Why am I not able to read email in AOL Mail

If you are unable to read the AOL email, there may be different reasons behind this problem. To solve the problem with AOL mail you don’t need to take the stress when tech support is here to help you. You can reach to tech support via AOL Email customer care number and find the solution. The trained experts of customer care are 24 X 7 ready to help its customers. Well, you can also try some troubleshooting steps described here. After ever successful attempt you need to check if you are able to read mail, if not then try next step. Follow all steps until you able to solve the problem.

Solutions to fix Mail problem:

  • Remove the cookies, cache, history, and footprints which are the reason for email conflict. After deleting all junk and temp files try to read the email. If you are still failed to read it then go to next step.
  • Check if there are any issues with the Web setting & reset it.
  • Make sure if the firewall is act as a hindrance for AOL Mail, then temporary block it. Antivirus feature firewall use to block the email, which may be one reason this email problem.
  • Deactivate the pop-up blocking software, try to access your AOL mail by using other browser & then read the email. You can also try to access the AOL email via another device.
  • Temporarily deactivate the Internet Protected Mode in Internet Explorer
  • Access the AOL email by using Basic version & then click on inbox.

After trying these all steps if you are unable to read the AOL email, you need to reach out to the customer care. Via AOL email support number you will able to resolve the problem. The service of tech support is 24 X 7 available for its users. Within a short period of time, the experts will offer you the exact solution. Whenever you required help for AOL Email troubleshoots, just as tech support team. To get an exact solution for AOL Email problem you can opt for customer care team.

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How to install HP Printers on Windows Operating System

HP is the brand name that everyone trusts upon. Be it the computers, laptops or printers, HP is the first choice of almost every user worldwide. With the aim to innovate and produce something new, this company has created a segment of the loyal customer base. But in the case of the new users, they face some issues at times. If you are a Windows OS user and also among the beginners in terms of operating and installing the printer, then you are reading the right blog. In this blog, you will get to know about the right way of Installing the HP Printer. You can always reach out to HP Printer customer care number at any time of the day or try to perform the basic troubleshooting steps.

This company manufactures a variety of printers according to the domestic as well as business requirements. With all new technology and ease of operation, HP printers fulfill all the printing demands.
Solution: Installing HP Printer on Windows OS

It is advised to follow the steps in the ascending order as they are given. Skipping any step will lead to confusions and difficulty in the installation process.

  • Go to the control panel
  • Choose ‘hardware and sound’ option
  • Open ‘device and printer’
  • Click on the top right ‘add a printer’ option
  • Select ‘add a network’ wireless or Bluetooth printer and then click on the next button.
  • Now, select to ‘add the printer using a TCP/IP’
  • Click on next option
  • Type your printer IP address and click next to continue
  • For entering the printer’s IP address, log in to your wireless router
  • Enter the IP address to finally connect the printer.

After completion, you can install HP Printer on Windows OS. But in any case, you feel inconvenience in following the troubleshooting steps that are mentioned above, don’t forget to reach out to HP Printer technical support number for accessing the help from the team of trained technicians. They are present to provide support to their users round the clock for the resolution of the issues.

How to fix AOL Desktop icon not working

Is your AOL Desktop icon missing? Or is it not working? Are you finding it difficult to locate the icon? If these questions ring a bell in your mind, then you are reading the right blog. because you will get to know about fixing the issue of AOL Desktop icon not working. It is quite common with users of this software that their icon disappears all of a sudden or stops working. In that case, it is highly advised to uninstall and install AOL Desktop Gold so that it becomes visible on your desktop.

AOL Desktop is widely used among people all over the world. With its ease of access to browsing, videos, music, email and much more, this software is quite different from others. It provides users with high-end features, but there occur sometimes when the users start facing issues. there are many issues that start to occur from installing the software to setting passwords and dealing with frequent error messages, it becomes hard for users to be a loyal customer, so they tend to shift to another alternative.

Some common causes of AOL Desktop icon not working

  • Overloaded desktop
  • Device reboot
  • Virus or malware
  • Improper installation
  • Other programs interfering

Fixing the issue

For fixing the AOL desktop icon related issues you must perform a system reset on your device, by doing so you will be able to get your problem resolved.

