booking a reservation for dinner at a restaurant. It is very simple, but just make sure that you voice out your commands distinctly and clearly. Also, you can change the wake word if you are not so fond of Alexa. Amazon offers you an extra 3 wake words, ‘Echo’, ‘Amazon’ or ‘computer’. It isn’t the most creative of selections, so let’s hope that Amazon will come up with better names for its AI in the future.

When it comes to its technology, Echo has seven inbuilt microphones that allow it to hear your commands. The device will light up when you are speaking so be aware of that. It is always listening to a specific sound wave pattern and will ignore everything else.

The above paragraphs hold brief descriptions about the workings of Amazon Echo. If you were able to understand that’s all well and good. But if you weren’t able to grasp the basic content of its functions, you can call Echo Alexa technical support number

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How to Use Alexa to Control Your TV

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Alexa a voice assistant can work with a Smart TV via Echo or similar smart speakers. You just need to perform the simple process to set up your TV with Alexa.

You can use Alexa on your TV in 6 different ways. All the methods to set up Alexa with your TV are as follows:

  • Using Fire TV devices
  • Using a TV which supports Alexa
  • Using Alexa with Logitech Harmony remote control system
  • Via Roku
  • Via URC custom remote control system
  • Using Dish on Direct TV

Here, in this blog, you can know, how you can Use Alexa to control a TV which supports Alexa.

Steps to set up Alexa with a TV

Fire TV devices are in the market and you can easily set up with Alexa. But there are also many TV’s available in the market that is not a Fire TV but supports Alexa via Echo devices. This feature is available in some selected models offered by LG, Sony, and Vizio. The steps to connect these TV’s with Alexa are discussed below.

For LG TVs:

  • Your TV should be using webOS 4.0 operating system or higher.
  • Launch the Set-Up TV for Alexa app from the home screen of your TV.
  • Then in the Alexa App go with the instructions and log in with your LG account and select the name of your TV.
  • Then install Alexa in your smartphone form the Play Store or App Store. Then enable LG SmartThinQ Alexa Skill and link your LG account.
  • Then follow the screen instructions and complete the process.

For Sony TVs:

  • Enable Sony TV Alexa App on your smartphone and follow the basic steps to connect the TV with Echo devices.
  • Open TV control setup with Amazon Alexa App from the home screen of your TV.
  • Don’t forget to log in with your Google account and select your TV model name.

For Vizio TVs:

  • Open Vizio TV SmartCast from the home screen of your TV.
  • Use TV remote and go to the Extra menu from the settings.
  • In the voice settings, pair display and install Alexa on your smartphone.
  • Go to the go to the Vizio website using your smartphone, and in the Alexa setup section enter the PIN on your TV screen.
  • Follow the basic steps to complete the setup process.

These are the steps you can follow to set up Alexa on your TV and use Alexa to control your TV. If you are unable to understand these steps and need expert’s help, then reach out to the Echo Alexa customer support number.

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How to Set Up Echo Show

Echo show, manufactured by Amazon falls in the line of products of being a smart device, which is embedded with excellent features. It was launched by the parent company Amazon in 2017, is a touchscreen device and it also features Alexa like other Amazon apps. It is far better than the previous Amazon echo with high-quality design and premium features. The front touchscreen also allows you to watch videos and listen to music at the very comfort of your home. This device has now become so popular with the users because of its stylish design and easy to use technology. It is surely a masterpiece created by the company by embedding a high-quality voice recognition feature into it. Are you a proud owner of this superb device, but is really wondering on how to set it up? If the answer to the proposed question is yes, then you should spare a few minutes of your valuable time and read this blog. And if by any case you need the help of technical assistance, then feel free to contact the Echo show customer support number, where you will be provided with all the necessary aid that you will require from well-qualified professionals.

The first and the foremost thing that you need to keep in mind is that you need Amazon Alexa device.

Set Up Echo Show

You can follow these steps to set up the Echo show device and enjoy your experience.

Step 1- Get in touch with your smartphone and open your play store or app store. If you are an Android user, then you will be required to open the play store app in your mobile, and if you are an iPhone user, then you will have to open the Appstore

Step 2-Then search for ‘Amazon Alexa App’ in the search toolbar and type Ok

Step 3- After you have completed with your search, then install the Amazon Alexa App in your smartphone by accepting the licensing agreement

Step 4- After the installation of the App is complete, now connect the Echo Show to the power supply and look for the power button situated on the device.

