How to Fix Amazon Echo Keeps Losing Connection

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It can be really aggravating when you are all set to use the Amazon Echo device and find out that the device hasn’t been connected to the Wi-Fi connection. And to add to that, what you notice is that the Amazon echo keeps on losing the connection every now and then, even after you have tried multiple attempts. The Amazon Echo keeps on connecting and disconnecting again and again. It becomes really crucial to target this issue and just eradicate it completely. A way to check whether the device has been connected to the Wi-Fi connection is that you can see a power LED at the bottom of the Amazon Echo. If it shows white light, then it means the device is connected and orange light shows no connection. The ways to fix this issue has been explained in this blog. Read it till the end, apply them and then contact the Amazon Echo customer care number if required.

Here are some of the ways that you can try to deal with the error and check whether they work or not.

  • Give a check to the Wi-Fi once: Sometimes, there can be issues with the Wi-Fi connection and not with Amazon Echo. Try connecting other devices to the Wi-Fi connection. If they also do not connect, then you need to first fix the issues with the signals and connectivity.
  • Restarting both the devices: Switch off the Echo device and also the Wi-Fi modem and router. Switch them again after 30-40 seconds. Switch on the Wi-Fi bottom at the bottom of Amazon Echo and connect it to the Wi-Fi connection.
  • Try shifting the devices from their position: It may sound a little funny but sometimes electronic devices such as AC, ovens, computers can cause interference in the signals with the Wi-Fi. Try connecting the modem and router to a place far away from these devices and then check whether the issue has been resolved or not. Make the Amazon Echo sit very close to the Wi-Fi router.
  • Factory reset of Amazon Echo: This approach should be taken if nothing works. You can reset the Amazon echo device and start using the device from scratch. For factory reset, you need to press the small hole at the bottom of the device with the help of a paper clip and keep it steady till the light ring turns on and turns off back again. As soon as you see that the light has turned orange, you are ready to reset. Open the Alexa app and follow the prompts for the factory

Losing internet connections while you are using any device can be really frustrating. With Amazon Echo device, these fixes can work. And if these methods do not work, then just indulge with the customer executives at Amazon Echo technical support number and avail their services at any time of the day.

How to Fix AOL Desktop Gold Update Error

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All the software have to be updated from time to time so that small bugs which are associated with it can be fixed. Any update in any software means to remove all the minor or major technical and functional bugs associated with it. Likewise is the case with AOL desktop gold, this software comes with many software updates which are known for improving its features and enhancing its security. But there might be some chances that the automatic updates feature of AOL Desktop Gold does not let this software to update on its own. If you’re not able to download AOL Desktop Gold latest updates on your system then there can be some issues which you might have to face. These issues can be irritating pop-ups that appear continuously or notifications not appearing and etc.

There can be many reasons for this update error of AOL desktop Gold to occur these can be:

  • The automatic update feature is turned off in the settings
  • When there is some internal issue with the software
  • Or any malicious program or viruses is the reason for this error.

Procedure to rectify AOL Desktop Gold update error:

So as to fix the issue AOL Desktop Gold not updating, one needs not to be the computer geek. Any individual can fix this issue on their own by performing following troubleshooting steps in the sequence they are given:

  • Locate the search bar of your system and then type Update in it
  • A list of option will open up all of which is related to update. From the list look for the option of Windows Update and then click on it to open it
  • Now select important updates option present there and you need to mark the checkbox which says ‘Install updates automatically and give me important updates the same way I receive the updates’.
  • In the Install new updates sections, you have two option that is through the day and the other is through time. Choose as per your convenience.
  • You can also choose to tick the checkbox of ‘ Allow all users to install the update on your computer’
  • Once done with the changes then save it.

Once you have enables the automatic update features then nothing can stop you from updating your desktop software. Whether you have to install AOL Desktop Gold on Mac then also this feature of the automatic update is applicable their only slight changes are there to turn on these settings. But with the help of professionals, you can do it easily.


