netgear router which is blinking orange

Fix Netgear Router Which Is Blinking Orange

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Netgear is a popular manufacturer of both wired and wireless routers. It is perfect for small businesses. Netgear routers are very much reliable and are easy to use. When you turn on the router, you get to see a white or a green light after 20 seconds, and if you don’t see it and there is orange light blinking, this could be the problem due to the Internet connection or power cycle. So the first thing you should do is check your connection and see whether your router is properly connected to the computer or not. This is a very common issue nowadays, and there is nothing wrong with your router, it is all about the ISP. Below are some steps that you need to follow, which might help you fix the issue of Netgear router blinking orange. But if you are not a technical master, you can also get in touch with Netgear router Customer care number where technical experts will guide you properly.

The steps that you could follow to fix this problem are:

  • Step 1: You need to turn your router off and then switch it on to see if the power LED is turning green or white.
  • Step 2: You need to restore the router to its factory setting. It could be done by pressing the Reset button and see if it is still blinking or not
  • Step 3: If it is still blinking, you will have to connect your computer to the LAN port of the router
  • Step 4: In this step, you will have to set the IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway of your computer to static.
  • Step 5: When you are done with the above step, you need to open your command prompt
  • Step 6: Type and proceed by clicking enter
  • Step 7: If you can see replies coming, without setup CD recovery tool, you need to reinstall the firmware on the router.
  • Step 8: Once this process is done, the power light will turn green, and no orange color would blink

The above methods could be used to fix the problem, and if you seriously follow these steps, it is going to help you for sure. The process is a bit complicated, but it solves the problem immediately. But if you are not satisfied with the results, i.e., if the Power LED is still blinking orange, you can speak to Netgear technical support number and the technical executives will help you get rid of this problem by their professional assistance and guidance. Netgear Customer service is available 24/7, you can call them anytime you want, and they will be there to help you.

QuickBooks Unable to Connect to Remote Server

A QuickBooks user can access their data and company files that have been saved in the software at any system by logging in through their administrative ID. The software connects to the remote server, which means that the server provides access to the data stored in your computer on any other computer through the network. It means that if you wish to edit your data files or view the transactions and your laptop is not available with you, you can always see them on any other available system. But what if you find that you try opening the software through remote server access and it fails to connect. In that case, you can execute the manual troubleshooting methods to rectify the error, or if you need the guidance of a technical expert, you can reach out to QuickBooks Customer Care number at any time.

There are varied reasons behind the server issue. A few basic ones which can be a recurring reason for this dilemma are:

  • The server was disconnected or is facing some configuration issues
  • Third party Firewall is installed in the network
  • The QuickBooks database server manager is having problems to run the server due to some poor connection

What are the steps to fix the issue of QuickBooks not able to connect to the remote server?

A user can solve this particular issue in different ways which are discussed below:

Method 1- Update QuickBooks to its recent version

  • Firstly, Open QuickBooks software from your system and download the latest version.
  • Choose the desired product and the company file that you wish to update and then click on the link to download the updated data.

Method 2- Verify the Settings in the Webmail Preferences

  • Once you have downloaded the latest updates for the software, click on the QuickBooks Edit menu and then navigate to the option of Preferences
  • Now you need to click on ‘Forms’ and after that select your default mail account
  • Click on the outgoing (SMTP) server details and edit them
  • You can manually configure the server and the port settings.

Method 3-Reset the Internet Explorer Settings to Default

  • Close the QuickBooks software and double click on Internet Explorer(web browser) icon.
  • After that navigate to the Settings option and then click on Tools Menu
  • Right, Click on the ‘Internet’ and after that, click on the advanced tab.
  • Now enable the advanced settings and click on Okay once done
  • Close the web browser

Method 4- Create a network data file

  • This is the last step. To create a network data file, click on the Windows icon on the display screen and then type ‘QB Database, Server Manager.’
  • After that, select the option of Database Server Manager.
  • If you are not able to find it, you can uninstall QuickBooks accounting software and reinstall it.
  • Once the installation is complete, click on QuickBooks Database server manager window, locate the path of the company file
  • Create a new folder on the desktop. Copy and paste all the files in this new folder and scan them
  • After completing the scanning process, verify the .nd data that were created

If the users confront any issues while executing the given steps, they can always contact the technical experts by dialing QuickBooks Customer support number. The adepts are available at your service through the communicative channels of live chat support, emails, and calls.