  • Try to perform a system restore to a previous date
  • For doing so, you have to click on the start menu.
  • Then click on Help and support
  • Choose to undo changes to the computer with system restore
  • Click next
  • And choose system restore
  • Follow the prompts

If the solution of restoring the system does not work, try to get the support advice from the customer care that is available online for giving a solution to the user queries. To make sure you must not face the similar issue once again, try to download AOL Desktop Gold once again for the proper functioning of the software.

How to find the default IP Address of NETGEAR Router

NETGEAR provides internet broadband connectivity. Usually a broadband has two IP address, one communicates locally and the other one communicates with networks outside the local one (The internet). The one connects locally we call it private IP address and the other one is public IP address.

If you’ve never changed the local address, and especially if the router was bought new, this IP address is considered the “default IP address” because it’s the one supplied by the manufacturer.

When first setting up a router, the administrator must know this address in order to connect to its console. This typically works by pointing a web browser to the IP address.

The internet provider supplies the public address and the private address is used by the administrator. The private address the supplier provide is the default IP address.

Netgear customer care number

Here we will discuss how you can know the default IP Address of NETGEAR Router:

• By default your Routers default IP address should be or but some of NETGEAR routers don’t have this IP address.
• If your default IP address is not that then you can check behind your router, NETGEAR provides some basic information about the router so you can check it from there.
• If in case you can’t find it there you can go to the official website of the NETGEAR.
• You can contact the NETGEAR customer support service by dialing their number. This number is toll free and they will assist you 24*7 to help you.
• You can change the default IP address of your modem during the installation of your modem with the help of the operator.
• If you have by mistaken change the IP address you can again change it to factory default setting. For this, you can go to the modem settings and click on the connectivity setting then choose reset factory default setting.

To login into the Netgear router you can follow these steps:

  • Launch the web browser in your computer or any device which is connected to your router’s network.
  • Go to the website of your Netgear account where the login window will open.
  • Enter the username and password you have and choose login.

Still if you can’t login into the router then contact to the Netgear customer support number. There is techies available who will help you to solve your problem.

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QuickBooks Error 3140

It is a misconception that QuickBooks is a perfect accounting software without any hitches because it also has minor performance and technical glitches. These errors have the tendency to hamper your task if not solved timely. It is recommended to take a suggestion from customer care through QuickBooks customer care number available throughout the day in a year. They possess the ability and knowledge required to eradicate the problem completely.

What is QuickBooks Error 3140?

This is a runtime error which crashes your system and application and makes it slow and then ends it. This error makes Windows behave weirdly and execute the mouse and keyboard command very slowly by taking time.
Reasons why this error occur

Before we begin the process of fixing it we need to understand the real cause of the problem. The possible reason due to which users can confront this error code is:

  • Corrupt downloading of QuickBooks file
  • Or incomplete installation
  • Due to shady Windows registry files
  • Because of malicious viruses and malware
  • Removing the QuickBooks related files by mistake

How to fix Error 3140

You need to check all the possible causes because of which you are experiencing this critical error and then accordingly have to execute the solution steps:

  • You must repair all the faulty registry entry associated with this fault
  • Scan your computer for viruses and malware using updated antivirus
  • Run Disk Cleanup to remove unnecessary temporary files and folders
  • Update all the device driver if they are outdated
  • Set restore point of your system in order to preserve the settings to be able to use it in future at the time of urgency
  • Re-install all the associated program of QuickBooks
  • Make sure your window is updated with the latest version and conduct clean Window installation

While executing these steps if get stuck in middle then there is no need of getting frustrated just maintain the cool and reach out to QuickBooks support number accessible all day and night. The proficient technical specialists are available all-time in order to fix the issue to make their valued customer satisfied and at ease.

Amazon Alexa app for Mac OS device

Alexa app is a virtual assistant developed by Amazon developers. It has proven to be quite popular for some people. You can use the Alexa app to set up the Alexa enabled devices, listen to music, create shopping list, get news updates and much more.

Echo Alexa customer care number
Some people already think that the Alexa app is better than the Apple’s Siri. So there is an app which will allow you to use Alexa app on your iOS device or Mac.