ATT Shared password troubleshooting

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Email services are an important aspect of everyone’s life. According to a survey which was conducted it was found that over 3.8 billion people use email services. It is an important medium to share data, communicate with others and perform several different tasks. ATT email services are one of the most utilized email services among those which are available. ATT email service provides its users with prominent quality and efficient security. Despite providing the users with a user-friendly interface, there are people who tend to get confused while using this service. ATT email is also associated with other functions like mail sites, internet, U-verse TV etc. People tend to get caught up when this service demands to share the password of your ATT account. So if you have shared the password and no you no longer wish to do the same, you can rectify this issue in two ways. Either you get connected with the ATT Customer care number or you can simply follow the troubleshooting steps that have been mentioned in this blog.

How to find out if your Access ID and email share a password?

  • The first thing to do it to go to the ATT email login page and sign into your account using your credentials
  • After signing in, visit the profile menu and choose the sign-in information
  • Further, go into the ‘My linked account’ sector and check if the email, internet or U-verse TV has been listed with your Access ID. If positive, it means that your email and Access ID share a password

How to troubleshooting share password service

Reset or change your shared password

Reset password

Visit the official website of ATT and on the login page find the option which says ‘Forgot Password’

Fill your ID and then opt for the way in which you want to reset your password

You would be required to complete some verification steps, after completing the verification you would be able to reset the password

After you are done with the password reset process, try to log in using the new password.

Change the password

  • Navigate to the Login page on the official website of ATT
  • Log in using your account credentials
  • After signing in, go to the sign-in information
  • Further, choose the option to change the password and create a new and strong password
  • After the above-said step is complete, try logging in using the new password

If at any point while going through the above-given methods you feel that you are caught up in a loop or cannot complete the process, feel free to get in touch with the AT&T technical support number. Here you would professional guidance to get over your issue.

Unable to set up AOL mail on a Mac

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AOL is one of the most popular email services active today. Millions of users around the world use this free web-based email service for personal as well as business communication. AOL mail has a wide range of features including virus and spam protection. The best thing about AOL mails is that it is compatible with all major internet browsers and operating systems. Users may sometimes experience errors when trying to set up their AOL mail accounts on Mac for the first time. This article provides a simple step-by-step guide on how to configure AOL mail on a Mac device. You can also contact AOL customer care number for additional information on how to complete the setup process.

Step to set up AOL mail on Mac

The setup method for AOL mail is different depending on which operating system you have. Here are the steps to access your AOL email account using your Mac device:

  • Step 1: Go to the applications folder on your Mac and open ‘Mail’.
  • Step 2: Navigate to the ‘File’ section and tap ‘Add Account’.
  • Step 3: When the ‘General Information’ window opens, choose ‘IMAP’ as account type and click on ‘Continue’
  • Step 4: In the Account Description section type out any title. For example, “My Mail”.
  • Step 5: Enter your AOL email in the field provided. For example “”
  • Step 6: When you are asked for Incoming Mail Server enter “”
  • Step 7: Type in your AOL screen name as your username. For example “John Doe”
  • Step 8: The same goes with the password. Enter your AOL password in the given field.
  • Step 9: For Outgoing Mail Server you can enter “”
  • Step 10: Make sure you entered the details correctly and tick the “Use Authentication” box. Click ‘Continue’ to proceed.
  • Step 11: Enter the username and password the same as in step 7 and step 8. Check the details and click ‘Continue’ to confirm.

If you follow these steps in the correct sequence then you should not have any trouble setting up your AOL email account.

Additional Troubleshooting Solutions

In case you are unable to use AOL mail on your Mac device even after following the given set up process you can try the troubleshooting methods mentioned below:

  • Certify your AOL mail account settings:Check if the email settings and the user account information you have given are accurate.
  • Refresh your mailbox: When you open the Mac Mail Window you will see the ‘Inbox’ button on the left pane. It should be right below the option to ‘Setup AOL account’. You can click on this option to refresh your AOL mailbox.
  • Restart Mac Mail: Sometimes the error could be with the Mac Mail application and not with your email account. In that case, you should close the app, restart your Mac device and try logging in again.

If the problem persists and you are still finding it difficult to set up your AOL mail account on the Mac device you should call the AOL technical support number and speak to a trained expert about addition technical assistance.

How to Set Up Verizon Email in Outlook

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As an Outlook user, you have the option of setting up different email accounts on your Outlook email program so that you can get easy access to those emails from wherever you want. Similarly, if you want to set up your Verizon email account so that it is functional with Outlook you need to add your Verizon account to Outlook. To know more about how to set Verizon email in Outlook you can either reach out to Verizon Customer Care Number or can read this blog.