Is ATT Net and Yahoo the same

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AT&T Inc. is one of the largest holding companies in the United States and is considered to be a conglomerate that provides internet services, mobile services, mass media, and much more. AT&T Net, or ‘’ as it is commonly written, was developed by AT&T as a web portal in 1995. Following a contract with Yahoo, AT&T began to offer internet services provided by Yahoo for all AT&T internet service providers. After the deal with Yahoo, as an user, you were able to access Yahoo websites, including Yahoo Mail, using your registered AT&T email address. However, since December 2017, there were significant policy changes between AT&T Net and Yahoo, thus making them two distinct email domains. This article explores the relationship between AT&T Net and Yahoo and the impact it has on your email experience. If you have any trouble accessing your email account using the AT&T or Yahoo web portal you can call the ATT customer care number and speak to a certified email expert to clarify your doubts and troubleshoot email errors.

AT&T Net and Yahoo email services

After entering into a partnership with Yahoo, AT&T email users could access their accounts using the Yahoo web portal. At the same time, if you had an AT&T email address, you could sign in to different Yahoo services, including Flickr, Tumblr, and other Yahoo properties. However, recently, AT&T notified all its users that their AT&T and Yahoo email accounts were about to be unmerged. Here are a couple of things you should know regarding changes to your AT&T Net and Yahoo email experience:

  • Users will not be able to sign in to ‘myAT&T’ or using a Yahoo ID.
  • All previously merged and Yahoo accounts will now be separated.
  • When you login in your AT&T account you should enter an AT&T ID.
  • You have to transfer your email data from your Yahoo account to AT&T.
  • Create a new Yahoo ID to use Yahoo services like Tumblr and Flickr.
  • The password for both AT&T and Yahoo will remain unchanged.
  • You can use the Yahoo Member Centre to manage your Yahoo password.
  • AT&T and Yahoo will be treated as two separate email accounts, and you need to sign in separately.

If you have any other doubts about how the changes to your AT&T and Yahoo accounts will affect your email experience you can call the ATT technical support number and speak to a professional email expert to clarify the problem. Trained email experts and tech support representatives are available 24 hours a day and will be able to give you a detailed guide on how to overcome any problem related to your merged Yahoo and AT&T accounts.

How Do I Connect My Dell Printer To A Wireless Network

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As we all know, wireless technology has been playing an important role in today’s world. Whenever we feel like connecting to Internet, we always prefer wifi. It is the prime reason that Dell has started offering wireless printers for the users. A wireless printer enables the users to do print jobs and send them to the co-workers without leaving their workspace. Well if you talk about how to connect your dell printer to a wireless network, you will have to follow few easy steps, and you will get your solution. You can use any of the provided methods to connect to a wireless network. You can also get in touch with Dell customer care number where the technicians will help you solve the problem

Methods you need to follow to connect your printer to a wireless network:

  • Method 1: You can use printer panel to connect Dell printer to a wireless network: Printer panel is available in every Dell printers, which helps you to change and modify network and printer settings. You can easily connect to a wireless network by following the given steps:
  • You need to turn your printer on
  • Go to system button and admin menu. Then you have to go to the network option
  • You will see a wireless setup option; you need to click on that, you will be given a list of wireless networks out of which you have to select your network.
  • After the selection, you will have to enter the password for the desired network and you are done with the process
  • Method 2: Connect dell printer via WPS button: WPS is the supreme method to connect dell printer to a wireless network. But WPS feature is not available in every wireless router. You need to ensure whether your device have this feature or not. If yes , then you can follow the given instructions:
  • You need to hold the WPS button on your printer until it shows ‘WPS method is running’ message on yout printer and then do the same with the router
  • They both will start synchronizing, and it might take 2 minutes for them to connect
  • Method 3: Use dell easy installer or Wireless Setup Wizard

Dell easy installer helps you easily connect to the wireless network automatically

  • Dell easy installer contains CD and dell printers; you need to connect dell printer to your device and insert the CD. Go to the file name setup.exe
  • After you get done with the setup, You will see a dialog box which contains some instructions for the installation; you need to follow them, and your installation process will be done
  • Now, disconnect the printer from the computer, and you will be able to connect to wireless network automatically

These methods could help you connect to the wireless networks. But if you still have any query , you can contact Dell customer support number to get assisted by the professional experts.