 Reverb app lets you use the Alexa app on your iOS or Mac.

• You can use the Reverb App to use the Alexa app anywhere on your iOS.
• Reverb performs every task through Alexa which Alexa does.
• You can ask questions Reverb will answer them via Alexa.
• Reverb will reports traffic and weather, give sports score i.e. it will perform every task Alexa can do.
• Reverb has been updated now and it uses Alexa version 2, which now give support to audiobooks, alarm, timers and much more.
• It connects with the smart devices like Thermostat Samsung smart things, Bluetooth devices etc.
• Alexa has a very feature that it always learn new things which allow it to gain knowledge about 1000 of flowers and many animals voices etc.
• Alexa is a very userfreindly app which learn things and become more like a friend with time which knows many things about you.
• Reverb doesn’t support music because Alexa doesn’t give permission of using Amozon music apps.
• Only hardware implementation are allowed to use Amazone music.

 Alexa app performs these tasks on your device:

• Alexa setup your Alexa-enabled devices.
• It sets up controls or check status of your compayible smart lights.
• It set up locks and thermostats at home or on the way.
• It connects you with music device like Amozon music, itunes, Spotify etc.
• You can choose a song or playlist and listen music on your Alexa enabled devices.
• It connects two or more speakers together to enhance the music volume together.
• It checks and oraganize the work you have to do on the go, get sports score, get weather and news updates, manage alarms etc.
• You can use the drop in from your app to connect in an instant to connect with your compatible echo devices at home and on the go.
• Call or message on the supported Alexa devices at no additional cost.
• It call all around the US, Mexico and Canada for free.

If you get any issue with using the Reverb app or Alexa app you can contact their Echo Alexa customer support number.

How to recover hacked ATT email account

Hacking has become a common and threatening practice across the world. Over the passage of time, cyber-crimes have been increased leading to data leak and ransom demands. Hacking of ATT Email account is quite a serious issue. The users often complain about unusual activities through their accounts resulting in unknowingly account being hacked. If you have also experienced the same then it is the time to connect with AT&T customer care number that can be reached at any time of the day and from any part of the globe.

How to identify Hacking activities on your account

  • Your new emails have been read
  • You are unable to open your account even after troubleshooting
  • Password and username show unmatched
  • Your emails have been deleted from the account
  • Alternative email and phone number has been changed

If your account has been hacked, fix it by following these steps

  • First assure that you are able to login to your account, if yes then try setting a new password
  • Go to the page of ‘Reset Password’
  • Select the reason of password reset
  • Fill the CAPTCHA or the character then tick the box saying ‘I am not a robot’
  • Or you can try resetting your password through alternative email id or an active phone number
  • Enter the received code on a box that appears on the reset password screen
  • Now create a new password. Don’t forget to make it strong by using a good combination of numbers, symbols, and alphabets.

Things to remember

  • Never share your credentials with unknown people
  • Avoid using your email from public Wi-Fi
  • Change your password frequently
  • Avoid bookmarking or saving your passwords in public computers
  • Try opening your email from different browsers if possible

If you think these steps did not work to save your account from hacking, then instantly reach out to AT&T technical support number, where the trained technicians will guide you in solving the issue in the least minimum time. They will also provide you some safety tips to secure your account adequately in near future. The team of experts is dedicated to their work and they give utmost importance to their valuable customers.

How to Fix Sleep Mode Problems in Dell Computer

Are you aware of the story of sleeping beauty? And your computer is witnessing the same problem of long sleep? If your answer is yes, then you need to wake it up from its sleeping mode for which you can reach Dell customer care number available at all hours. The support team solves the issue instantly once they have diagnosed the real cause of the problem.