How to add Verizon Email in Outlook

The steps which normal users have to follow for configuring your Verizon Email program into Outlook is provided below:

  • Launch the Outlook program on your desktop and go to the File menu
  • The drop-down list will appear on your computer screen and now you need to click on Add Account option and then have to select ‘ Manual setup ‘ radio buttons
  • You need to choose the radio button of POP and IMAP and then hit on Next button
  • In the window that appears next, users need to fill the following information:
  • Name- Enter that name which you want to show to your recipients
  • Email Address- Your complete email address
  • Account Type- Choose POP3
  • Incoming mail-
  • Outgoing
  • Username- Enter your Verizon username
  • Password- Type your account password
  • Click on the checkbox of Remember Password
  • Now you need to click on the option of More Settings> Outgoing Server
  • Here you need to tick the checkbox which says My Outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication.
  • Don’t forget to select the checkbox ‘Use the same setting as incoming mail server’.
  • Go to the Advanced Tab and enter the following data:
  • Incoming Server (POP3) – 995
  • Outgoing Server (SMTP) – 465
  • Both incoming and outgoing mail server requires a secure connection that is SSL, so click on the checkbox that is present there.
  • Now click on OK button to save the setting and you can choose to Test account setting option so as to make it certain that the setting done by you is correct or not.

You can try sending test email so as to check whether your Verizon Email is working fine with Outlook. If there is any problem in sending or receiving emails then you are free to connect Verizon Customer Support Number where technicians are present all day long to guide their respected clients.

How to Solve Sleep Mode Problems on a Dell Computer

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Dell has been providing its users with efficient devices which have helped the users in easing out on their workload. Dell has been providing users with competent desktop, laptop, and printer devices for ages now. They have made sure that the quality of the products that they bring out has constantly been on the rise. All these being electronic devices which run using set software sometimes come across certain malfunctions. Dell understands that this is something very unfortunate and the fact that this cannot be dealt with beforehand. Hence, Dell provides its users with a competent after sales service. The user if at any point come across any glitch or malfunction regarding their device can easily avail assistance by getting in touch with the Dell customer care number. This is a very effective way of getting over the malfunction that you have come across. The professionals at this service are highly skillful and competent. They make sure you have a stress free time using a Dell device.

Resolutions for sleep mode on Dell Computers

Dell computers can go in the sleep mode because of certain technical glitches like overheating of the system, software or hardware malfunction or even because of inappropriate setting. There can be various reasons for your system to be in sleep mode, some of the possibilities have been stated below:

  • BIOS being faulty
  • Issue with the Bluetooth
  • Malfunctioning Hardware
  • Unfitting sleep key setting on your system

There are certain troubleshooting steps that you can take up to revive your computer from the sleep mode, these steps have been given below:

  • Check the power supply, make sure that your computer is on an active power source
  • Authoritative measurers should be applied on the keyboard to allow it to wake the computer from sleep mode
  • Update the drivers that are running on your system, sleep mode issue can be caused because of outdated or old drivers on the system
  • Utilize the inbuilt troubleshooting option for improving power usage of the system
  • Enter the code ‘powercfg’ in the command prompt which would give you access to all the power system settings
  • With the use of MS Config utility perform a clean boot function, this would clear any odd issues that might be causing this malfunction

If you are not able to properly perform these given steps or if these steps do not rectify the issue that you were facing, the next most ideal way to move ahead would be by taking assistance from the Dell tech support number. This service provides you with a team of experts who are capable of handling any issue that you might come across regarding your Dell computer. They would analyze your issue in detail and come up with the best suitable solution. Moreover, this service is available on a 24×7 basis and is completely free of cost, not burning a hole in the user’s pocket.

Troubleshoot QuickBooks Issue in Printing PDF Files

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QuickBooks is one of the most efficient accounting software in the world but there are times when this software faces certain malfunctions. These are not issues which would be of major concern and can be solved on your own. One of the issues that QuickBooks users face is while trying to print their PDF files. The reason for this problem coming up can vary widely but it is essential to find out the exact reason so that you would be able to efficiently troubleshoot this issue. There are times when QuickBooks users require professional assistance to resolve their issues. These users can easily connect with QuickBooks customer care number. They provide troubled users with support from seasoned professionals, who would efficiently guide them towards the solution.