SSL Error While Accessing SBCGlobal Email On Google Chrome

SBCGlobal email service is considered as the fastest email communication services provided by AT&T. It offers a reliable and secured service to the users and provide the advanced features to enhance the user experience. The innovatively approached security system avoids many of the issue bothering users. However, it is not a foolproof email system and may produce some of the issues from time to time.

Users mostly access SBCGlobal email services on Google and consequently may get several issues. It has been reported a lot of time when people using the browser to access SBCGlobal email they get SSL certificate issue. This issue is denoted as SSL error and may cause such greater trouble for users and lead them a frustrated state. Now if you are experiencing this issue, you may not be able to access your email account properly and unable to process your important works.

Generally, this issue appears when you try to log in through internet browser. you will see a red sign before the web address denoting that the security level is absent. In such a situation, you would become troublesome thinking that the site a replica that might leak your data if you log in as it is. Now it is needed to remove the confusion because it may compromise the security of your email account. you may have tried various options to fix the issue but unable to get the solution. If you try to login with another email account on the same browser, you will find that it is working fine. So it is clear that the issue is associated with SBCGlobal email.

Now you need to fix the issue at earliest to avoid the confusing situation. You can contact at SBCGLobal customer care number and get the easy support and professional guidance. However, this blog will also help you to fix the issue:

Easy steps to fix the issue:

  • Go to the Google Chrome web browser and click on the ‘Menu’ icon.
  • Then you need to go to the settings option.
  • There you will see find ‘Show advanced settings’ option.
  • Click on that and then click on content settings, where you will get the privacy section.
  • A dialog box will open in the cookies section.
  • Select the option to allow local data to be set’ to permit both first and third party cookies.
  • At last click on done to complete the procedure.

Now you can easily activate SSL on Google Chrome and enjoy the SBCGlobal email services with full security. In case if you are getting an issue, you can contact at SBCGlobal technical support number for professional guidance.

How to Resolve QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Error PS058?

There are various features which the users get while using QuickBooks software. These are features which would bring in ease to the routine accounting and billing tasks. There are certain situations which the users come across malfunctions while using this software. These are an issue which would completely disrupt the functioning of the users, and it may even lead to larger problems. One major problem which the users come across on QuickBooks software is the Payroll Error PS058. The users can attain a better understanding of the issue by reading this entire blog. The users also have the option of connecting with QuickBooks customer care number.

Reasons for facing QuickBooks Payroll Error PS 058

This is an error which comes when you are downloading an update which is related to payroll. The issue can be related to an issue with the hardware or even software. The process of installation includes various stages, and there is a huge risk of encountering this issue. Some most common reasons for this issue include:

  • When an error takes place while copying the company files into the hard drive.
  • When corruption happens during decryption of the files.
  • When an error takes place while using QBD to install the files.

How to solve the issue of QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Error PS058?

The ways in which the users can solve the issue of QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Error PS058 is as given below:

Method 1:

Download Payroll Update

  • You would have to successfully download the latest version of Payroll and ensure that you are always using the latest version of the update.
  • Then you would have to open the QuickBooks application.
  • The users would then have to click on Help and further opt on update QuickBooks.
  • You would then be able to see ‘Options’ in the title bar, click on it.
  • Then click on ‘No’ to shared download, and then save and close the window.
  • The update should now be downloaded.

Method 2:

Update QuickBooks

  • The users must now close the QuickBooks application and then run it as an administrator.
  • The users would then have to follow the same instructions as given in the above method, but on the Options list you would have to click on Select All and then Save and Close.
  • Once you have successfully downloaded QuickBooks, reboot your system.

Solution 3:

Check error in  the Company file

  • Access the QuickBooks application and then press the F2 button.
  • Then product information would pop up, after which you would have to press F3.
  • Then in the option of Tech Help, click on Open File.
  • You would then have to double click on LOG.
  • Further, scroll down the page until you find the error writer in any of the lines.

If the users are unable to solve the issue of error PS058, then the best option which the users would have is to connect with QuickBooks technical support number. This service is accessible free of cost and is available on a 24-hour basis.

