How to fix AOL Email error 420

AOL Email Support

The error code is irritating and especially you are going to send an important email via AOL and received error 420. To fix this problem you should find out the reasons why this error appears on your webmail. For troubleshooting the AOL email error 420 issue you can connect to experts via AOL email customer care number. Through this number, you can dissolve all issues those are related to AOL email. Now check the steps for troubleshooting and see how you can solve it.

Method 1: Check your browser issues:

Check the issues of your browser because this problem may appear due to your browser problem. If your browser is out of date then update your browser. After you will update the browser again try to log in your AOL mail and check if there is any issue remain.

Method 2: Run an antivirus to scan your computer:

You should run an antivirus on your computer and remove the virus. The virus can be one reason for getting AOL email error 420. After removing all virus and threats from your computer you can check if the problem gets fixed.

Method 3: Disable the firewall on your computer:

Sometimes the firewall of antivirus act as a hindrance, that’s why you should disable it. After disabling the firewall of your computer you can check if your AOL email is working well.

Method 4: Use another device to log in your email:

If you login your AOL mail via computer then you should try to access email via mobile. Go the mobile browser and sign in your AOL mail.

Method 5: Contact to customer care team:

When you follow all methods for troubleshooting and still have the same error with your AOL mail then you should connect with trained executives of customer care, you can ring AOL email customer support number that is always available for troubleshooting. To reach out the talented experts of customer care this toll-free number is the best way. So you don’t need to worry if above given all methods couldn’t solve your problem.