How to create ATT sub accounts

Are you facing troubles in creating sub-accounts in ATT email? Then you are reading the right blog to get your answer. Here you will be provided with easy steps to create the sub-accounts without any hassles. You can effortlessly create or edit and even disable a subaccount. A sub-account is a member ID email address set up under the account owner’s primary membership ID. Only the account owner can create and manage the subaccounts. A sub account is very helpful for those who maintain many accounts at the same time.

ATT email is widely used emailing service which provides the users with many powerful and interactive features. This email allows to maintain sub account as per your need and even delete them whenever you want. If you are facing any issues while doing so, then do get in touch ATT customer care number for taking help from the certified technicians.

Solution: How to Create subaccounts?

  • Firstly, you need to sign into your ATT account through the browser and device of your choice
  • Once logged in, go to profile > account users
  • If you have more than one account, select the account which you want to manage from the drop-down
  • Select Manage subaccount users
  • Select to add a sub account
  • Read the terms and conditions and select Accept
  • Fill in all the required information in given fields.

In case you want to EDIT the added sub account then

Select manage subaccount users then select to add a sub-account, follow the prompts and complete the fields and click to save.

If you don’t want to maintain the subaccounts anymore then you can DISABLE it too. For doing so, go to your profile then account users, select whichever account you want to manage, select manage subaccount users. You will see an option to ‘disable’ the subaccount, click and save.

If you find it a bit difficult to create the subaccounts, then you can take help from AT&T customer support number, which stays available online 24 hours for the resolution of customer problems.

How to fix Bluetooth issues of Echo Alexa

The amazing product Echo Alexa has various skills and this device perform superb tasks. Sometimes while using the Echo Alexa device users face some flaws that Echo is not connecting to Bluetooth or any other issues. Then in order to resolve that echo Alexa Bluetooth flaws, you should either ring the Echo Alexa customer care number or try these simple steps for troubleshooting. These steps are very easy to follow so that you can find the solution for Bluetooth flaws. You will have to follow the troubleshooting instruction one by one to fix the Bluetooth issue.

Ways to resolve the Bluetooth issues of Echo Alexa:

  1. Restart both devices Echo and Bluetooth at the same time.
  2. Now try to open the Alexa app.
  3. Go to the settings of Alexa app and open the Bluetooth.
  4. Un-Pair the Bluetooth device and repair
  5. If the problem remains the same then you will have to click on Bluetooth under the settings.
  6. Delete all the paired device from the list of Bluetooth.
  7. Now you will have to turn on the Bluetooth again.
  8. Try to connect the Bluetooth device with Echo Alexa.
  9. If the Bluetooth error remains the same then you should restart the echo and Alexa both.
  10. Now wait for a moment and then connect the echo device with Alexa and try to connect it with Bluetooth device.

When you are successfully done the above steps and still unable to fix the Bluetooth connectivity or other issues then you should ring Echo Alexa customer support number anytime from anywhere. With the help of this toll-free number, you can connect to the technicians anytime and share your trouble with experts. The service of Echo customer care is available round the clock and that’s why you can resolve the flaws without any delay. The technical experts are 365x24x7 available on the call for resolving the snags of your echo device. You can simply dial this number and connect to the skilled experts for resolving the Echo device flaws in a jiffy.

How to Set up New Roku Ultra 4660

Roku the streaming device which has many users across the world and every single user is enjoying its features. Recently Roku has launched its new Roku Ultra 4660 that is the latest model of the streaming device. If you want to set up this device to your TV then you can try the instructions that are given in this blog. This new device of Roku has latest and advanced features which you can enjoy while watching your favorite channels. To get more you can ring the Roku customer care number to connect with the technical experts of Roku. When the experts are here to assist you for troubleshooting you don’t have to worry anymore. You will find the complete help for setting up the Roku Ultra 4660, moreover, have a look on given steps.

Setup procedure of Roku Ultra 4660:-

  1. First off, unpack your Roku Ultra 4660 for box.
  2. Then you will have to connect the wire into power outlet.
  3. Now plug in the Roku Ultra.
  4. Connect the remote with Roku ultra and then place the battery inside the remote.
  5. Now you will have to press the remote button to connect the Roku.
  6. Connect the Roku with a Wi-Fi
  7. Then you should ensure that the Roku is working with an internet
  8. Plug the HDMI cable to the TV and Roku Ultra.
  9. Turn on the TV and then proceed to activation steps.

When you have successfully connected the Roku device and still unable to access your favorite channels, then you will have to add the channels. You will require a subscription of your favorite channels. To know the complete process to activate and add channels on Roku streaming player call on Roku customer support number via this number you can directly connect to the technical experts and these experts will resolve your problem within the short time duration. When the service of Roku customer care is 24×7 available for you, you don’t need to take tension for the flaws that appear with Roku.

How to change Netgear router password

When you purchased a router, you will be required to configure it. For the configuration, you will have to go to the default factory settings and default login. For the default login, you will have to enter the username & password i.e. Admin. Somehow people think that they need to change the password of Netgear router. Are you including them and want to change the password for any reason? Just have a call on Netgear router support number to reach the technicians and tell them to rectify your router snags. Apart from that, you can also try to change the password by yourself. If you want to change the password then go through the simple instructions those are described here.