Reasons causing printing PDF file error:-

  • Because the PDF file converter is offline
  • Irresponsive QuickBooks software
  • Because the file is not saved as PDF
  • Printer not connected with your system

These are some of the reasons which cause this error. The first thing that you should try and do is to find the cause of this issue and solve it. Some of the efficient ways to solve this issue of QuickBooks not printing PDF file has been stated below:

Troubleshooting steps:-

Solution 1:

To solve the issue of PDF file printing problem, you will need to download ‘QuickBooks Print and Repair Tool.’

  • Download the QuickBooks Print & Repair Tool
  • Double click on the downloaded file and run it
  • Let the tool scan for the issue on your system
  • If there is some issue, opt for the troubleshooting steps suggested by the tool
  • If your printing error is still not solved, the issue might be with the printer

Solution 2:

If the QuickBooks software seems to encounter a lockup, then you would have to check in the reconciliation window.

  • Press on the windows menu and search for reconcile window
  • After opening the window, close all the other windows and start reconciliation.

After inculcating the given troubleshooting methods, if you are still caught up with the error of not being able to print PDF file on QuickBooks. It would be ideal that you promptly get yourself connected with the QuickBooks customer support number. By using the facility provided by this toll-free number, you would be able to avail expert advice from professionals who are proficient in their service. They would make sure that your trouble is solved in no time. This customer service is available on a 24×7 hour basis which makes it convenient for users to avail this service whenever they want.

Amazon Echo Registration Failure-How to fix it

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Amazon is one of the biggest names in home entertainment today. From movies to T.V shows, from eBooks to music, from games to news, Amazon has it all. One of the best features of Amazon is that users can link their devices to their Amazon account and customized entertainment any time they want. Take for example Amazon Echo, a range of smart speakers that are voice controlled. Users can register their devices with the Amazon account and get customized music and better manage their content. Amazon Echo Alexa customer care number is available 24 hours a day to guide users through the registration process. This article will also be able to help if you in case your Amazon Echo registration failed.

Registration Failure How to fix it

Basic information for Amazon Echo Registration

Before we begin troubleshooting you must make sure that you have all the information and updates in place for the registration. Here is a list of specifications recommended by Amazon that you can check:

  • Device updates: Your registration process may have failed because you are using an older version of the software. Update the device so that it is using the latest version.
  • Login Information: Check the login credentials you are using to register the device. Your login information should be the same as when you sign in to your Amazon account.
  • Email filters: Amazon will send emails to authenticate and confirm product registration. Check to see if your email filters or spam settings are preventing Amazon from sending you the emails.
  • Connectivity: Make sure you have the minimum bandwidth requirements to run Amazon Echo and so that Alexa can function smoothly. You can contact your service providers for more details.

Amazon Echo Registration: Troubleshooting

Once you have all the registration requirements in place you can follow the suggestions given below to troubleshoot the Amazon Registration Error:

  1. Restart your Amazon Echo device and try registering again once the speaker is back online.
  2. If the restart does not work rest the device. Press and hold the reset button for a few seconds until the light becomes orange. Once the speaker is in setup mode open the Alexa app and try registering again.
  3. Check the network connectivity. Turn off your modem and router and switch it back on after a while.
  4. Disconnect the power supply by unplugging the power adaptor from the Amazon Echo speaker. After 5 seconds reconnect the cable.
  5. Try using a different account to register the Amazon Echo.

If the steps given above do not work then it is possible that the Amazon Echo speaker is already registered with someone else’s account. Sometimes it is also possible that the Amazon Echo may have been mistakenly reported as lost or stolen because of which the registration failed. If that is the case you can always contact Amazon Echo Alexa customer support number to check the serial number and registration status. Users should also note that the steps to reset and register a device may depend on the specific Amazon Echo model number. Speak to an Amazon representative to know more.