Dell computers can go into a deep sleep because of some technical glitches like overheating, hardware or software issue, or due to some wrong setting or you forgot using the system after putting it in sleep mode or you have not shut down the computer from a long time. There can be a different reason why your computer is in sleep mode, some of the possible causes are:

 Fault in BIOS
 Bluetooth issue
 Hardware issue
 The configuration of sleep key is incorrect on your computer

Solutions to Sleep Mode Problems in Dell Computer

In order to revive your computer from sleep mode users have to follow the guidelines mentioned in the blog:

Check power supply- Make sure that your computer has an active power supply
Check Keyboard- Give the authority to the keyboard to wake you up from the sleep by going Device Manager> Keyboard> Properties> Power Management and then mark the checkbox of ‘Allow this to device to wake computers’
Update drivers- This sleep issue can be because of the outdated or old driver so make sure to update all the driver with the latest version.
Power request- Enter the code powercfg- requests in command prompt which control all power system setting
Run the troubleshoot- You can run inbuilt troubleshoot for improving power usage
 Clean Boot- Using MS Config utility perform a clean boot

If you are not able to perform the steps as given or you are not able to rectify the issue then connect with Dell technical support number who are online 24×7 despite location constraints. The team experts are capable of fixing any unexpected issue related with Dell computer in the minimum time.

How users can download setup of AOL Email

AOL Email allows the users a safe and user-friendly interface to exchange the emails. This among the widely used email services across the globe but at times users face hassles in downloading the setup of AOL Email on their device. If you are also amongst them then you are definitely reading the right post. This service provides speed and reliability with top class protection. To do the needful setup, users will have to go through some steps. Else they can also get in touch with AOL customer care number where the technical professionals will guide you in a relevant way.

But before you get AOL Mail, there are some minimum system requirements that are to be kept in mind. Both the IMAP and POP3 setup for AOL email has been enlisted below. It is advised to use only AOL server names.

To setup AOL Email as an IMAP Account –

  • Open the Applications tray on your device and tap on My Accounts
  • Select Add account > email account
  • Tap on AOL
  • Enter your full AOL Email address followed by the password
  • Tap on next and wait for the device to connect with the email server

To setup AOL as a POP3 account –

  • Tap on general settings and confirm the information in all the settings fields are
  • If required, make suitable changes and select Ok
  • Tap on the incoming server
  • Select POP Mail server
  • Enter the POP3 Server as pop.aol.com
  • Check use secure connection and verify the security certificate
  • Enter server port 995

Note: In the IMAP settings, users must check the active secure connection and enter incoming port as 993. And in the outgoing server port should be entered as 465. Once everything gets completed, don’t forget to save the configuration.

In the mentioned way users can download the setup of AOL Email on their device. But in case if the given settings do not work then you should not wait anymore and get in touch with the technical professionals to avail their best assistance. They stay actively available 24 hours of the day at AOL customer support. You can elaborate them about the issue and get fixture.

How to Fix QuickBooks Error 393 Instantly

When the QuickBooks software failed to update the transaction details of users, an error appears as “Error 393.” This error code may be irritating for you because it causes trouble to check the account and transaction details. Resolution of QuickBooks can be difficult for anyone either you are techno-lover or non-tech savvy because QuickBooks is quite complicated software. That’s why customer care executives are avail via QuickBooks customer care number all the time. You can reach to technicians anytime you want because experts value your time & money, so they are 24×7 avail on the call.

Why Error 393 appear on QuickBooks?

The reason behind appearing error code 393 on QuickBooks may be more than one. Let’s have focused on reasons and their solutions.

  • The online account set up the problem on QuickBooks.
  • The server of QuickBooks is not responding.
  • The QuickBooks company file is damaged.
  • The bank required identity confirmation.

Resolve QuickBooks error 393 code:-

In spite of all, if your QuickBooks is showing the problem and you are not able to check QuickBooks error code 393, then you can try these given steps. Hope you will able to resolve the problem you are facing within a limited time.

Step 1. To fix this problem you can create a new test file.

Step 2. Now deactivate the file and then reactivate it.

Step 3. After that check the inactive accounts in QuickBooks.

Step 4. At the last verify the data integrity.

Step 5. Now refresh the QuickBooks account and check for transaction updates.

Get expert’s help for troubleshooting:

This is not sure that you will fix the error code 393 via above-given steps, although you don’t need to worry about the issues. You can simply call on QuickBooks support number that is always available for users. Through this number, you can anytime contact customer care support team and ask them for help. They are 24/7 ready for assistance and fix the QuickBooks issues. These experts will resolve the QuickBooks problem as soon as possible by which users can continue their work again.

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