Way to change the password of Netgear router:-

To change the password of Netgear router you will have to follow the steps given below. Go through the steps in sequence.

Step 1. Open the internet browser on your computer.

Step 2. Now you will have to search the router login page.

Step 3. You will prompt to enter router username & password. Then do it (Enter Admin for username & Password for a password.)

Step 4. You will reach to the home page and then tap to wireless.

Step 5. Finally, you will say to enter username & then enter your new password for the router.

Step 6. Click on “Apply” button and then your router password will be changed.

After the successful procedure, you will able to use your new password instead of a default password. In order to reset your router password all you need to do is to connect the customer care executives if you are unable to change the password by yourself. To get the solution of your router issues in a jiffy or get assistance for password resetting. Dial the Netgear router technical number. Through the number of customer care, you can directly interact with the dexterous techies and tell them to resolve your router bug just in limited time. The service of Netgear router customer care is 24 hours available every day so stop to worry for the router flaws.

How to fix QuickBooks stop working

If you are a QuickBooks software user and successfully running your business with the help of this accounting software. You will find that this accounting software is amazing but what if you get the QuickBooks has stopped to work? In this situation, you will have to look for troubleshooting steps that are described in this blog. You can follow the steps of this blog or can dial the QuickBooks customer care number to connect to the technical team. Well, if you have decided to troubleshoot the QuickBooks flaws then you should opt for instructions those are explained below.

Steps to fix the QuickBooks software stop working:-

You should follow these steps one by one by which you can fix the QuickBooks issues within the short time duration. Hope you will find this blog helpful.

Install QuickBooks diagnostic tool: In order to troubleshoot the QB error, you will have to install the QuickBooks diagnostic tool. Run this tool to fix the common snags that appear with QuickBooks software.

Reboot the computer: You can also follow this option that reboots the computer and then tries to open QuickBooks.
Temporary disable Anti-Virus Program: The Firewall of the antivirus can be one reason that your QuickBooks is not working. Temporarily disable the Antivirus and the check if QuickBooks is working or not.

Rename the QB file: Try to rename the QuickBooks file because this may possible that the company file name is too big. Change the name of your company file and then you can check if it started to work again.

There is a guaranty that you will get a complete solution for your QuickBooks software flaws. So if you are failed to fix the QuickBooks not working trouble then you can connect to the experts who are trained for fixing the error. Dial QuickBooks customer support number and connect to the experts of customer care who are well-trained and certified to resolving the QuickBooks snags. This toll-free number is 365x24x7 accessible so that you can connect to the experts anytime when you need their assistance for troubleshooting.

AOL mail not working on iPhone

AOL mail is a free web-supported email service provided by AOL. It is compatible with almost all kinds of cell phones, tablets, PCs etc. In phones, AOL mail is referred to as AIM mail (AOL Instant Messenger). Here you can send and receive emails, share pictures and videos, chat with your AOL mail contacts etc. if you would like to get more in-depth idea about AOL mail then contact AOL Customer Care Number.

However, users have been complaining about an issue of not being able to access their AOL mail through their iPhone. It could be about not being able to log in, or not being able to see the home screen etc. To fix all these issues there are many methods. One of these methods is to remove your account and log in again. To know how to do this, follow the steps below:

1. Go to settings, search for accounts and password option and click it.
2. You will see the list of all the account you have logged in to. Choose the AOL account.
3. Once you enter the account page, click the ‘delete account’ option at the bottom. Once the account is deleted, wait for some time.
4. Go to accounts and password again
5. Click on the Add account option.
6. Sign in using your username and password.
7. Temporary disable the firewall of the antivirus if you have in your iPhone.
8. Run the virus scanner and remove the infected files from your iPhone.

This is one of the ways through which you can fix your unresponsive AOL mail in your iPhone. If this method does not work then you may contact AOL customer service and get the help of technical consultants by calling AOL customer support number. You will be provided with a professional employee who will assist you in resolving this issue. The lines are available round the clock and it is toll-free. You can dial this number any time whenever you feel that you need assistance of experts for troubleshooting of your AOL webmail.

Alexa app for Mac OS device

Alexa app performs various tasks with Echo device. Amazon Echo is one of the popular product of Amazon which has countless users in the world. You can purchase this amazing smart gadget and connect it with Alexa app to perform so many tasks. To get more information you can dial Echo Alexa customer care number which is all time available to given you complete information about that. You can ask the customer care to about how you can use the Alexa app for Mac OS.

How to utilize Alexa app for Mac OS?

1. You will have to install the Alexa app on your Mac OS.
2. Then set up the Alexa with Echo device.
3. Connect the Alexa and Echo with Wi-Fi internet connection.
4. Then tell the Alexa to perform your tasks. As you know the Alexa has more than 1500 skills you can add skills for your use.

A. How to install Alexa on Mac?

1. Click on the App store on your Mac.
2. Then type Alexa app on your search bar.
3. Now click on install button when the result of Alexa app appear.