How to Troubleshoot Verizon Email Error Code 0X800ccc92?

Verizon is ranked among the top email service providers in the world, and this is because of the advanced services that they provide the users. There are times when the users of Verizon email face issues while using their service. Most of the issues which the users face can be solved using some really simple troubleshooting methods. One common issue which the users face is the error code 0X800ccc92. When the users come across this issue, they face issues like blue screen errors, freezing of the system, installation error, and several others.

This error on Verizon email causes the program to lock up and might also cause the sluggish performance of your system. This error usually takes place due to various reasons such as downloading error issues, because of transferring corrupted files. The users can file respite against this issue by connecting with Verizon customer support number. The users also have the option of going through this entire blog, by which they would be able to attain a better understanding of this issue.

Solutions to troubleshoot Verizon Email error code 0X800ccc92

The most efficient ways in which the users can solve the error code 0X800ccc92 is as stated below:

Step 1: Uninstall the app installed.

  • The users would have to click on ‘Start’ and then choose the control panel.
  • Under the control panel, you would have to select the ‘Uninstall a program’ option.
  • Then you would have to the right click on the program you wish to uninstall.
  • Finally, you would have to press the ‘Uninstall’ option.

Step 2: Install Windows Updates

  • The user would have to click on the ‘Start’ icon.
  • Then after that, the user would have to press Windows+R to access the run search box.
  • Then the user would have to search ‘Windows Update.’
  • Further Click on ‘Check for updates’ option.
  • Finally, you would complete the procedure of update.

Step 3: Run System File Scanner Tool

  • The users would have to follow the same steps and access the start menu.
  • Then they would have to open the ‘Run’ dialogue box by pressing the shortcut key Windows + R.
  • Now under the search dialogue box, enter the command ‘CMD.’
  • Further, you would have to right-click ‘CMD’ and then choose to run as administrator.
  • Inside the command prompt, you would have to copy and paste the following command: SFC/scan now.
  • Then click on the Enter key and continue with the process.
  • The user would then have to restart the system to apply all the changes that they have made.

If the users are unable to solve the issue using the steps given above, then the last option which the users would have is to connect with Verizon contact number. This way, the user would directly connect with trained executives who would provide them with the most suitable ways to solve the issue.

How to fix Dell Printer offline Windows 10

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It can be quite frustrating to spend hours creating or editing a document only to get stuck when you want to print it because your Dell Printer is offline. The primary cause behind the offline error is the fact that your printer firmware is outdated or there are issues with the network connection. This article will give you an overview of some simple solutions you can use to resolve the printer offline error. However, if you find that the offline error occurs often, you should call the Dell customer care number and consult a printer expert to implement a more advanced solution to fix the error as soon as possible.

Solution 1: Check your Dell Printer Connection

You can go through the steps below to check the connection between your Dell printer and the computer or laptop you are using:

  • Step 1: Restart your Dell printer and check the printer USB connection.
  • Step 2: Try using a different device to check if the USB port is working.
  • Step 3: If you have a wireless Dell printer, review the network settings.
  • Step 4: Ensure that none of the printer cables are loose or damaged.
  • Step 5: Make sure the lit-up wireless icon indicates the printer is connected.

Solution 2: Update the Dell Printer Firmware

The Dell Printer offline error may have been caused by the outdated printer firmware. You can follow the instructions below to update the printer firmware on your Windows device:

  • Step 1: Visit the ‘Drivers and Download’ page and download the firmware.
  • Step 2: Extract all the Dell firmware files if it is delivered as a ‘.zip.’ file.
  • Step 3: Run the Firmware Update Utility and select the firmware to update.
  • Step 4: Use the drop-down menu to locate your specific printer model.
  • Step 5: Click the ‘Update’ option and wait for some time while the firmware is updating.

You must make sure you do not turn off the printer until the update is complete and the Dell Printer screen displays ‘Ready.’

Solution 3: Restart the Print Spooler Service

It is quite possible that the Dell Printer offline error on your Windows 10 device was caused because of a problem with the Print Spooler. You can follow the steps below to restart the Print Spooler and fix the offline error on your Dell Printer:

  • Step 1: Open Start menu and type“services.msc” in the search field.
  • Step 2: Look for the Print Spooleritem and check the service status.
  • Step 3: Right-click the Print Spooler option and click ‘Restart.’
  • Step 4: Close the services window and restart your computer.