How to Change an AOL Password Using an Apple OS

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People use emails for a wide variety of reasons. Whether it is to facilitate business or to communicate with friends and family, a lot of information is exchanged via email. In order to protect the privacy of users, email service providers employ a number of security steps, the most common of which is your email password. Every time AOL users want to access their email they enter their unique password. AOL recommends changing your password at least once every six months, as a security precaution. This article will guide you on how to change an AOL password using an Apple operating system. For more information on the different security measures, you can employ you can call the AOL email customer care number on the website.

AOL Password Using an Apple OS

Change AOL password on the website

For Apple users, AOL has a simple two-step process to change and update your password. You will first need to change your password through the official AOL website. You can follow the steps given below:

  1. Open your internet browser and go to the AOL account page.
  2. Use your login credentials and sign in to your account.
  3. Go to the account settings and search for the ‘Change My Password’ option.
  4. Answer the security question that follows and continue.
  5. Type out a new password in the given field. (Look at the password tips section in this article to know how to create a strong password.)
  6. Retype the password to confirm and then click ‘Continue’.

You have successfully changed your AOL email password. Now you can go ahead and update it on your Apple device.

Change AOL password on Apple OS

For Apple users, once you change your password via the AOL website you will also need to update it on your Apple device. Just follow the steps given below and you should be done in no time:

  1. Go to the “Settings” option on your Apple device.
  2. Search for the “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” section and select ‘AOL’.
  3. Enter your AOL email address in the field provided.
  4. Select “Password,” and enter the new AOL password you created.
  5. Review the changes you made and then click ‘Done’.

AOL Password Protection Tips

As mentioned earlier a strong password will protect your data and secure your account against hackers. Here are some suggestions you can follow when making changes to your password:

  • The longer your password the more difficult it is for a third party individual to retrieve it.
  • Make sure you use a different password for your accounts.
  • Do not repeat old passwords, always enter a new password to secure your account.
  • Try and include number and symbols in your password.

Remember, when it comes to your password you can never be too careful. If you notice any suspicious activity on your account you should call the AOL email phone number and speak to a trained technician immediately. AOL experts are available 24 hours a day to help you resolve any problems with your account.

How to Fix FN Key Not Working Issue for Your Dell

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The first row of keys at the very top of your keyboard, right next to the ‘Esc’ key, are called function keys. You will notice that they are in sequence and range from F1 all the way to F12. Functions keys are so named because they each have a specific default function that they can perform. The function keys can be used individually are in combination with other keys on the keyboard. These keys are quite useful because they act as keyboard shortcuts that allow you to perform a host of actions at the click of a button. You can contact Dell customer care number for more information on how to use the function keys on your system.

Because once you understand how the function keys function then you will see how easy it will make your work. Or perhaps if the function keys stopped working you see how difficult it is to work without them. But relax, this article will guide you on what you can do if the function keys on your Dell laptop stop working for whatever reason.

FN Key Not Working issue for Your Dell

Steps to fix FN key not working issue

The functions keys have certain default actions that are pre-installed in the system. It is only when users update the system then they begin to encounter issues with the function keys. For example, if you upgrade your system to the Windows 10 version then it is possible that certain system settings may have been changed and that could have caused the FN key not working issue. You can try the solution methods mentioned below and attempt to troubleshoot the problem:

Method 1: You can start with the simplest solution to test the function keys on your Dell laptop. Simply hold the Function key (FN) and Esc key together. After some time you should see a prompt. If the prompt does not appear and if the action does not work you can move on to the next method given below.

Method 2: Your computer has certain keyboard drivers preinstalled that are basically files or programs assists your operating system so that it can process input data sent by the keyboard and return commands accordingly. If there is a problem with the keyboard drivers then the function keys may not work as they should. You should try reinstalling the keyboard drivers using the given steps:

  • Open the Device Manager, go to keyboard options and uninstall the device
  • Restart your system and the driver will be automatically installed.

Method 3: Altering the Function key behaviour may also resolve the FN key related issue. Follow these steps:

  • Open the Control Panel.
  • Go the Windows Mobility centre and click on Function key behaviour
  • Open the drop-down menu to customize the function keys and make the changes.

If the methods mentioned above do not get the function keys to work then you can call the Dell tech support number and ask to speak to a technician. Certified experts are available 24 hours a day and will be able to sort out any Dell keyboard related issue.