B. How to add skills on Alexa on Mac?

1. To add skills on Alexa app on your Mac. Tap on the Alexa icon.
2. Then select the additional features on the Alexa app.
3. Now select the skills which you want to add on your Alexa.
4. Now back to the previous page of Alexa app.

When you ever think that you need the help of customer care for assistance or to know the more about the Alexa app, or to know how you can use Alexa on Mac OS. Connect to the Amazon Echo Alexa customer support number. You can ring this number anytime and interact with the technicians of Alexa customer support. The service of Alexa customer care is available round the clock and you can fix the problem if you ever face with the help of technical experts. So that you can directly connect to the team of Alexa customer care and help them to fix the flaws.

How can I access My AT&T Emails

AT&T Inc. is a world leader in media and entertainment, communications and technology. It is an American multinational conglomerate holding company which is a provider of mobile telephone services and fixed telephone services. AT&T also provides email account option. By creating an AT&T email address you can enjoy email services which can be accessed through your laptop, PC and also your mobile phone. It has great content and gives you updates on news, sports, the weather etc. you can also play games, watch movies and listen to music through your AT&T email account. It also provides its customers with a 2-way verification process to ensure their security and privacy. This webmail has spam and junk mail filter features which prevent users from getting the malicious mail. These emails automatically transfer to the junk folder and protect inbox messages. To know more about AT&T emails, you can contact them at AT&T Email customer care number. You can avail their assistance by simply calling them any time of the day with no charge.

AT&T users sometimes face difficulty in accessing their email accounts.
This is a recurring problem and is very common amongst AT&T users. If you want to know how to access your AT&T email then go through the following steps:

Step 1: Go to yahoo mail.
Step 2: Click on the Sign in button.
Step 3: In the Yahoo id field, enter your AT&T email address which is also called ‘Member ID’.
Step 4: Enter your password in the appropriate field.
Step 5: Click the ‘sign in’ button.

These are the desired steps you need to follow in order to gain access to your AT&T email account. The steps are simple and easy to follow so you should be able to access the account with ease. However, if you require some assistance then you can get a hold of it by calling AT&T technical support number. The technical support team offers its customers a myriad of solutions and information to all their technical problems and questions. The line is open 24×7 and it is toll-free.

How to install HP Laser 1020 driver on Mac

It is known to everyone who uses a computer that without a driver a printer will not be able to execute the action that the computer relays. The purpose of the drivers is to allow the application to do the printing work smoothly without any complications. And so the constant update and installation of drivers are important for the smooth working of a printer. HP Laser 1020 is an old driver and it is not supported by many Operating Systems these days. But if done correctly and properly it can be installed in any type of OS. There have been many questions and concerns regarding the installation of HP Laser 1020 driver on Mac. If you would like to get more details, contact HP Printer Customer Care Number.

If you are one of those people looking for ways to install this driver on to your Mac then this blog will prove helpful as it contains the detailed steps on how to achieve it. To install the driver, you can follow the steps below:

1. To download the HP driver bundle from the official site.
2. Turn on your HP LaserJet 1020 printer and connect it to your Mac using a USB cable.
3. To add a new printer click on the ‘plus’ sign.
4. When the list appears, select HP LaserJet 1022 (not 1020)
5. After the installation process is complete run a test print.

The above steps also work for HP LaserJet 1020 plus model in Mac. So if you have this version then simply repeat the steps above to install it to your Mac computer.

If you have followed the steps exactly as it has been mentioned, then you would have succeeded installing HP laser1020 driver to your Mac. But if you still can’t install it to your Mac computer then it is recommended that you get in touch with some technical experts from HP. To get a hold of them you can call them at HP Printer customer support number. The lines are free of cost and it is available throughout the day and night. So you can connect to the techies anytime when you will need the assistance of customer care team.

How to reset a Dell printer to its Default setting

Dell printers are used by innumerable people worldwide. Be it an office, household or a small business organization, this company printers are the first choice of users. But there occur certain times when the users of this company printer confront with certain problems. If you are also a new user and facing some issues in resetting the printer to its default settings then this blog is for you. You can reach out to Dell customer care number for taking the guidance of the technicians in resolving the issue.

The printers of this company tend to misbehave overtime. The issues like overheating, slow processing, paper jam, factory reset occurs. Due to this the users go for other alternatives. But you can fix the issue with the help of given troubleshooting steps. Performing them is very easy.

Solution: Resetting the Dell printer to its Default settings

Dell printers can be reset to their default factory settings using a software that is found on the computer that is linked with the printer. So you must make sure that the printer is connected to the computer when running the software.

Step 1: Connect the USB cable from the printer into the computer.
Step 2: Click start and then search for files and folders.
Step 3: Click all files and folders and search for the folder UAN
Step 4: Double click the UAN folder and then go to the system utilities folder present within it.
Step 5: Double click on the Reset Dell printer icon.

Note: Before performing the factory reset on your printer make sure that you have backed up the important files and data otherwise that might get lost in the process of default settings. Also look for the proper connection so as to ensure that the process must not stop in between.

The default reset is quite easy, but if you face any difficulties, you can get in contact with Dell technical support number which stays online 24 x 7 for providing permanent solutions to the users encountering any Dell printer related issue.