Step 5- Now open the Amazon Alexa App and tap on Add device. Now you will be provided with a varied variety of options and kindly opt for Echo Show device as you have to connect the particular one.

Step 6- Then select the name of your echo show device, and connect it with the Alexa App

Step 7- In the end connect your echo show device with the Wi-Fi at your home or workplace.

After going through all these steps practically, you will be able to set up your echo show device. But if at any point you find yourself stuck and is not able to secure this problem on your own, then it is advisable to contact the Amazon Echo customer care number, where the team of experts would help you with all your queries.

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How to connect iPhone to an Amazon Echo Device

The trend of purchasing Apple products has launched a new wave in the market. Now, almost 60% of the population has Apple products as their belonging and they are proud of that. The most widely used product that one can see in the hands of people is an iPhone. On the other side, Amazon is one company which is known for launching quality products and thus providing you with the benefits of new and advanced features. One of the products that caused a lot of excitement in the market is the Amazon Echo device. The Amazon Echo is a Bluetooth speaker that can help you to listen to music, news, talk to Alexa and give commands. If you have both the products at your place and have still not connected your iPhone to Amazon echo, then what are you waiting for. Read this blog to know about the procedure and enjoy the lifetime experience. In case you find some trouble in the setup process, then you shall get in touch with the professionals at Echo Alexa Customer care number right away.

 Connect iPhone to Amazon Echo Device

Steps to connect iPhone to the Amazon Echo device:

Alternative 1

  • Open the Appstore in your iPhone and search for Alexa App
  • Install the Alexa App in your device.
  • Once the installation process is complete, turn on the button of your Amazon echo device.
  • Now go to the Alexa app and search for the available Echo devices nearby.
  • As soon as you see your Echo device, select that to start the pairing process.
  • When the pairing process will be complete, the light of the device will change from orange to blue.

Alternative 2

  • Search the Bluetooth device in your iPhone and turn it on.
  • Now take your iPhone near the Amazon Alexa Echo device, so that the Bluetooth connectivity comes within the range.
  • Now give a command to Alexa, saying ‘Alexa pair’. It will now accept the command, start the searching and connecting process and will acknowledge you once the pairing is complete.
  • Once the pairing is complete, you can just tell Alexa to pair your iPhone the next time after you have turned on the Bluetooth, and it will connect automatically.
  • Now you can listen to your favorite music with a new experience.

Even though the steps are really simple, but sometimes the pairing can cause errors. When you are facing this type of trouble and you are not able to resolve it by your own end, then you should immediately get in touch with Amazon Echo Alexa Customer support number and understand about the pairing process.

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Echo Dot not Responding

Echo Dot is a smart speaker device, which works with a virtual assistant, name Amazon Alexa and gives a fabulous service. This device has earned a very good reputation all over the world, especially in the USA. Alexa and Echo Dot together can perform the various daily task as per the user command. You can make your daily schedule, listen to music, set reminders, listen to sports, it works with smart home appliances like TV and much more. To use the skills of Echo Dot, it will be necessary for your install Amazon Alexa App on your mobile phone and connect it to Echo Dot. Well, there are times when Echo Dot user face glitches, when suddenly ‘Echo Dot stops responding’ to users command. This issue can be solved by some simple troubleshooting methods or you can take help from Echo Alexa customer care number.

The solution for ‘Echo Dot is not responding’ issue

This problem can be solved by these simple troubleshooting steps:

Echo Dot troubleshooting number

The plug doesn’t connect properly:

  • Check the plug attached to Echo Dot device, ensure to connect it with the power supply.
  • Insert the USB and make sure to connect it to the Echo power adopter port.
  • Then press the power button to start the Echo Dot device and check if it’s working without any hassle.

The power cord is faulty:

  • When the power cord is damaged or faulty, then it will definitely cause some issue. So make sure to fix that first.
  • Make sure that power cord is not broken, cut or damaged. Because it can harm you also.
  • If there is any problem with the power cord, then it will be best for you to replace the power cord.

Move Echo Dot and put it to a silent place

There might be chances that, your Echo Dot device is placed near some noisy devices and you are unable to hear Echo Dot voice. So, put your Echo Dot device to a silent position.

Well, if you have followed all three methods, then try by restarting the devices. If this also doesn’t work, then you should contact with Echo Dot customer support number and take help. There are professional techies available on this number and they will give you the best solution of your problem.