If you find that the Dell Printer offline error persists even after implementing the solutions mentioned in this article you can call the Dell technical support number and speak to a trained printer expert to learn how to implement advanced troubleshooting solutions to resolve the error.

QuickBooks Chat Support

QuickBooks, accounting software has a lot to offer to people. It is designed for those who are a part of business organizations and companies or own their startups. The software caters towards providing accounting help and is geared towards small and medium-sized enterprises. It makes the accounting tasks easier by computing all the calculations based on the data provided by you. One of the best thing that proves to be beneficial is the availability of QuickBooks chat support where you can get all your queries answered.

The contact details can be slightly different depending on the type of QuickBooks product you need guidance with. The masters at QuickBooks customer care number deals with giving you a variety of information based on all QuickBooks products which include QuickBooks (Enterprise, POS, Online, Desktop, Payroll, etc.) Need help with creating invoices? Wish to understand how to generate bills and manage cash flows or calculate taxes? Want to understand how to calculate profit and loss based on the revenues or much more? Just dial the support number and get your issues resolved.

One can either dial the toll-free number, avail the chat option, email the queries. Many questions can make you ponder upon if you are new to this software. The QuickBooks support service is capable of providing you with the best possible solutions. The experts in this field have been given extensive training and are on the verge of updating themselves with new information. The users can have an ample number of doubts. Some of them include, how to connect QuickBooks to the bank, the procedure to update the data files, how to update the software, transferring the company files from one version to another, dealing with different error codes. Get the answers to all of these and many more

You can expect a plethora of information available at this platform. Some of the services provided by the QuickBooks Customer support number is listed below.

  • Need a solution on an urgent basis? The call waiting time is negligible, and you can expect a timely response.
  • Working on odd hours and got stuck. Dial the 24*7 toll-free number as the support remains operational all the time.
  • Stay relaxed as you are provided with answers that have been worked upon with previously and will prove to be effective.
  • The techies on the other side of the call are patient and polite to listen to you.
  • You will get step by step solutions, and the technicians will remain with you on the call throughout till the time your query doesn’t get resolved.

How to set up AT&T email on MS Outlook

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People often have multiple email accounts, which they use for different purposes. For example, you may have one account for personal correspondence and a separate account for business matters. Sometimes you may find it difficult to manage multiple email accounts and keep track of the different messages sent by your contact. This article will give you’re a general overview on how to set up your AT&T email account on MS Outlook so you can manage your emails on one platform. You can also call the ATT customer support number and consult a trained email expert to get a better idea about how to access your AT&T account using MS Outlook.

Steps to set up AT&T email on MS Outlook

Microsoft Outlook popular email application that allows you to add different email addresses and manage your accounts more efficiently. You can refer to the steps mentioned below to connect your AT&T email account to MS Outlook:

  • Step 1: Login into Microsoft Outlook and go to the file section. Click the ‘Info’ option and go to your account settings.
  • Step 2: Look for the ‘Email’ section under settings and click ‘New.’ You will see a radio button beside ‘Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP, or HTTP’.
  • Step 3: You will have to select the appropriate option to manually configure the server settings so that you can set up your AT&T email account.
  • Step 4: Enter your AT&T account details, including your full email address and password, in the give fields and proceed to the server settings.
  • Step 5: Choose ‘POP3’ as the account type and enter ‘’ and ‘’ as the incoming mail and outgoing mail server, respectively.
  • Step 6: Select the ‘Outgoing Server’ tab and checkmark the box that reads ‘My Outgoing Server requires authentication.’
  • Step 7: You can also click the relevant radio button to indicate you want to use the same settings as the incoming mail server.
  • Step 8: Open the ‘Advanced tab’ and click the on the box that reads ‘This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL).’
  • Step 9: Make sure you change the port number to 995 and change the SMTP field number to 465.

While entering the server settings, you must remember to type the data exactly as it is given in the steps mentioned above. In case you have trouble completing the steps, or if you cannot set up your email account, you can call the ATT technical support number and ask for additional technical assistance to resolve the issue. A team of well-trained email experts are available 24 hours a day and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the AT&T setup process or give you the best solution to solve any AT&T email errors you may encounter.